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Seneca Lake cottage

West Side, 101' Lake Frontage, Right on Wine Trail from $100/N [#195936] | View Property

Cottage, 1 Bedroom + Sleeping Porch, 1 Bath (Sleeps 5-6)
$100 - $175/nt US Dollars
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  • Great Cottage

    Great Cottage

    • Guest PeterS. (Teaneck, New Jersey)
    • Date of stay 11/02/13
    • Review Submitted 11/06/13
    This was our first trip to the Finger Lakes and using VBRO and and we could not have had a better experience. From our first interaction with the owner and to our eventual arrival everything was just great. We arrived to find recent newspaper clippings on the table showcasing some of the local wineries and a new brewery opening in Penn Yan. Everything in the house was clearly labeled and was very easy to use. The sunrise in the morning is just amazing and the front porch is a great place to have your morning coffee and just absorb the beauty of Seneca Lake. Yes there is a train that runs by maybe once or twice a day, but it was not a bother (the first train that we saw had 8 cars) and it generally ran in the mid morning and late afternoon. The front room was a great place to sleep (the bed was fine). We liked that we were central to pretty much everything the western shore of Seneca Lake had to offer not to mention the countless wineries and experiences along the way. If you are looking for a great place to stay while not breaking your budget in two this is definitely a good choice. We had no issues with anything during our was exactly what we expected...we are looking forward to visiting again in the near future.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Thank you Peter for the review . Reviews are the best way for me to make the property improvements . One thing that interested me was your morning coffee on the sleeping porch. I have plans early next year to replace the single bed with a dinette table for eating and viewing the lake but can be converted to a single bed when needed. Thanks tim

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  • Cozy, but...

    Cozy, but...

    • Guest C&L (Salisbury, MD)
    • Date of stay 09/29/12
    • Review Submitted 10/21/12
    This is the first time, my wife or had rented from VRBO; so it’s hard to compare with what you might typically find at a property. Also, I happen to think you get what you pay for; and your expectations have to be tempered, somewhat, based on cost. This was our second time to the Finger Lakes, and we were very excited about the idea of getting a Lake House. I thought this property was going to be a real find; because until this year, it had all 5-star reviews, and was very reasonably priced. First, the good: the place is cozy and clean, and I felt like it had good amenities. Again, I don’t know what’s typical; but Wi-Fi (which we had absolutely no issue connecting to, or staying connected to, by the way) and Satellite TV were welcome. It’s on the water, of course…was well-stocked with everything we needed for the stay, and the owner has gone to the trouble of labeling everything, and providing lots of information on local shopping, attractions, etc. But now the bad: and it really starts and ends with the sleeping arrangements in this unit. As noted before: the mattress in the one, “real” bedroom is terrible. The owner acknowledged as much, from an earlier review, and vowed to replace it in August; but as of our visit, it hadn’t seemed to be done. After 2 nights, we couldn’t take it anymore, and tried to take refuge elsewhere. The pull-out sofa leaves a lot to be desired; and while we ended up on what the owner calls the “sleeper porch”, I don’t know that everyone would be entirely comfortable with that option (we had cool weather, but as someone else noted, I wouldn’t want to have to sleep out there in the dead of summer). Also, the owner is now aware of a leaky roof. We had rain our first and last day. First day was moderate, and we noticed a few drips from the ceiling in the Living Room; last day was heavy and steady, and so was the leak. I should also mention, the train did run frequently during our visit. It didn’t bother us much; but it seemed to run at least twice a day, and sometimes pretty late. Again, until this year, this property had garnered nothing but 5-star reviews. This year: (2) 3-star and now our 4. I think that should tell the owner it’s time for a little work. I think that with just a little attention to the repeatedly mentioned issues; this place would be a very nice option again. I’m not sure how well it would work for families with kids (though my wife didn’t see it that way); but it could be perfect as a romantic, couple’s getaway.

    Recommended for: Romantic getaway

    Owner response: In answer to your review: The bed was replaced in the bedroom in July, with a new Serta pillow top mattress and box springs. I am surprised to hear of your distress. I was able to use it one time myself. I like softness and put an extra foam topper on it to make it extra soft. I slept very comfortably on it. It may be different with two people. This is the 3rd.mattress in the last 4 years for that bedroom. I had complaints before it was too soft , then too hard. I thought this being a medium firm with pillow top would make everyone happy. Maybe it was too soft for you in which case you could have taken off the extra topper I would really like some feed back from you on this. As for the leak in the living room, i was very shocked when i arrived at the cottage. as you know i called you on your cell phone to get more details from the note you left. After we hung up I went up in the attic to check the roof for water, which was completely dry and then peered over to the roof peak wall, where the stone chimney is attached and noticed the wall was wet. On further investigation I discovered the ivy that's growing on the outside of the stone chimney had forced its way in causing a path for the water to flow inside , then follow the main beam to the center of the living room where the drip occured . I am very glad to have found and repaired the problem before serious damage could occur. It was a very dry summer and fall but the week you came we had some torrential rains. The only other time anyone else mentioned a leak was last year, a couple said they had a few drops in the living room during a rain. I looked and could find no place i thought a 10 year old roof would leak , but coated the valleys anyway. The cottage is rented 90% of the time, i only know of problems when people let me know of them. Sorry this happened on you stay.

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  • Beautiful View

    Beautiful View

    • Guest BoNo (Upstate NY)
    • Date of stay 07/14/12
    • Review Submitted 07/21/12
    Very comfy cottage, with a great retro feel. We had wonderful weather except for our last full day. Water was nice & warm for floating. My husband & son went out on the lake fishing with a local friend, and had very good luck.The dock is perfect for sunbathing and very sturdy. There are a few things that need to be addressed though. First off, NEW and WIDER steps, to access the water. The ones that are there are tiny, in very poor condition, and ivy (although beautiful) has overgrown them. There is only a scant one foot wide area, in which to put your foot. We had company a few days and they were afraid to go down to the water, which was disappointing, since that's really why they came. This repair/update REALLY needs to be priority one! Also, it should be mentioned that there are functioning train tracks within 40' feet of the kitchen door. This wasn't stated anywhere in the owners description of the camp. The train passed by 2-3 times a day...a few times at about 9-10pm. Loud is an understatement! The last thing I'd like to mention was that we never actually met the owner, which we found odd, since past renters had implied that they'd been impressed with his attentiveness. On our first night there was a problem with the TV and internet, we called his cell phone 3 times before we reached him....a little unusual we thought. The TV issue turned out to be no big deal, but, the internet problem took a 45 minute phone call, the next day, to Verizon before it was cleared up. Just not the kind of stuff you want to deal with when on vacation. All in all, we'd definitely rent again, somewhere, on Seneca truly is a beautiful place!

    Owner response: You called first night you arrived because you could not find the wep key posted on the kitchen wall. You then tried it while on the phone with me and said you were on. 2 days later, after 2 days of internet service you said you could not get on. The signal is always there. I think the problem was your computer. The steps to the beach are very sturdy iron fire escape steps with sturdy iron railing. However it is a continual job keeping the ivy back. I hope to eventually have a wooden walkway/deck running the face of the bank so the beach would be wheel chair accessible. The Fingerlakes Railroad runs the whole length of the western shore of Seneca lake and half the eastern shore. The website position map shows the rail in relation to the cottage.

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  • little dissapointed

    little dissapointed

    • Guest dee (buffalo, ny)
    • Date of stay 07/07/12
    • Review Submitted 07/19/12
    I agree with others regarding the well stocked kitchen and beautiful view of the lake. The boat hoist was very convenient but birds had a nest in the rafters and were pooping all over my boat. We were expecting 2 bedrooms but were surprised to find the sleeping porch IS the second bedroom. Their is no air-conditioning or ceiling fan in the porch so we woke up every morning sweating to death! The bed in the main bedroom should be thrown in the trash. It is very old and sags in the middle. My friends woke up every day with a backache. Underneath that bed was very dusty. We were not aware that the cottage is directly accross the street from active train tracks. The ceiling fan in the living room was very loud and very off balance and had no globe to cover the lightbulb. All of the ceiling fans throughout were dirty. Overall we had a good vacation but were expecting a bit more.

    Recommended for: Families with young children, sightseeing.

    Owner response: I agree on the double bed, and will be replaced in aug. when i am there. At years end i am installing out side / inside a/c for sleeping porch bedroom with heat pump for winter so it can be closed off without cooling from living room and electric floor heater in winter. If you viewed on line map you would have seen rail tracks. some days there are no trains and others there may be 2 or 3 . since the coal burning power plant in Dresden closed trains run less. trains run on both east and west side of Seneca lake.

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  • Can't wait to do it again!!

    Can't wait to do it again!!

    • Guest Suzette (Rochester, NY)
    • Date of stay 11/04/11
    • Review Submitted 11/15/11
    Some friends and I rented the cottage for a weekend of relaxation and wine touring. It far exceeded our expectations. The cottage is perfectly located, immaculate and perfectly equipped with everything you might need. Tim is extremely accommodating and organized. I would (and will!) rent from him again and again!!!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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    • Guest Kim (Clyde, New York)
    • Date of stay 07/16/11
    • Review Submitted 07/23/11
    What a wonderful and HOT week we had at the cottage. Thank god for air conditioning! Our stay was all we could have asked for. The cottage was beautiful and well equipped. The weather exceptional! We would definetly recommend this cottage for families or any one looking to enjoy a "little piece of heaven". Thank you Tim for a vacation we won't soon forget!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • a wonderful retreat

    a wonderful retreat

    • Guest mj (western ny and scotland)
    • Date of stay 05/21/11
    • Review Submitted 05/27/11
    i just came home from a wonderful week at the cottage and i cannot praise it enough. the location? perfect. comfortable? absolutely. well appointed? tim has anticipated just about every need. the cottage was spotless, well maintained . the descrition in the listing didnt do it justice. the reality was so much better. we had lovely weather. what rain we had came was at night. the new deck with its view of the lake was well used. we spent the majority of our time on it, watching the waterfowl, enjoying the gentle lapping of the water. we also spent a couple nights with the wonderful neighbors. the cottage, the location and tims availability to answer any inquiry was so good, my companion from scotland and i booked it for next year already. id recommend it to anyone. well done tim and thank you

    Recommended for: Age 55+, families with teenagers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • What a great rental !!

    What a great rental !!

    • Guest Mary (Kingston PA)
    • Date of stay 01/15/11
    • Review Submitted 01/18/11
    We just got home from a wonderful weekend. Tim is a great guy to deal with. The cottage is very cozy, extremely clean and had a well equipped kitchen. Tim is very organized and has literature of stuff in the area in the cottage for everyone to look at. He had the directions to the closest grocery store that came in very handy when we arrived. We had wonderful dinners in the kitchen and our small group loved sitting in the living room by the warm fire. This cottage also has a wonderful grill that my boyfriend loved using (even though it was only 20 degrees and snowing out)! We can't wait to come back when the weather is warner so we can also enjoy the beautiful yard and to sit watch the views on the lake. I would recommend this cottage to everyone. This cottage is very close to Geneva, Bellhurst Castle and a lot of wineries. Thanks Tim for sharing your great cottage!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, people with disabilities, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • A Beautiful Escape

    A Beautiful Escape

    • Guest Eowyn (Honduras)
    • Date of stay 12/29/10
    • Review Submitted 01/15/11
    My husband, 5-year old and I stayed in the cottage for 3 days. We were vacationing in New York from Honduras, and I would have to say this was one of the highlights of our trip. The cottage is absolutely lovely, and everything is set up so you can be completely independent. It was perfect for our son, but it would have been just as nice if it were only my husband and I. We are hoping to return some day.

    Recommended for: Age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway.

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  • Good experience to stay in lake viewing cottage

    Good experience to stay in lake viewing cottage

    • Guest Ashish (Piscataway New Jersey, USA)
    • Date of stay 11/21/10
    • Review Submitted 12/04/10
    We had great experience staying and relaxing for couple of days.Lake side view is awesome. Its a real romantic place for couples as well as big groups. Well equipped kitchen with all necessary gadgets.

    Recommended for: Families with teenagers, families with young children, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Can't wait to return

    Can't wait to return

    • Guest Pam (Dallas PA)
    • Date of stay 11/19/10
    • Review Submitted 11/22/10
    The cottage is much nicer than the pictures show. Very clean, well maintained and WARM. Great spot for watching the sun rise on the lake. Cottage was very close to wineries, Geneva. Tim was very good to work with.

    Recommended for: Families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Great Get-Away!

    Great Get-Away!

    • Guest Sarah (Linden, PA)
    • Date of stay 11/05/10
    • Review Submitted 11/08/10
    My husband and I just came home from another great weekend spent at this cottage. It is very clean & comfortable and very close to all the wineries. The fireplace provided added warmth & romance! We recommend this cottage to anyone any time of year!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, people with disabilities, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • great time, fantastic family get together

    great time, fantastic family get together

    • Guest big john (amherst ny)
    • Date of stay 10/01/10
    • Review Submitted 10/13/10
    cottage was very well equipped, cozy fireplace, great viev. sleeps more than stated, with a little imagination. tim, was great , hands off owner just made you feel like it is your cottage while you are there. will definetly rent again.

    Recommended for: Girls getaway, pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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    • Guest Lisa144 (Pittston PA)
    • Date of stay 05/25/09
    • Review Submitted 05/25/09
    This cottage provided us with a relaxing location for 2009 Memorial Day Weekend. Tim provides all of the necessary amenities needed to make you feel at home. Very close to the wineries and the tips on the local area that were left for us were greatly appreciated. Outstanding view of the lake. Roy's Marina 9 miles up the road has affordable rates to rent a boat for the day. Traveling with two 14 year olds who loved the paddle boat and fishing on the lake. Thanks again . . . We hope to come back in October!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 10/11

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