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The Artists Cottage

The Artist Cottage - Retreat [#323049] | View Property

Eureka Springs
Cottage, 1 Bedroom + Convertible bed(s), 1 Bath (Sleeps 5)
$125/nt US Dollars
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  • Ahhhmazing


    • Guest Jac (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma )
    • Date of stay 09/13/13
    • Review Submitted 09/22/13
    The artists cottage was exactly how I pictured it from the photos and description. Upon entering I immediately felt calm and peaceful and serene. This place is magical. I brought my friend for her 60th birthday and left for us on the table was a bowl of snacks drinks chocolate and a birthday card and flowers which was a sweet and thoughtful surprise. We toured the beautiful retreat at the top of the hill behind us. A must see!!! The lovely restaurant on the corner has the best Sunday brunch! I am definitely telling my family and friends about this delightful cottage. I hope to return someday for a workshop. The proprietors are awesome and their little dog too!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • At first glance Heaven but slipped slowly into Hell

    At first glance Heaven but slipped slowly into Hell

    • Guest sean m.
    • Date of stay 07/30/13
    • Review Submitted 08/07/13
    I booked the cottage for our 10 year anniversary. After reading details of the rental & emailing the owner I decided to book. I booked what I thought was 7-30 through 8-3, meaning we check out on the 4th. (that was incorrect). Upon arrival we were thrilled with the look & feel of the cottage, then we ventured inside. When you enter the cottage the back wall has a natural spring that runs down the wall, (running water inside) if you read paper on the fridge that is where you are told that water often pools on the floor so beware where you step. It rained most of the time we where there so water was EVERYWHERE!!! Going up the sketchy spiral staircase we noticed that there were only 2 small AC units to cool the space, once in the bedroom it was a FULL SIZE BED!!!!! We are both over 5'11" & were not able to sleep in the same bed as we could not fit! Wanting to speak with our baby at home we asked about the WIFI...what a joke. We couldn't even get a signal most of the time. Wanting to relax in the heat of the day, forget it. The upstairs was not cooling properly, they don't have television channels, instead they state they have a DVD/CD library, another JOKE!!! 6 DVD's and 10 CD's doesn't qualify as a library!! When we asked the property manager about switching movies, her response was "go rent some". So being hot/sweaty, a shower was necessary. If I pay what I paid per night & in advance the shower head should at least be decent instead of spraying in all different directions. Geez buy a new shower head people!!! My wife was going to take a bath & enjoy the homemade bath salts but the jar was empty (sign in the bathroom read "enjoy a nice bath w/our homemade bath salts"). Went down to fix my wife breakfast only to find a HUGE spider in a hole in the wall.(yes we know its the country) The best part was when we came in from fishing to find MAGGOTS crawling on the table upstairs! After opening the Chocolate bar left as our anniversary gift from the cottage, it was crawling w/meal worms! We notified the property manager Hillary, her response was "I'm embarrassed". well thank you for trying to fix it (*sarcasm) We were disappointed that the owners misrepresented the property. If they had been more open about the TV/AC/Internet situation I don't know that we would have chosen the cottage.

    Owner response: At Fire Om Earth, we are privileged to have the care of The Artists Cottage, one of the oldest structures on Mill Hollow, just a mile from town. The cottage is, indeed, part of a nature oriented-retreat, intentionally removed from the distractions of modern life, situated as it is among some of the most abundant springs in Eureka Springs: the exact healing waters for which our town is famous. Given this truth, the proximity to nature is what our guests tend to value most. The springs of Mill Hollow were among the first discovered here, and the downstairs cottage wall was built directly upon the rock. The original architects knew what they were doing: the water—which barely drips in a drought and is a small contained waterfall when the weather is wet—cools the downstairs of the cottage naturally, and waters plants, in all seasons. When the weather is especially wet, as in our recent historic floods, water may seep up through part of the floor: for example, when the nearby road flooded in over two inches of water and the creeks crested their banks, a hand towel was necessary to address water inside on the cottage floor. The master bedroom does indeed feature a queen sized bed. The upstairs features multiple fans and air conditioners, clearly adjustable to guests’ preferred temperature. We appreciate the suggestion that we purchase a new shower head. Given the high mineral content of our waters, deposits can occur. As a note on VRBO helpfully mentions, though we are only a mile from the center of town, we are lucky to be on a seldom traveled dirt road; however, this means we have no television service or cable. Our internet—as is the case for many rural folk—is via satellite. During raging storms, it is difficult to get a cell phone signal, let alone stream movies on the internet or Skype. While we offer the best wifi connection we can as a convenience for guests, technology is not the primary appeal of our retreat accommodations. Of course our property manager would be chagrinned to find the complimentary chocolates were spoiled. We source our organic chocolate—which had not reached its expiration date—through the local natural food store and a company in Boulder, Colorado. We have contacted them to ask if this was a known problem with their sweets. We are glad that no fault was found with the complimentary wine.

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  • Unusual - and unusually wonderful!

    Unusual - and unusually wonderful!

    • Guest Master Cache (Rogers, AR)
    • Date of stay 07/10/13
    • Review Submitted 07/15/13
    I recall passing the Artist's Cottage sign in the past and being intrigued. Recently, we decided to take the leap and book a stay there. We couldn't have been happier with our decision and our stay (we just wish it was a bit longer!). The cottage is well off the beaten path, and you will feel very much "out in the country" during your stay. But, Eureka Springs is just a short, pleasant distance away. The cottage is peaceful, spacious, quiet and just plain delightful. If you are a "luxury B&B", condo or hotel type, this may not be for you. But we absolutely loved it and we will most definitely be back - many times!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Mini vacation

    Mini vacation

    • Guest MJ (Conway, AR)
    • Date of stay 06/12/13
    • Review Submitted 06/20/13
    The Artists cottage was a wonderful place bidding away behind bamboo with sweet pea flowers lining the road up to it. The artwork and decor of the cottage was unique and a pleasure to look at. I felt as if I discovered something new each time I took a look around the house. The only thing that could have made the stay better is central air. The cottage only had two window units one of which was in the massage room (that I didn't not want to disturb). During the day it got a bit warm for me (and I'm pregnant) but at night it felt just fine with the fan. Lorna was wonderful at delivering the organic breakfast basket to our door in the morning, I was so pleased. I think the perfect time of the year to stay would be mid spring or mid fall when the air is fresh and crisp so you could really take advantage of the outdoor setting!

    Recommended for: Pet owners, romantic getaway.

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  • Relaxing


    • Guest Colby B.
    • Date of stay 05/24/13
    • Review Submitted 05/29/13
    Unique cottage. Nice place to get away from everything and relax. Road to the cottage is a little sketch, so I recommend bringing a truck/SUV if you have one. Place has everything you need to grill/ cook, just bring the food. Owners seem pretty considerate and allow you to enjoy the peacefulness.

    Recommended for: Pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Owner response: Mill Hollow where the Artists Cottage is located is a quiet country road, there are two accesses, one with 9 tenths of a mile of dirt road, and the other about 200yrds of dirt. You will be given directions for the 200 yrds dirt access, the road is flat with some small pit holes, a easy drive for all types of vehicles.

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  • Unique and excellent!

    Unique and excellent!

    • Guest Jillian (Kansas City, MO)
    • Date of stay 03/29/13
    • Review Submitted 04/03/13
    This was perfect for a relaxing, centering vacation. The cabin is actually built into the side of the mountain, with an indoor garden, and it seeps mineral water which is lovely. It was bigger than I expected--there's definitely room for two couples to stay. Downstairs gets a little cool, but you can light a fire in the fireplace. It's on great grounds, we spent the day hiking with our dogs. Watch out for ticks! But overall perfect place, and I will definitely go back again. Thanks Lorna!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, girls getaway, pet owners, romantic getaway.

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  • Peaceful Getaway!! Out of the office and into Nature!

    Peaceful Getaway!! Out of the office and into Nature!

    • Guest Coleman W.
    • Date of stay 12/15/12
    • Review Submitted 11/13/13
    Staying at the Artist Cottage and Fire Om Earth retreat center was a wonderful experience. Lorna and Craig are the kindest and most hospitable people you could ask for. Wether it was a nature hike, yoga class, tai chi class, learning out to make stained glass windows, or participating in a native american sweat lodge, we were always happy with our choice of stay and what the property has to offer. If you're looking to get away, this is the place!!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, romantic getaway.

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  • Unique and Wonderful!

    Unique and Wonderful!

    • Guest maryandchris1969 (Claremont, CA)
    • Date of stay 10/22/12
    • Review Submitted 10/31/12
    This was a wonderful place to stay. It was filled with original, beautiful art! The bed linens were outstanding. The bath had hand done mosaics throughout. Most of the lights were magical as well. There was lots of tile work done by the owners that was priceless! Hand made tables were there too. The kitchen was fully functional and fun. The outside was filled with delights and surprises were everywhere. The horses across the road were fun to watch! It is away from the hustle and bustle of Eureka Springs and is in a world of it's own. It is a great place to stay if you want something out of the ordinary!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Unique and Wonderful!

    Unique and Wonderful!

    • Guest maryandchris1969 (Claremont, CA)
    • Date of stay 10/22/12
    • Review Submitted 10/28/12
    This is an outstanding place to stay if you are artistically inclined or enjoy such things! Everywhere you look there is something that has been created by hand or collected for the place. Lorna, the owner, was one of the main creators and her pieces are beautiful and unique! We loved the cottage and the mosaic work was great, the window coverings beautiful, the bed linens wonderful and in all just a great place to go! We loved it totally!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • A wonderful hideaway.

    A wonderful hideaway.

    • Guest The Wilkersons (Oklahoma)
    • Date of stay 09/09/12
    • Review Submitted 09/15/12
    My husband and I just stayed at the cottage for a week. We were perfectly comfortable, and in fact hardly left the place at all! The bed was totally comfy, the living room homey, and the water hot. We were surprised that we hardly need to run the air at all; it stayed very nice inside with just the windows open. Downstairs especially was always cool, and relaxing. All the furniture was clean, and comfortable. The only little thing was the towels: needing a few more dish towels for the kitchen, (there were two, and one wash rag), we cooked all week so more would be nice, but I just rinsed them in the sink, and sun dried them, no biggie. We also had plenty of bath towels, but only one hand towel and one wash cloth. Again no big deal though, we could have asked for more, but didn't. The bath towels had a weird smell when gotten wet... sort of... wet dog? But that MAY be from the well water so we didn't complain. Water tasted fine, and smelled fine from the tap; a little hard as well water is want to be so bring good conditioner for your hair. :) This isn't a hotel... everything is mix matched, and as good as home. There is a new flat screen t.v. and a dvd player, though we didn't use it much, and the land provided lots of entertainment if you just walked around. We saw TONS of squirrels, and deer, and the little frog and goldfish that inhabit the pond garden by the back door were fun to watch. We could hear bucks fighting at night, and the sound of the antlers crashing was really cool. You are minutes from downtown but it feels like miles away. Lorna and Craig totally respected our privacy, which we liked. :) They were there if we needed them, but didn't bother us at all during our stay; you would have to seek them out if you wanted them, which was perfect for us, cause we are introverts! We got some good painting done there, and some good resting. We had to leave a night early as our baby got a cold, and needed his Mommy, but we will go back in a heartbeat. Worth every penny, and I'd say you'll be pleased if you go to the retreat. If you go into town I DO NOT recommend the Casa Colina Mexican Grill & Cantina, it wasn't very good, and WAY overpriced. $60 for two, no alcoholic drinks or anything! AND they don't take CCs, but charge you to use an ATM on the site. The Harts Market, was AMAZING. Shop there. And the Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe, diner had the best burger I've even eaten, was fast, and ALL the staff were helpful, and smiling.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway.

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  • Not what we expected

    Not what we expected

    • Guest marci (shreveport la)
    • Date of stay 07/27/12
    • Review Submitted 08/12/12
    The cottage felt dirty. The upstairs window, by the daybed my daughter slept in, would not close. They supplied a television with VHS tapes, but the tv stopped working on the 2nd day. Normally, we would not care, but since there is nothing to do in Eureka with a teenager at night, it would have been nice to have a TV, maybe with a DVD player so at least you could rent movies. There was trash left outside that smelled really bad. The cottage was peaceful and the scenery was very nice, but if you're looking for a nice, clean accomdation, this is not it. As far as the stay goes, it wasn't terrible, but it was not what we expected.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, sightseeing.

    Owner response: I am not sure what felt dirty means, the Artists Cottage is a 70 yr old historic, wood and stucco building, the interior is carpet free and floors are sealed poly which are mopped, our house cleaner is very careful about cleaning. The outside garbage can which was not emptied, was a oversite. With all confirmations the renter is given the property manager's land line and cell # should they have any questions or concerns. Upon addressing this review with the manager, I was informed the guests at no time during their stay contacted her to let her know of their concerns, which would have been addressed immediately. I am sorry they did not find what they expected, but a quick call into management would have taken care of their concerns.

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  • Great place for relaxing!

    Great place for relaxing!

    • Guest Average Joe (Casey)
    • Date of stay 07/13/12
    • Review Submitted 08/06/12
    My wife and I (mid-20s) loved staying here. It's on a gravel road in between the business district and the historic downtown area of Eureka Springs, pretty secluded, and very peaceful. The cottage was agreeably cool, even for the high summer temperatures, and we were very comfortable. The living area features an old VCR/TV, so we picked out a few of the VHS tapes in the cottage library to watch. There are a couple bikes that you can borrow from the cottage to ride into town, though I don't recommend using them as transportation, but rather leisure. You'll have quite a bit of fun staying here! (Just don't mind the bugs, keep in mind you're in the country.)

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Amazing visit, phenomonal property!

    Amazing visit, phenomonal property!

    • Guest Young Couple (Springfield, MO)
    • Date of stay 03/17/12
    • Review Submitted 03/24/12
    I can't begin to tell you how enchanting the Artist's Cottage is! The 15 acres it sits on is full of hidden surprises like a pond, springs, an alter, sweat domes, a labyrinth an more. We didn't have enough time during our two day visit to see everything but we hope to return so we can. The cottage itself is beautiful. The downstairs rock wall, the spiral staircase and the folk art placed throughout were absolutely perfect! The owners are very pleasant and sweet. They provided several "little extras" for us (chocolate bar on the pillow, bottle of wine and a very nice card) that made our stay there that much better. We can't wait to return! This is a place we have already recommended to all of our friends and family.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, tourists without a car, pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • A charming retreat amidst the bluffs close to town

    A charming retreat amidst the bluffs close to town

    • Guest Amy (Lawrence, KS)
    • Date of stay 02/18/12
    • Review Submitted 02/22/12
    This cottage is nestled in the hills and bluffs an easy walk from town. Up the hill from the cottage are hiking trails, meditation areas, and surprises around every corner. The owners live a short walk away and are accessible for advice, information, and to check on your needs as you stay there. The space is lovely, the accomodations comfortable and the decor is eclectic yet soothing. I can't wait to come back to visit Lorna and Trigg again, and to see more of their corner of Eureka Springs. Don't expect hotel-like sameness, and it is an earth conscious place so reminders to turn off lights when not in use are everywhere- as it should be.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Charming and blissful

    Charming and blissful

    • Guest Susan (Oklahoma)
    • Date of stay 12/30/11
    • Review Submitted 01/03/12
    We celebrated New Years at this beautiful cottage. It was much more than we expected. The cottage is full of eclectic art and a true oasis. We loved the natural stone wall with seeping spring water on the lower level. We were afforded 100% privacy, and still so close to "town." The bedroom has a fantastic balcony I must see with full foliage. The queen bed was very comfortable. We arrived to a bottle of sparkling wine and glasses for New Years. The owners truly have thought of everything. This is a must-stay. The only thing lacking was more time to enjoy this jewel.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Not what it looks like......

    Not what it looks like......

    • Guest Linda C. (-)
    • Date of stay 07/20/11
    • Review Submitted 08/02/11
    I registered to stay at the Artist Cottage 7/20/2011. It was in the middle of a heat wave but was reassured, by the owner, that it would be comfortable. When I arrived the tempature inside the cottage was 91 degrees, the air conditioner was not turned on. The smell of musty, mold and mildrew was so thick in the air that my daughter with asthma couldn't breathe. We turned the AC on and after an hour the tempurature was 86 degrees. I called the owner and she tried to work out another solution with a different property owner but after two hours of being in the heat I just wanted to go back to my air conditioned car and return home. She refunded less than half the amount I paid and feel this was unfair. It was unhealty to stay there and feel that all of my monies should of been refunded. Since she refuses a full refund, I feel I paid for this to be posted and to warn others. When I mentioned the unhealthy conditions to the owner she just said that "Eureka Springs is a water town and buildings are over 100 years old and that I would have to deal with mold, musty smell anywhere".

    Owner response: It is very distressing to hear that a guest did not have a favorable experience. However this guest did not mention that she was given a reduced winter rate to accommodate her being a single parent and wanting to give her two teenagers a vacation. I took time to send her information on Horse back riding, Floating and tips on how to enjoy the hikes and trails on the property. On talking to her on the phone and offering her half back on her fee and finding alternative accommodation for her with another property owner, which she agreed to and did not follow up on. Her refund was agreed on, with a cc charge fee taken out. They also used the kitchen left garbage, before deciding not to stay. At no time is air-conditioning left on before guest arrival, we are a retreat center and try to encourage a sustainable life-style and consideration for unnecessary use of utilities. On inquiry this guest was told that there was a air-conditioner in the living room with fan's through out the rest of the cottage. Our property was obviously not suited to this guest.

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  • Country Chic

    Country Chic

    • Guest C & S (OKC)
    • Date of stay 12/26/10
    • Review Submitted 12/28/10
    Cozy, comfortable cottage. Perfect place for our getaway. The grounds were perfect for a nature walk and the location was close to everything. We enjoyed our stay very much.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Quiet, Cozy and Affordable...

    Quiet, Cozy and Affordable...

    • Guest surgpsych (Fort Worth, Texas)
    • Date of stay 12/17/10
    • Review Submitted 01/15/11
    My wife and I stayed at the cottage in December, just as the temperature started to dip into the 30's. The first night we stayed, the cottage was little cool and humid when the heaters were turned on. But the rest of the weekend, the temperature and humidity indoors was perfect! There is a small wood burning stove on the bottom floor that is easy to get going and easily heats the bottom floor. Wood is furnished and already stacked under a small awning. An affordable $5 donation per day is asked to help pay for the wood. The upstairs is easily heated by a beautiful gas burning stove. The cottage itself, for the price is more spacious than any hotel I have ever been to and the artistry within the cottage is what Eureka is all about! My wife and I visit frequently, so we went to the local market and purchased some food. In the quaint kitchenette, we made a nice meal with pans, dishes, utensils and lots more provided. We invited some local friends over for some wine an merriment. All of us loved the "feel' of the place. We joked about how it felt like we were in some sort of movie, or a postcard. I cannot express enough how earthly and serene staying here was. My wife teared up when we had to leave because it was that perfect. Lorna has an incredible eye and touch to be able to decorate in such the Eurekan way. I never enjoyed taking a shower anywhere outside of my own home as much as I did here. I won't tell you about it, you'll have to experience that one on your own. If you like bed and breakfast flowered walls, lacquered hardwood and frilly bedsheets, this place is not for you. Thanks for the experience. Oh...LOVED the rocking chair!

    Recommended for: Families with teenagers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Our anniversary weekend.

    Our anniversary weekend.

    • Guest Gibby (Kansas City, MO)
    • Date of stay 11/05/10
    • Review Submitted 11/10/10
    We just returned from our stay at the Artist's Cottage! We had a wonderful time there. The cottage is unigue and in a rustic setting but right at downtown Eureka Springs. We were able to come and go and enjoy the shops and then come back and rest so easily. The owners were terrific hosts. There were chocolates on our bed and a bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne in the fridge on our arrival as we were celebrating our anniversary- Thank you for your hospitality and a clean, beautiful environment for us to enjoy! We love beautiful Eureka Springs!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • The Artist Cottage - Retreat

    The Artist Cottage - Retreat

    • Guest Kat and Rex (Wyoming)
    • Date of stay 10/13/08
    • Review Submitted 10/13/10
    Whimsical and wonderful, we had the best times in all of our travels. The owners are amazing artists and there are always things to peak your interest and keep you busy, if you like. You may just want to sit in the rocking chair in front of the windows and enjoy a good book, never any pressure but you always feel welcome. The Cottage is a beautiful, eclectic and comfortable. The gounds have walking paths and there is always something to enjoy along the way. We have stayed here 4 times. At night you hear the horses blow and whiney from across the road, the cicadas and the frogs. Everything just brings you peace and serenity, it is a joyful place to stay. Every trip this our get away and will always be. Thank you so much Craig and Lorna, you always made this wonderful Cottage feel like home. The Fullmers

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Artist Cottage a great place to stay!

    Artist Cottage a great place to stay!

    • Guest Earthlover (Eureka Springs)
    • Date of stay 05/19/07
    • Review Submitted 10/13/10
    The Artist Cottage is a gem. You get the best of two worlds by being on a country road across from a horse farm in the beautiful Ozarks, yet are just a mile from Eureka Springs with its great amenities such as springs, parks, shopping and night life. It is quiet and serene. I enjoyed the walking path at Fire Om Earth, the springs, great landscaping and the fact you can take yoga classes from Lorna or Tai Chi classes from Craig up the hill and get involved in a number of other activities that are held here such as Women's Drum Circles. The cottage's decorations include treasures from South Africa, and many art pieces by local artists. Visitors shouldn't miss touring the springs in Eureka and there are many great hiking trails around the city with some of my favorite at the Madison County Wildlife management area. You also don't want to miss spending some time on Beaver Lake, or take a kayak ride on the amazingly clear waters of the King's River.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, pet owners, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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