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Beach view of Casa Caracola. The front windows of the house open completely.

Beautiful Beach Bungalow [#262998] | View Property

Cabin, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath (Sleeps 2)
$90 - $107/nt US Dollars
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  • Beautiful, Private and Peaceful...

    Beautiful, Private and Peaceful...

    • Guest Brenda L. (Where do you live?)
    • Date of stay 03/12/14
    • Review Submitted 04/06/14
    Thank you Richard and Sophie for having your beautiful beach home available for rent, we truly had a wonderful time, the 3 weeks we were at Casa Caracola we were so relaxed yet on the go, it is in a great location for so much to do. We road bikes, hiked, played on the fabulous beaches, cooked and ate at so many of the nearby restaurants. Your agent Thomas was great as well, always spot on it and very informative. We love the area and your romantic beach bungalow. Pura Vida!!!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Thanks for a great review. It is a great vacation spot and we are very pleased that our guests feels the same way that we do about it. Thomas, our agent, is a great asset and works hard to ensure that our guests are informed about the area and have everything that they need.

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  • Excellent


    • Guest susqriver (York PA USA)
    • Date of stay 02/25/14
    • Review Submitted 03/30/14
    We loved this place! Beach front, incredible vacation house with privacy. All this within easy walking distance of restaurants and a grocery store. I only wish we had more than three nights!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Three days is definitely not long enough. We always want to stay longer when we visit our vacation home. It is a very special place and we are thrilled that our guests feel the same!

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  • Best Vacation we've ever taken!

    Best Vacation we've ever taken!

    • Guest Andrew L.
    • Date of stay 01/18/14
    • Review Submitted 01/27/14
    My new wife and I stayed at Casa Caracola for a week in January 2014 for our honeymoon and it was absolutely amazing! The house is very clean and well maintained, hard to do with the property located so close to the ocean! The garden is beautiful and you will see so much wildlife if you just look for it, we even saw the sloth for a bit! We sat on the deck with the doors to the home wide open every morning and evening before dinner and we loved the hammock so much we bought one for ourselves while there. The only argument was over who got to sit in the hammock each day! Thomas, the agent for the property, was great! He made sure we were checked in and out on time and provided us with some local insight and suggestions as well as making sure we could contact him if we needed anything at all. He responded quickly to texts and phone calls and was always pleasant to deal with. We decided to rent the bikes the property has on site and let me tell you... it was worth every penny. While we had a rental car and used it to travel longer distances, we used the bikes every day to go to meals, the beaches, shopping... it was so easy and mostly flat easy riding. I cant stress enough how beautiful the area is and how welcoming the people are. If you are even remotely considering Casa Caracola and Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast... DO IT! it was the best vacation of our lives and we both have traveled quite a bit... if we were to pick up and leave the states... It would be to move here. Thanks again Sofie and Richard for renting your house, it was amazing and we cant wait to come back. PURA VIDA -Andrew & Ali

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway.

    Owner response: We are thrilled that you had such a lovely honeymoon in our little piece of paradise!

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  • Relaxing Honeymoon

    Relaxing Honeymoon

    • Guest ryan (Milwaukee, WI USA)
    • Date of stay 12/28/13
    • Review Submitted 01/11/14
    My wife and I had a wonderful time at this beautiful beach home. It was the perfect balance of rustic and refined. It had everything we needed [kitchen, great shower, generous porch] and nothing we didn't. We saw sloths and lizards from the deck and the beach was gorgeous. Great restaurants within walking distance. There is another house within the gated compound, but it is well away from this one.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: It means a lot to us when guests let us know that they have enjoyed their stay. In our opinion, Casa Caracola is one of the most idyllic, romantic honeymoon spots that you can find.

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  • Amazing Paradise

    Amazing Paradise

    • Guest Mariah M. (Renton, WA)
    • Date of stay 12/21/13
    • Review Submitted 01/08/14
    There cannot be enough good things to say about my wonderful stay at Casa Caracola. The pictures represent this wonderful house beautifully they however cannot express the peace and serenity it offers. The garden is a delight and the beach only a short walk away. The house is also conveniently situated close to a well stocked store and many delightful restaurants. Only a short bike ride to Puerto Viejo or a nice walk. I made great friends with the folks at Cafe Rio Negro across the bridge and was asked to join their Christmas Eve celebration including a fire dance. I found no real need to go very far since everything I needed was so close by. I highly recommend this property to anyone want to rest relax and really enjoy Costa Rica. Thanks Richard and Sophie for a nice supply of books to read out in the hammock.

    Recommended for: Age 55+, tourists without a car, romantic getaway.

    Owner response: We are so glad that this guest enjoyed her stay in Casa Caracola. It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. As she says, all of the local amenities are close by, but you really feel that you are 'away from it all'.

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  • Honeymooners!


    • Guest Jesse Smith (Lawrence KS)
    • Date of stay 10/06/13
    • Review Submitted 10/27/13
    We loved everthing about this wonderful place! Sophie was extremely helpful, the process to book is very simple. Thomas is awesome and is also the best single resource in Puerto Viejo. The place is safe, comfortable, quiet, well stocked (we cooked everyday - Super Cocles!), and has a great location. the beach is amazing. We will absolutely visit again. Sophie, and Thomas - Thank you all so much, our stay was great, we can't wait to get back there and bring friends! The Smith's

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Unbelievable Property

    Unbelievable Property

    • Guest Satisfied Traveler (United States)
    • Date of stay 09/12/13
    • Review Submitted 09/20/13
    I stayed at the neighboring house but I feel as if the agent and owners may be getting a bad wrap from prior reviews. Our stay on this property was nothing but amazing. Upon arrival Thomas left a business gathering with clients to come and check us in, as we arrived a little later than expected. The owners had left a very nice bottle of champagne and a message congratulating us on our wedding. Thomas told us all the best places to go in town. He even set us up with a deep sea fishing trip. Thomas also gave us the contact information for his friend because we needed an officiant for our wedding. On several occasions Thomas was just a call away. One morning while cooking breakfast we ran out of propane for the stove and he delivered more in less than 20 min. The property is gorgeous and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is planning a trip to Puerto Viejo.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Peaceful honeymoon stay

    Peaceful honeymoon stay

    • Guest Benjamin M.
    • Date of stay 08/13/13
    • Review Submitted 08/24/13
    What a wonderful stay! The house is lovely, sitting just off the beach, with great views of the sea. Traveling on our honeymoon, we had a blast at the beautiful Cocles beach. Our host during our stay, was awesome. He greeted us at the door, and then offered some excellent recommendations. Take his advice, follow his recommendations- they were top notch. The house has a functional kitchen, excellent bathroom and a very comfortable bed. My wife and I strongly recommend this place.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: This is a perfect spot for a honeymoon. We are very happy that you enjoyed your stay and the service that we provide.

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  • Less than mixed bag review

    Less than mixed bag review

    • Guest Stephen W.
    • Date of stay 07/20/13
    • Review Submitted 08/03/13
    First off, the house was ok, the grounds, lovel I think for the price there is better. Cocles was lovely, the people wonderful, and the food was fantastic. Our disappointment was with the property manager & owner. We arrived at 6pm, just off the bus and tried to contact Thomas. As expected the cell phones did not work, however it was prearranged that we would arrive by 6 per an email the day before. We were lucky that I asked a wonderful neighbor to call answer. For almost an hour we hung out with our new friend. Finally, my husband walks down to the house & finds the housekeeper who calls Thomas. He's leaving for San Jose shortly & wouldn't be able to come as he is having a baby. He turns up 45 min later. He hands us 1 set of keys, tells us he is leaving for 2 weeks and would be back to check us out. But we can call him. He was nice enuf to come back with a phone that of course we had to rent for an additional fee. We ask for a receipt & says, I don't do that. Handing over $900 & no receipt? Couple of days go by, the safe which houses all our money and passports is locked in. We call Thomas who gets a locksmith to come out, we have to wait around til 9pm & now it's only key only, not electronic. Then a sensor for the lights buzzes constantly outside and the alarm system goes wacky. We contact Thomas who does arrange the maintenance man to fix sensor, he doesn't do alarms, but he said Thomas knew about the faulty alarm. Hmmm. Then 2 Rottweilers get into our yard and after an hour, leaves. The direct access, yeah, a huge tree root, which is mentioned, it is hard to walk over. Finally, we email Thomas to tell him we will be taking 7am bus back to San Jose & to plz meet us. He says "that will be $20 since its considered early checkout." At this point, frustrated & i go into, my wife calls my Geordie mode which can't understand at times. We try to email Sophie, said we were rude and unprofessional, literally was going to hold my deposit hostage until her house was thoroughly checked. We decided to leave the very next day, 2 days early! Who could check the house at this point since Thomas was still away? Calling me insensitive? I paid to have a property manager on site. Thankfully the housekeeper was a doll & we did receive our deposit back. There is only 1 set of pillowcases, mostly stained. The kitchen oven mit is gross, major termite infestation in kitchen cabinet, the mosq net holey-useless. No trash bags. Dogs bark all nite. Good luck!

    Recommended for: Age 55+

    Owner response: It is very unfortunate that these guests did not enjoy their stay. It is more unfortunate that they chose to become rude, abusive and threatening towards our agent. These guests were happy with the house when they arrived and we have emails from them telling us how nice it was. Their check in was delayed as they were expected at 4.30pm. They arrived on a later bus and their phones did not work, so it took time for them to contact our agent. We do state on our booking correspondence that it is important to have a working phone and we recommend a phone hire company. Upon arrival our agent lent them a phone for which we charge a small fee as the calls have to be paid for. They did not ask for a second set of keys. As for the receipt, our agent offered to provide a receipt upon check out. Our agent then had to go as his wife was in labour and had her baby the following day! Despite this he was available by cell phone at all times. We have apologised to the guests as the batteries to the safe did run out. They were provided with a key to the safe if this did happen, so they could have retrieved their valuables if they needed to. A locksmith fixed the problem that day and the guests were happy with this service. There was a problem with one of the outside lights and our maintenance man fixed the problem. We cannot work out what the problem with the alarm was? We have had the alarm company out to check it and it is working fine. Occasionally the dogs belonging to our neighbours do get through the fence. They are friendly, but we have asked the neighbours to fix the small hole in the fence that they have escaped through. As for the pillowcases, our housekeeper confirmed there were three sets provided, of which one set had a small stain. We have bought some new ones to replace the stained set. We will check the mosquito netting and the oven mit, which were both fine prior to the guests arrival. These guests then chose to leave earlier than our usual check out hours of 8am to 11am. Our agent was happy to provide an early check out, but we do charge a fee of $20. At this point the guests became extremely abusive and refused to pay the fee. They proceeded to threaten our agent and sent a series of abusive emails to both the agent and ourselves. They were so threatening that we advised our agent not to meet them in person to check them out. We returned their deposit the same day by Paypal as soon as the house has been checked, which is standard procedure.

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  • no buyer's remorse here!

    no buyer's remorse here!

    • Guest Deb (Bluffton, South Carolina America)
    • Date of stay 06/12/13
    • Review Submitted 07/09/13
    Very exciting view of large curling, breaking turquoise wave in semi-close distance from very comfortable bed. Totally open to shady private view if desired. The whole house fostered a great flow of energy. As far as location - home run! Piripilli grocery store was a very short bike ride away and had everything including beer, wine, liquor at fair prices. great restaurant 2 blocks away was an Argentinian steak house. There is also a produce stand at the end of the lane. the house is perfectly tucked behind some other properties away from the main road. I was extremely impressed with the neighborhood. I'm not sure you can do better overall for the money. Thank you Thomas and Sophie!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Thanks for the great review! The location of our beautiful beach house is perfect in our opinion and we're so glad that our guests agree!

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  • Mixed bag

    Mixed bag

    • Guest ja (usa)
    • Date of stay 05/21/13
    • Review Submitted 05/29/13
    Nice architecture, the deck is great, proximity to beach is great and the beach itself is very nice. The bed was quite comfortable. Having to call the property manager was a real pain in the neck - we wound up buying a phone card (which was a bit tricky figuring out) and then found a pay phone. All in all that took us an hour to do. Just not a convenient check in and out process for travelers. The amenities were fewer than I expected (hand soap and salt and pepper only) and the quality of the linens, towels were not good (stains etc.) and generally things seemed to not be not maintained particularly very well. Was not aware of the extent of theft/vandalism problems in the area and the alarm system is extremely loud when arming and disarming, and I am not sure it even protects more than the front door. This property is closer to the other one than I had thought. I had imagined a nice sand path to the beach, but it was muddy, watery, and required climbing over large tree roots to get to the main path. it was short though. I also was not expecting a toilet in which you can't flush the tp down. not a major deal, but just add it to the list. All in all not bad but not great.

    Owner response: We are surprised that the house did not fully live up to expectations on this occasion. We do understand that this client was unwell during their stay, which may have spoiled their vacation experience. The alarm is provided for the security of our guests and their peace of mind. We pride ourselves on the level of security that we provide. The alarm is linked to our agent and the police. It is activated by movement and protects the entire house, not just the door. The area is safe and crime levels are low for a Central American country, but as in all areas of the world it is important to protect property and the inhabitants. Often guests choose our house as it is more secure than many in the area. We do advise all of our guests, prior to their arrival, to ensure that their cell phones work in Costa Rica and we provide information about how to hire a Costa Rican phone from a very reliable company if required. The phone company will deliver a cell phone and internet data card to any address in the US or Costa Rica and their rates are very reasonable. Our agent is always close by. However, client arrival times are not exact and therefore it is useful to have a working phone to ensure that you can be checked in promptly. We always provide full check in details upon booking and we always stress the importance of having a working phone. The house is advertised as self catering. There is an excellent supermarket just a 3 minute walk from the house and most guests prefer to stock the house with their preferred items upon arrival. Our agent and cleaner have checked all of the sheets and we are replacing any of them that had small stains on them. All of the sheets and towels are always cleaned thoroughly. As in most hotels, guest houses and vacation homes in Costa Rica, toilet paper cannot be flushed down the toilet. Our tank is eco septic in accordance with environmental regulations. Costa Rica is an extremely environmentally conscious country and we try to ensure that our vacation home does not negatively impact on the beautiful natural surroundings. The beach path is part of the National Park and therefore it is extremely protected, which is part of the beauty of the area. We are not permitted to clear the path, so a short section of it does have tree roots. Most of it is a sandy path. For any guests with mobility issues the beach can be easily accessed by the public path which runs from the front of the property.

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  • Absolutely charming house and area

    Absolutely charming house and area

    • Guest Toby and Melanie (Westfield, Indiana, USA)
    • Date of stay 01/22/13
    • Review Submitted 01/29/13
    My husband and I stayed in Casa Caracola for our belated honeymoon. It was perfect for us! Close enough to Puerto Viejo, but far enough away to have privacy and be away from the hustle and bustle. The house had everything we needed and is just gorgeous. It was very clean and modern. We spent a lot of time on the back deck and in the hammock reading and listening to the ocean. The beach in front of the house is a bit more secluded than some of the other nearby beaches and not overcrowded, which we really enjoyed. We could also walk to the supermarket and to several restaurants, if we did not want to drive anywhere. There are so many little places to visit around there and Casa Caracola was right in the middle, which makes biking around very convenient. It was our first trip to Costa Rica and we absolutely loved it! We can't wait to come back to visit.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Casa Caracola is a perfect honeymoon escape and we're so glad this couple enjoyed their stay.

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  • Dream house

    Dream house

    • Guest Alison & Christian (New York City)
    • Date of stay 01/13/13
    • Review Submitted 01/30/13
    We stayed in Casa Caracola for 6 days in January 2013, and I cannot say enough good things about this place. Firstly, the location. We wanted to be near Puerto Viejo but not IN it. Coming from New York City, we were adamant about finding privacy, peace and quiet. We rented bikes right near the house on the first day and used them the whole time. It took us 10 mins to ride into Viejo (only 2 km away) and 10 mins in the other direction to visit Chiquita and Punta Uva. We felt we were ideally located smack in the middle. The beach in front of the house is glorious - and very often we were the only ones on it! Incredible! My boyfriend loved the Cocles waves but I preferred the supercalm, placid waters of Punta Uva. The house itself is gorgeous. Photos speak for themselves. The most beautiful part of it for me was hearing the ocean all night an all day - so soothing. We loved opening up the entire house in the morning. We spent a good deal of time relaxing on the back deck reading and watching the giant sloth that was in the tree in the backyard for 2 whole days (bring binoculars, they stay pretty high up!). There were also howler monkeys and a toucan during our visit. The house is very safe (gated and alarmed) and we felt 100% secure all the time. The area itself feels extremely safe and we felt that instantly. The grocery store is a 2 minute walk away and we often had breakfast/lunch at the house and rode our bikes to Viejo for dinner (where there are some very good restaurants). We also went to the lovely La Pecora Nera Italian place right in Cocles that was superb. Having lived in Italy before, I can say that the food was top notch. The carpaccio was to die for. If you are concerned about staying outside of Viejo, don't be! Cocles is really so close and if you don't want to ride a bike, or don't have your own car, taxis are abundant. We were glad we didn't rent a car...everything felt close and reachable. A not-to-be-missed local visit is the Jaguar Rescue Center in Chiquita - an impressive place that rehabilitates injured and orphaned animals then reintroduces them back to the wild. We saw every kind of animal imaginable and even got to hold baby howler monkeys (one fell asleep in my arms!). Amazing. Lastly, we had the good fortune of meeting the owners Sophie and Richard while we were there (they were staying in their other home Casa Mariposa). What hospitable, kind and welcoming folks. We will definitely be back to this wonderful house!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: We are really glad that Alison and her husband enjoyed their stay in our beautiful beach house. It was lovely to meet them and it was a pleasure to see how much they loved our little piece of paradise. We were staying in our larger, 2 bed, 2 bath house Casa Marisa which is on the same property, but well separated. Casa Marisa, VRBO listing 427600 is ideal for 4 people and offers great standards of laid back, Caribbean/Balinese design.

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  • Lovely Home

    Lovely Home

    • Guest Anonymous
    • Date of stay 11/24/12
    • Review Submitted 12/07/12
    I just returned from this beautiful little beach bungalow, a very private and sweet spot! Simple, clean and very comfortable. I was hoping for rain and received plenty, I loved the overcast skies this time of year. No worries about sunburns! Of course the day the sun did come back there were a lot of people soaking it up and very burnt the next day. Intense sunburn is a very sad way to spend your precious vacation time. I didn't see any mosquitoes, never used the mosquito net and slept with the doors open. I recommend having a phone that works locally, you can save a lot of money by not renting a car and gathering several taxi driver's phone numbers. It was also very easy to reach Gregory by texting. I rented a bike that I rode all over the place during the day. There is a great Yoga Studio, OM very close by with skillful instructors. There are so many delicious restaurants in the area, hard to name them all! The only problem was minor, the sweet neighbors in the house next door ran out of propane in the midst of cooking, so they borrowed mine, not a problem for me, luckily I was home. Overall a perfect little bungalow in an excellent location.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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    • Guest Ian N. (United States)
    • Date of stay 08/11/12
    • Review Submitted 09/14/12
    I stayed at this bungalow for two weeks in August 2012, and I absolutely loved it. It was clean and well-looked after, with a beautiful garden and the smell of guava. There's private beach access. Very nice to wake up each morning listening to the surf. I felt safe, because there are gates on either end of the property. A local agent, Gregory, was just around the corner if I had any questions, and he was very accommodating when I had a little problem. I had a car, but the property was certainly close enough to town to walk, which I did, many times, on the beach. I was a little anxious about swimming all alone (the rip-currents are no joke) so I walked about ten minutes down the beach to a public swimming area where I felt much more comfortable. I ate at a different restaurant every night, and all my meals were good. I used the kitchen for breakfast and lunch every day, and the grocery store nearby for all my provisions. I especially liked the shower at the bungalow--very cool, surrounded by river rocks. Loved the laid-back vibe of Cocles, and all the friendly people. Met a bunch of folks on various adventures (I'd highly recommend the canopy zip-lining tour, the sea- and river-kayaking, and the "day" trip (a VERY long day) to Bocas Tel Toro, Panama. You can arrange these at any number of tour companies, including one a three minute walk away. It took me a day to get used the banana spiders outside (they're very intimidating to look at, but perfectly harmless). There were howler monkeys in the trees: awesome. Sloths galore. LOTS of geckos, several of which sneaked into the bungalow, but no harm there. There's a mosquito net that goes around the bed. I used it, but I did not encounter any mosquitoes in CR. In my opinion, the rate (I was there off-season) was very reasonable, and it allowed me to do some touring around, and to rent a car. The drive from San Jose was fine, once I got out of the city. In a few days, I was zipping around like I'd been driving there all my life. Having said that, the beach road that goes from the bungalow to the town, was often filled with walkers, bikers, dogs, etc., so you must be careful. Town was good, with a good mix of people, though on weekends, it tended toward the "party" vibe, whereas I was going to escape some of that. There were enough quiet places to avoid that atmosphere. All in all, I was very pleased with the experience, and would highly recommend it.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: We are glad that Ian enjoyed our beautiful beach house. The nature that surrounds our house is one of our favourite things about the property. It is like being in a wildlife documentary! We're also glad that Ian was sensible about the places that he chose to swim. We do advise all clients to be careful close to the mouth of rivers and to know their limits when swimming anywhere along the Caribbean coast. The ocean is wild and beautiful and there are many safe places to swim along the stretch of beach directly in front of the house.

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  • Beach Privacy

    Beach Privacy

    • Guest Tali (Colorado)
    • Date of stay 06/24/12
    • Review Submitted 07/12/12
    First, our arrival into PV was not the best. There are limited flights into SJ from Denver and we arrived at 2PM, leaving us to get a hotel in SJ and leave the next day for PV, or to take the last bus to PV at 4PM. Since we had paid for the night in PV in the Cocles Beach house, we took the bus. It meant we arrived at 9PM, which is after the normal check in time of 8PM. We had some trouble contacting Gregory. I emailed 3 or 4 times the owners, VBRO, and Sunset beach Realty the 2 weeks before arrival to set up a meeting time and never got a response back. We also called Gregory several times prior to arrival with no call back. The first contact was from the SJ ariport. On arrival, perhaps it was too late at 9 PM, but the check in was poor. That was disappointing. We ran out of gas in the stove on the first use, gas was replaced the next day. The coffee maker takes 2 hours to make a pot, no exaggeration. And the toaster is broken. We found the kitchen sparcely stocked, but it was enough to get what you need done. There is a charcoal grill which is nice. The house itself was wonderful! We loved the walls of windows and the location! The bathroom was nice as well. There were plenty of towels and sheets and an overabundance of pillows! The front deck is large and clean with 2 tables and a hammock. You can clearly hear the ocean but not see it too well due to jungle. Securely surrounded by a fence and locked all around. We found the need for so many locks cumbersome, however, we also did not feel any danger. No problems with dogs during our stay. You literally walk strait out to the beach. It is a beautiful deserted beach! There is a river that flows into the ocean right in front of the house that provides nice fresh water to wrince off in. There was usually NO one on the beach. Great waves, clean clear water. Just down the beach, 5 minute walk, you will find more action with cheap beers just across the beach and surf rentals/lessons. We loved the beach. We did not see or hear from Gregory until check out, which also went poorly. If you go in the summer you will probably miss AC. There were 2 floor fans and one ceiling fan that helped. Great food in the area. Make sure you go the Lazlo's in PV for fish!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, girls getaway, tourists without a car, sightseeing.

    Owner response: We are glad that these clients enjoyed their holiday in our beautiful beach front house and that the house met their expectations. We apologise for any problems during check in. However, as is clearly stated on all of our correspondence, check in is until 8pm. We do recommend that clients stay in San Jose for the first night if their flight lands in the afternoon and we provide a hotel recommendation when the client books. All client emails are replied to as quickly as we can and these clients received at least four emails from us. Our replies can sometimes be slightly delayed due to the time difference as we live in Spain. Gregory, our agent, is always given all of the client details and knows when to expect their arrival. Please try to check in between the hours of 2pm and 8pm. We are having the coffee maker and toaster checked immediately. Our agent is there to check clients in and check them out. He will not normally disturb clients whilst they are on holiday. However, he or his assistant Azalea are available if they are needed, as can be see by the prompt replacement of the gas bottle. Their office is a one minute walk from the house. We always endeavor to provide the best service that we can and aim to address any small problems promptly. Our house is situated in a little piece of paradise and we want all of our clients to enjoy it as much as we do.

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  • A perfect, delightful retreat!

    A perfect, delightful retreat!

    • Guest Becky (Colorado, USA)
    • Date of stay 03/11/12
    • Review Submitted 04/03/12
    This bungalow is a MUST experience! My boyfriend and I stayed for just 4 nights and wished we could have stayed longer. We felt so safe and the property was very quiet and well kept. The pounding waves that we heard every night were just amazing. We had a few days of rain but the hammock outside under the roof was great for those days, it really forced you to relax and slow down. The grocery store was a short stroll away, and the town of Puerto Viejo is maybe a couple of miles. We had one of the most amazing seafood pasta dishes at El Pescador in Puerto Viejo, wow! We found some live music, billiards, and plenty of very friendly locals. If you are questioning booking this rental STOP IT and book now!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, people with disabilities, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Thank you for such a positive review. We are so pleased that you enjoyed your vacation. Your experience was just what we intended when we designed and built this house.

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  • glad to be home

    glad to be home

    • Guest rocky (usa)
    • Date of stay 02/01/12
    • Review Submitted 03/05/12
    we just returned from our stay at the beautiful cocles beach house. the pictures of the property and amenities listed were very accurate. for a traveler without a car there were several great restaurants within walking distance and a well stocked grocery store where we could purchase supplies to make delicious meals in our well equipped kitchen. the beach in front of the house was great for long walks and swimming plus there were several other beautiful beaches within walking distance. the only problem we encountered were 2 howling and barking dogs that were chained to the house next door to act as guard dogs. no one was living in this house so we were the only ones who were disturbed by the noise that went on for several hours in the evening and again in the early morning. this happened on many occasions and the manager of the property tried to help, but according to the property owner this is a common practice in costa rica and there's nothing they can do about the disturbance. based on our experience i would not recommend this property if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation

    Owner response: We are very glad that our beautiful house, garden and close proximity to the beach lived up to expectations. We are confused by the problem with barking dogs from the property next door? As is evident from all of our other reviews nobody else has ever encountered this problem. Furthermore, we have a long term resident that lives in our other house at the far end of our property who has never complained; including during the time when this client stayed. We frequently stay at the house and have never had a problem with the dogs next door. The house is a haven of tranquility. Of course, it is perfectly normal for people to have guard dogs on large properties in Costa Rica, as it is in other countries. Our neighbours are well-respected and their live in staff are there at all times. Unfortunately these clients chose to wake our neighbours up in the middle of the night by loudly and repeatedly beeping their car horn. We can only assume that this kind of behaviour and excessive late-night noise or movement must have provoked the trained guard dogs. We are pleased that this client enjoyed our property so much that they chose to stay for a month.

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  • Amazing beach rental!

    Amazing beach rental!

    • Guest Lindsey (Saskatoon, Canada)
    • Date of stay 01/26/12
    • Review Submitted 02/01/12
    Our stay at Playa Cocles was such an amazing experience for a great price. Listening to the waves every day and feeling the ocean breeze was a plus and we would come back in a second. A big thanks to Sophie, Richard and their property manager Gregory to make our trip to Costa Rica such a positive and exciting vacation.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Thank you so much for a great review! We are so pleased that you enjoyed your stay in our lovely little house! It is such a special place for us and it is our pleasure to share it. Sophie and Richard Atkins

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 3/3

  • Rustic,Quiet Bliss

    Rustic,Quiet Bliss

    • Guest K and D (Denver, CO)
    • Date of stay 10/09/11
    • Review Submitted 07/24/12
    My husband and I stayed at this property in October 2011 and loved it so much that we’re planning to return again this year. The owners’ instructions on how to navigate getting to the area were spot on. We stayed in the recommended hotel (very pleasant), connected with Gregory upon arrival (nice guy), and were delighted with the accommodations. I liked having the locked gate around the property, as it was a nice safety feature. Listening to the ocean at night was wonderful, and the mosquito net over the bed was much appreciated. Even more wonderful was discovering a mamma sloth and her baby in a tree in our yard! We watched them for a long, long while. The porch and hammock were only request is that they add another hammock so my husband and I didn't have to squabble over who got it! (Just kidding...) The beach is accessible through a path, and is fairly uninhabited. We rented bikes in Puerto Viejo which is all you need for getting around the area. I recommend this property for those who are looking to have a non-touristy Costa Rica experience and who like being in nature. (It’s in a jungle after all – so spiders, lizards, and bugs come with the territory.) It is NOT the place for people who want a cushy chain-hotel experience. It IS one of the best getaways from the chaos of modern life that I have yet to experience.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, tourists without a car, romantic getaway.

    Owner response: We are so glad that you enjoyed your stay in our house. It really is an escape from reality and so relaxing!

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  • Perfect home for a Costa Rican Getaway!

    Perfect home for a Costa Rican Getaway!

    • Guest Chris (California, USA)
    • Date of stay 05/09/11
    • Review Submitted 05/27/11
    My girlfriend and I stayed here for 10 nights in May 2011, and we cannot recommend it highly enough - from start to finish it was a great experience! First, Sophie and Richard were incredibly helpful in getting us booked and coordinated prior to our arrival. From there, their property manager Gregory took over - getting us checked in and ensuring we had everything we needed. And then... the property! It really couldn't be more ideally located - less than 100yds from a very secluded stretch of Cocles Beach (the best in the area) with your own private gated access, 2min from a full market and a handful of great restaurants (shoutout to Soda Johanna -- great local joint), and only a 10-15min bike ride to Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Playa Chiquita, and Punto Uva. Throw in the full kitchen, gorgeous patio with hammock, serene open-tile bathroom/shower, and beautiful surrounding garden and it's almost too much awesomeness! Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach trip, a romantic getaway, or a jumpoff to explore Costa Rica's exciting natural beauty, this home will meet your needs. We hope to return someday!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 9/10

  • Paradise vacation - wow this is a real beach house!

    Paradise vacation - wow this is a real beach house!

    • Guest Sophie (London)
    • Date of stay 08/06/10
    • Review Submitted 09/11/10
    My husband and I stayed at the property recently for our honeymoon. This really was a paradise location being a real beach front retreat. This house is set directly on the beach with a private gate straight onto it. The beach is beautiful, by far one of the best that we have ever experienced during our travels around the world. The garden in which the house is set is exotic and well kept. It was so exciting to eat our breakfast on the large terrace listening to the waves break and watching humming birds, toucans, monkeys and amazing butterflies. The house feels completely secluded, yet it is just a minute away from the road and close to lots of great bars and restaurants. There is also a supermarket just two minutes away that sells anything that you might need. The house was clean, simple yet stylish and very comfortable. We felt very safe as the house is alarmed and has a safe for valuables. We had a very romantic honeymoon and felt totally removed from reality in our paradise retreat. We recommend this to anyone and we can't wait to return.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: It is great that you enjoyed your honeymoon in our beautiful beach house. It certainly is a very romantic location, perfect for couples. We hope that you visit again soon.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 17/17

  • Fantastic Location, Secluded Beach, Outstanding Layout

    Fantastic Location, Secluded Beach, Outstanding Layout

    • Guest Paul (San Antonio, Texas)
    • Date of stay 03/13/10
    • Review Submitted 07/27/10
    My fiancee and I stayed here for 1 week in March, 2010. There's not enough room here to describe how amazing the entire experience was. It was incredible. Gregory, the manager / owner of Sun Coast Realty, was extremely accommodating, gave us maps and directions around town, programmed my GPS, loaned us an iPod cable, made phone calls for us to businesses that did not speak English, brought us an extra fan, and even took us out to an excellent Italian restaurant in Puerto Viejo with his wonderful wife. They treated us like we had been friends for years. The bungalow is wonderfully secluded, but in biking distance from Puerto Viejo. The bungalow sits on Cocles Beach which is easily the nicest beach in the area; having a private access was the best part. Some days it was hard to leave the bungalow because of the hammock, deck, and sound of the waves crashing less than 100 metres away. Somehow we always found time for a late afternoon swim. You sorta gotta make that a priority... It was so peaceful and relaxing. OH, and the bungalow was also very clean, and very well maintained There are 2 (more) fantastic Italian restaurants just down the block from the bungalow where we would sit, eat, and drink LATE into the night and hang out with our next door neighbor, Alex, and his friends. Another bonus to the property: the neighbor Alex who works at the La Cameleon Hotel restaurant. (There seems to be almost TOO many good restaurants! Took us for surprise...) Just like with Gregory, we became quick friends with Alex who also treated us like we had already been friends for years - pointing out the best restaurants, introducing us to locals, showing us the non-touristy places to go, and just hanging out with us. The owners of the bungalow should be paying Alex as well.... All in all this was an incredible vacation that makes us want to come back to this bungalow once a year. The whole area really grows on you. It's not over developed, but developed just enough. Petty theft was never an issue; we just keep track of our stuff and never left it unattended. Pretty simple. We HIGHLY recommend this bungalow to anyone. You will not be disappointed. And you may not want to leave.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: We are so glad that Paul and his fiance enjoyed their stay at our property so much. The fantastic location and friendliness of the local people is the reason that we chose to build our houses at Cocles Beach and we are thrilled to know that our guests appreciate it as much as we do. We strive to provide a professional and friendly service for our clients and along with Gregory, our agent on site, we are always happy to help with anything that may help to make your holiday special.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 18/18

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