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View of Villa on the beach @ north end of Playa Grande

Villa of the Rock - Villa De La Roca Beachfront/Privacy [#4280] | View Property

Playa Grande
House, 3 Bedrooms + Loft, 3.5 Baths (Sleeps 10)
C$300/nt Canadian Dollars
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  • The place is great!!!

    The place is great!!!

    • Guest luis v.
    • Date of stay 03/02/14
    • Review Submitted 03/28/14
    I have been here twice and both the house and the beach are great, Alan and Kate very nice and is like staying at the beach because it's just right there. I love surfing now because of this place, its the best to stay in PG. About a comment I read I want to give an advice, the best surf trainer of the area is Santiago, I had a hard time with other classes but he was the only one able to put me over the surfing table and actually surf, ask for him, everybody around knows him and call him Santi...

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  • Best Beach House Ever!

    Best Beach House Ever!

    • Guest Texas Family (Dallas, Tx)
    • Date of stay 12/21/13
    • Review Submitted 12/30/13
    My family of seven adults (three couples and mother-in-law) had a beautiful Christmas vacation at Villa de la Roca. We had the whole house--plenty of room for everyone when we gathered for family dinner, and plenty of room for each one to get away into a shady corner with a book. The house is just as described. Perfectly clean, very comfortable furnishings, serviceable appliances and kitchenware. The plush beach towels were an unexpected luxury. The breeze through the house was delightful. The view from both patios over the beach is fabulous. The downstairs patio has two built-in benches with cushions that are great for napping (in addition to plenty of chaises to take on to the beach). The beach is wide and flat--perfect for all ages and swimming skills. We loved the pool for cooling off. The neighborhood was quiet. Short walk to a hotel with a dining room and a couple of small bar/restaurants. Slightly longer walk to a small store. 20-minute drive to Tamarindo, with a larger super market on the way. All the business dealings were simple and straightforward. Alan put us in touch with a wonderful chef who stocked the house and prepared dinner for us. Kathy made arrangements for a couple of excursions and for a massage therapist to come to the house. They were friendly, attentive hosts.

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  • Amazing Beach House!

    Amazing Beach House!

    • Guest Jenny G.
    • Date of stay 11/11/13
    • Review Submitted 11/17/13
    We just returned home from our first trip to Costa Rica and we had such a great time. The location of the house is unbelievable. Walk out the front gate and you are immediately on the beach. The house was clean and well maintained. The wrap around porch on the upper level was perfect for naps in the afternoon or to post up and read a book. Kathy and Alan were amazing hosts and available to answer questions or provide places to visit at any time. We would absolutely come here again!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway.

    Owner response: thanks for staying with us, come back often. stay well, kathy & alan

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    • Guest Ben (United States)
    • Date of stay 10/01/13
    • Review Submitted 10/09/13
    I met Allen in the line-up many years ago when I was a kid and he just paddled up to me and my friends and invited us to stay at his place. Ever since then damn near every year we go back and stay with Allen and Kathy. They are some of the nicest most hospitable, laid back people and Kathy can cook some mean fish burritos! Some of the best days of my life were spent there and many of life's goals were planned and concocted while sitting on the porch. For those of you that saw bugs.... hello, its a rainforest in central america!!! Go stay in Tortugas hotel, my friend got bit by a scorpion in the bed! For those that complained this is obviously not their type of vacation, you should maybe go on a Disney cruise and visit their fake islands like all the other masses of tourists. Allen and Kathy's place is for the true travellers who want an authentic home in another land. So please don't go back there because its bad enough everybody else loves the place and its getting harder and harder to get an opening on their calendar! Thanks Allen and Kathy for the many years of wonderful memories and all you have ever done for myself and friends. Ben...

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, people with disabilities, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, pet owners, romantic getaway.

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  • Don't Do It

    Don't Do It

    • Guest Family in Costa Rica (San Jose, Costa Rica)
    • Date of stay 06/22/13
    • Review Submitted 07/18/13
    Our extended family booked all of Villa de la Roca for three nights in June 2013. Unfortunately, we stayed only one night because of the many problems with the house, which rendered it uninhabitable. Here is a partial list: 1. Multiple holes in the ceiling/roof through which water came when it rained. (Owner's response was that the handyman was hard to reach and hadn't had time to fix them yet.) 2. Broken screen door (literally falling off of its hinges) to one of the studio bedrooms. (Owner's response was that the last renters did it, and the handyman hadn't had time to fix it yet.) 3. Broken patio table, sparse plastic patio furniture, broken plastic chair that collapsed when one of us sat in it. (Owner's response was that the last renters broke the table and new furniture was "on order.") Note that the cobwebs on the broken table would suggest the table broke a long time before. 4. Ants and other bugs everywhere. (Owner's response was that this was the norm in the tropics, and they didn't want to fumigate because it was poisonous for the environment.) Note that we live in Costa Rica and frequently visit the beach areas, including Guanacaste, so we know that the level of infestation — with ants crawling over everything, including our kids' beds in the loft — is not "normal" or acceptable. 5. Stained, dirty sheets on the master bedroom bed. (Owner's response was that the sheet weren't "dirty," they were stained from the rusty water that drips onto the bed from the leaking roof.) 6. No water sporadically, little pressure other times; no water the morning we left. (Owner's response was that one of the two water tanks was being cleaned.) 7. Dirty swimming pool. (Owner's response was that she just cleaned it, but then the wind blew and that's why it was dirty) 8. Muliple cats living at property that weren't disclosed. (Owner's initial response was that they live outside. After being pressed (as several of us have cat allergies), she said the cats sleep in the upstairs unit when there are no renters.) Perhaps worst of all was the owner's attitude. Rather than react helpfully when we brought issues to her attention, she made excuses and then became belligerent. So we left. We asked for a partial refund, but never got a response. Playa Grande is beautiful, and there are many options for better accommodations there and nearby. Do yourselves a favor and don't rent this house.

    Owner response: we told you if it pours there may be some leaks. when the wind is up water may find its way. it did not rain when they were here,large trees, canopy over the yard so the monkeys can come in them to eat the fruits, trees have leaves, pool was not dirty, just some leaves that fall into it. the sheets were clean & were just put on, yes ther was some small rust stain on 1, not from any leaks, from moisture from fans, beachfront you get lots of moisture even with zero rain depending on the direction of the wind. one of there people were bother by the fact that the monkies might come in the trees, they didn't want to be botherd by what is the monkeys place before people here on the beach moved here. our cats all are rescued, fixed & stay away from people whom they sense that they don't like them. they never were near any of the 5 under 12 years old little girls. water is out of our hands, its city water, very clean, its just not our fault that they were working on the system. it not true about my wife being beligerent, one of the men called her a liar, was totally rude. as for the 1 hinge that was broken, was disclosed so people could use the other large screen door. our carpenters who still work for us when we need them didn't respond as fast as we would like. as for ants, in the start of the rainy season, all bugs, racoons, snakes & all the other creatures move to protect themselves. there were & are no nest on the property. one of the couples does stay in Costa Rica, but not by the beach were its very tropical, with all kinds of animals & bugs. we spray all the time, usually the day before folks arrive. bugs, no seaums & others usually come out sun rise & sunset. the folks also complained about the price, they had 9 people, they probably didn't read the web page. they possible were looking for a luxury 4 season type of place, we never have said that, we tell we folks we are rustic. we have been doing this for 17 years & the start of the rainy season did have more no seaums, termites, carpenter ants then we & every one else we know who live here can remember. they wanted beachfront with the best views on the entire beach. they also complained about the beach being to rough, mother nature runs the beach, all in all they just had bad carma. if they had folks who came with them & live in CR., why didn't they have them check it out. thats normal for most folks who live in country, & have friends coming to stay.

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  • Paradise on the Beach

    Paradise on the Beach

    • Guest Tica Chica (St. Louis, Missouri)
    • Date of stay 05/29/13
    • Review Submitted 09/23/13
    We have been coming to this place for about 10 years, every summer. It is our favorite. We love the great king size bed, opening the door to the sand and breeze and the sound of waves, and reading a good book on the porch or watching the gorgeous sunsets. The owners, Alan and Kathy, are beautiful human beings and we love them. They are the best of hosts if given a chance. I am appalled at the two recent poor reviews. I can only imagine they were written by arrogant, spoiled guests who are used to pushing people around. We have had similar infestation experiences in other places due to seasonal challenges with the bugs. There are times when they just can't be controlled. But if you want a sterile environment, go to the Marriott, or better yet, stay home. This place is like coming to the home of a generous friend, not to a place crawling with gardeners and people who wait on you. We have come with both sets of in-laws and everyone has loved the place. The dog is there to make you feel safe from intruders and has never bothered us. Every time I leave I feel so grateful that Kathy and Alan have been kind enough to share their beautiful life with me for a little while.

    Recommended for: Age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Ant Infestation

    Ant Infestation

    • Guest Katie (Jackson, WY)
    • Date of stay 05/11/13
    • Review Submitted 06/15/13
    When I arrived, I had a strange vibe from the ownder & felt that I was intruding. The structures & gardens have a lot of potential, but they are in need of maintenance. We stayed in one of the studios, & the first thing I noticed was the dust and spider webs. There was an akita onsite who we never saw until the last day, but we heard him barking. This would have been livable for 7 nights had it not been for the ants. As soon as dusk was upon us, the floors, walls, & occasionally the bed were covered with hundreds of ants...coming through cracks in the doors & spaces in the grout & light outlets. I was given the sarcastic answer by Alan that “the ants were no extra charge” and “we live in the country”. I have lived in the country my entire life, & I can handle a few insects running around at a beach house. I have a problem with it when I am going on vacation, spending too much money for an experience that I could have had by camping. I had already wired the money, so tried to make it work & hoped it was an isolated incident. The next night we had the same experience with the ants. We were told to move to a vacant studio apartment since the nest was right outside of our door. The ants were fewer, but still significant enough that I was ready to move & salvage the end of the vacation. What we were dealing with was an infestation, & we learned that the owners never fumigate because it's bad for their karma & don't want the chemicals to end up in the ocean. I can appreciate this. I've always been an advocate for the environment & try to live as naturally as possible. I would encourage the owners to continue to do so…as long as they're not running a hospitality business in which people spend hard-earned money to stay there. After securing a hotel room at a nearby hotel that fumigates every 3 months, we returned to gather our belongings & informed the owner that we were leaving, and would appreciate a partial refund. When we were rudely told that refunds were never given, we responded by saying that we would be posting an honest review of our experience. He threatened us by shouting that he would hire someone to come beat us up, to get off his property, & he couldn't believe we were making a big deal about the ants (although he used much more colorful language). He also brought out the akita to intimidate us. Several witnesses requested that we inform the tourist police, so we filed a report. Stay at a hotel instead.

    Owner response: has for strage vibe, not tru. we welcome all folks happily. again carma. they arrived on the first day that it literally poured in the start of the rainy season. there were no visible nests, yes the carpenter ants came out with a vegange, but no visible nests. before the arrive, it had not rain since Nov., so the bugs all moved to protect themselve. we do spray all the time, but not in & on the vegitation. we live 50 ft. from a mangrove, estuarry, in a national park where the leatherback turtles nest & other turtles, so we don't poison the vegetation, so the spray poison doesn't go into the ocean. matter of fact we stopped centry 21, developer from spraying the other 200 vacant lots that were for sale for the same reason, not to polute the estuary which runs into the ocean. we sprayed after the first night, wasn't so bad second nite, we moved them to another apt. they still complained. they told us they talked to people on the beach, & they said some nasty stuff about us which is not true. thats the main reason they moved. we monitered the second apt. the next nite, no bugs, because it didn't rain really hard. the guy threaten us, so we told them to leave, or we would call our friends in the police to have them removed. when we told them no money back, he got real mad & was threatening, so i told him we have friends who do not like people to be aggresive like that to us. if you read the reviews, the last 2 bad ones came in the same week, most problems from the bugs was due to a heavy start to the rainy season.

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  • Enjoy ocean breezes while watching surfers

    Enjoy ocean breezes while watching surfers

    • Guest Jeff & Connie (Colorado)
    • Date of stay 01/26/13
    • Review Submitted 02/17/13
    There were 4 adults and we rented the entire house for Jan 26 - Feb 4, 2013. House was actually pretty easy to find driving in from Liberia airport. Alan and Kathy were there to greet us upon our arrival. In fact, Alan and Kathy are on-site 24/7/365 if you are looking for total seclusion away from people on your hard earned break from working. With that said, Kathy provided excellent ideas for shopping, sightseeing. She set us up with a river boat tour of the Tempeske River in Palo Alto National Park. This was one of the highlights of the trip!!! A must do/must see. Every evening we enjoyed sitting on the oceanside veranda watching the surfers as the breeze was coming in. This was quite a show (hence the title). The covered veranda is tiled and the entire length of the house and wraps around it. Every morning we enjoyed coffee while walking the beach and looking for shells. The location was ideal. Many wonderful restaurants in neighboring Palm Estates and fun shopping in Tamarindo. The local seafood guy came by twice and the shrimp and Mahi Mahi was fresh. The bakery came by also..and everything was oven warm and fresh. It smelled sooooooooo good and tasted wonderful. Also, the housekeeper comes in on Mon, Wed and Friday. Carolina works hard and does a great job. Thanks to Carolina! From, Chris, Alan, Jeff, Connie...

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sightseeing.

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  • I'm so glad we stayed here! Postcard Perfect!

    I'm so glad we stayed here! Postcard Perfect!

    • Guest Aloha Traveler (Midwest)
    • Date of stay 03/17/12
    • Review Submitted 03/27/12
    Honestly, we weren't sure we made the right choice in coming to Costa Rica for a family trip as we kept thinking about how much we love the beaches on Kauai. Then we got to this home and saw the view and IMMEDIATELY we felt thankful for choosing this home over others nearby. Others may have had fancy countertops and newer kitchens but it is the location here that is so spectacular. Alan and Kathy were gracious and we felt they were wonderfully accommodating. They take great pride in their home and it shows. The home was well planned out for privacy; I thank them for sharing it with us!! The photos of the unit are accurate, if anything they do not do the property justice. The ceilings are very tall and the views fantastic! We could hear the ocean waves and palm trees from everywhere in unit. We opted not to shut up home to use bedroom A/C; breezes and ceiling fans kept air moving and we loved having ocean so close. The garden is well maintained & matured since photo. It probably varies as to time of year but several plants were blooming. We saw humming birds, butterflies, and saw fresh bananas hanging from trees all without having to leave the property. On my next trip here, I would give strong consideration to hiring a local chef. Merely, because the local restaurants will not have near the beautiful view you will from this home. It is one location where staying home and eating in is definitely better than going out, it's just sometimes you don't want to do dishes. Labor seems to be reasonable and the owners have lived here long enough to make recommendations on what might suit your specific needs. I was concerned that our children would be to picky but overall it is something I wish we would have planned in advance for at least a few of our meals. Chef could have made cheese pizza as easy as restaurant and mom and dad would have loved staying in and enjoying a romantic view without meal prep and no dishes. The views are really that beautiful! The use of boogie boards and beach chairs were a plus! The owners were knowledgeable about local day trips; we enjoyed the ones they recommended. Even on Spring Break it felt as we had beach almost to ourselves. At Liberia airport gift shop while awaiting flight home, paged through 'best seller' Guadencaste photo picture book to sell to tourists. Listed on page 50 something was a large professional almost full page photo of gorgeous beach and the rental home we had just left! Postcard perfect beachfront view home!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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    • Guest Steve (Sandy, UT)
    • Date of stay 03/06/12
    • Review Submitted 03/23/12
    My wife and I were joined by another couple and stayed in the downstairs rooms. We had the times our our lives. The house is perfect for couples, families, surfers...whatever you want. We literally surfed everyday right out in from of the house. We're already looking to book another trip to Villa De La Roca. Alan and Kathy were great. I highly recommend this location!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Wonderful vacation

    Wonderful vacation

    • Guest Matt (NJ)
    • Date of stay 03/04/12
    • Review Submitted 03/13/12
    Great location! Perfect for couples and surfers as its right on the beach in Playa Grande. Kathy and Alan were great and very helpful with local knowledge. Several very good restaurants nearby. Lots of activities around or you can just relax on the deck all day watching and listening to the waves. Can't wait to go back!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • We'd definitely stay here again!

    We'd definitely stay here again!

    • Guest Missy (Ormond Beach, Florida)
    • Date of stay 06/07/11
    • Review Submitted 06/23/11
    We happened upon Alan along the beach at 6am, strictly by chance, after a "not so good" evening at a nearby hotel. We quickly accepted Alan's offer to relocate to his place, with the promise of a hot shower. Our three nights spent at Alan's place were comfortable and pleasant. The room was clean, cool, and comfortable. The view of the sunset from this property is absolutely amazing! Kathy's hospitality and information of the area was so greatly appreciated! She set us up with an excursion to Pallo Verde with Louis as our tour guide. This is a cannot miss!!!! if you're ever in the area. I have to say, feeding the white-face monkeys bananas was an amazing experience, and still one of the top highlights of our vacation. I am undoubtedly sure, had we not ran into Alan and moved to his place, our experience in Playa Grande would not have been a pleasant one. We will definitely contact Alan and Kathy to stay at their place on our next trip to Costa! Thank you to you both for an amazing experience!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • If you are Looking for Perfection in Costa Rica, Look no further!

    If you are Looking for Perfection in Costa Rica, Look no further!

    • Guest Jill and Chris (North Marshfield MA )
    • Date of stay 01/15/11
    • Review Submitted 01/28/11
    Words will not do justice to Villa de la Roca. The location, the people, the service, the weather...on and on. As a world traveler no place compares to this. The beach is sugar sand, the house sits ON THE BEACH with sunsets, moonsets extraodinaire! Having the owners on-site is the bonus no one else can offer. From the hand written maps of secret hide-aways to the in-house massages, surf lesson, fresh fish delivery, German baked goods delivery and sushi that cant be beat..... this is truely heaven on earth. The property is secluded and only minutes away from local culture, great restaurants and less than half an hour from funky beach towns along the pacific coast of Guanacaste. Too many cool places to mention. The country is clean, eco-conscience and the food is fab! We didn't see any leather back turtles but saw sea turtles, and the monkey troop came into the yard to eat fruit and entertain us! If you've never been to Costa Rica, start here and see why so many rave about it. The weather was 80-90 degrees in January although we did speak to people that went to the rain forest and were sad rained?? hello?? We had 7 days of warm breezes, big waves, great sun and laughs with the gracious people of the area. We re-named Liberia airport "Cry-beria" upon departure. Don't be silly, dont miss this opportunity! E mail the owners for info as they are a dependable resource and so very very cool! Feel free to see our pics @ Kathy and Alan ....a million thanks!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 6/7

  • Amazing View, Fantastic Home, Excellent Experience

    Amazing View, Fantastic Home, Excellent Experience

    • Guest Kristy (Raleigh, NC)
    • Date of stay 09/07/10
    • Review Submitted 09/14/10
    My mother and I stayed in the upstairs portion of this home in early September 2010. There's not enough room here to describe our excellent experience. The property is immaculate and very charming. Alan and Kathy were great hosts, and we found it very valuable to have the owners on site to provide tips on where to eat, what to see and where to go. We never would have found some of great places without their suggestions. While we loved every aspect of the house, the views of La Roca were absolutely amazing - unbeatable location. We would definitely stay here again!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • awesome rental

    awesome rental

    • Guest Vicki Brooks (Mineral Wells, Texas, USA)
    • Date of stay 08/08/10
    • Review Submitted 08/30/10
    The description of the property was right on target. The apartments were clean and in very good order. We could just walk out on to the beach. Great location and good local dinning. The owners were extremely friendly and helpful with directions and planning excursions. We would stay again.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Pura Vida (Pure Life)

    Pura Vida (Pure Life)

    • Guest Lynne (Dawsonville, GA)
    • Date of stay 08/01/10
    • Review Submitted 08/18/10
    My husband and I with our children recently visited Villa of the Rock for a week long vacation. We rented the apartments below. The description as Alan posted is completely accurate, the beach is just 10 steps from the house. The porches on both the top floor and apartment floor are huge and welcoming with a beautiful view of "la roca". Alan & Kathy are gracious hosts and handled all of our excursions. The studio apartments were perfect for a couple with a small kitchenette for your use and large walk in closet with dead bolt. The pool is in front of the apts with a canopy cover, keeping it cool and refreshing after a long day at the beach! In addition, the local area had small convenience store, restaurant and surf shops within walking distance. You want to walk so you can see the howler monkeys (early am and afternoon). There is also a beautiful black sand beach just around the bend. The beach was very secluded with only a few families daily. Thank you Alan & Kathy for the wonderful vacation, we hope to see you again next year! Micheal, Lynne, Michele & Jeremy Putnam.

    Recommended for: Age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Like having your own home on the beach

    Like having your own home on the beach

    • Guest Tica Chica (St. Louis, Missouri)
    • Date of stay 07/05/10
    • Review Submitted 10/28/10
    We have stayed with Alan and Kathy 3 times now and will be coming back this summer. Their home is so comfortable - they've thought of every detail - great beds, outside couches to read on - boogie boards - advice on good places to eat nearby. If you want to relax, walk up and down the beach, look for shells, do your own cooking of the fresh local seafood, watch a beautiful sunset start to finish, play with the neighbor's dogs, this is the place for you. It's like living the dream of owning a home on the sand, without the headaches of maintenance. Alan and Kathy used to be great hosts, now they're our friends.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes | No Helpful votes: 2/3

  • Best of Class

    Best of Class

    • Guest JJimbo (Florida)
    • Date of stay 05/21/10
    • Review Submitted 06/04/10
    Our family has enjoyed staying at Villa of the Rock for oven ten years now. This is the little hidden gem in all of Costa Rica. Very private and peaceful, one feels like this is the perfect place to be! The surfing is incredible...just seconds away from your porch and the sunsets are just awesome. Alan and Kathy are nice folks who make you feel right at home.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, families with young children, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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