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Shorebreak. Back of casa, walking path to ocean directly in front.

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House, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath (Sleeps 5)
$200/nt US Dollars
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  • Great Location!!

    Great Location!!

    • Guest Scott R.
    • Date of stay 10/16/13
    • Review Submitted 11/01/13
    We travelled to the Island for our Honeymoon, This place was exceptional! The pictures really do not do this home or location justice. It is a real gem on the perfect location of the Island. (I will touch on this later) Upon arrival to the island we met Bombi, Bombi was great!! He led us on a quick walk to the location and gave us a great introduction to the home, ensured we knew where everything was located, how everything worked. Bombi really made us feel welcome and comfortable after a long few days of travelling. The home is very well kept and clean. You can tell the care and attention to detail this home has received in no doubtingly an environment that can be harsh and require significant upkeep. The home contained everything one could need to enjoy your stay. We found ourselves cooking regularly for ourselves and the kitchen was well equipped and clean. The bedroom was quite comfortable, the fans made even the most muggy and warm evening a non issue, the bathroom was very nicely decorated and clean. As this was our first time to the region we feel very fortunate to have found such a great locations. We were prepared for the bugs to be an issue, however the location of this home allows a breeze to limit the bug and provide relief from the heat, other area do not provide this. The glass doors were opened almost every evening while enjoying the cool breeze and sound of the waves. We both also loved the location and Island for its "traditional feel" Don't get me wrong "Bocas Town" need to be explored and is alot of fun, however we found it overwhelming some evening and really looked forward to getting back and just enjoying some relaxation on the deck. Another gem is the food. Just a small walk to the right is The Firefly. Hand down probably some of the best food I have experienced anywhere. Ryan and Lauren are a great team, we spent several evenings relaxing and chatting at The Firefly. On one of our last evening Lauren prepared a freshly caught red snapper and we are still raving about this meal. Truly a special place that need to be visited. We really enjoyed our stay on the island, Your place is perfectly located, and we feel very fortunate to have found this location. Too all future guest, enjoy this home, get to know the people (very interesting stories and unique people who have left the island and come home), explore the islands. We enjoyed our stay and are looking forward to returning.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway.

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  • Renters are loving the upgrades!

    Guest comment entered by owner

    Renters are loving the upgrades!

    • Guest Deanna Smith
    • Date of stay 08/24/13
    • Review Submitted 10/12/13
    Hey Jill Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much we loved your place! I can see why you love it so much, it is great and the people of Bastimentos are as well. I miss the crashing waves already! I will get on the vrbo review but as we are still on vacation trying to stay off the Internet as long as possible :) just wanted to let you know u have a special spot and we are very glad we got to enjoy it. Thanks again. Deanna

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  • Casa Upgrades! Thx for renting!

    Guest comment entered by owner

    Casa Upgrades! Thx for renting!

    • Guest Juliana
    • Date of stay 08/11/13
    • Review Submitted 08/22/13
    Thank you to all our guests for renting! We used our fees to upgrade our casa with awesome new amenities! Techies: we added internet access via a USB port stick for your personal computer. AND we left a prepaid minute international cell phone for guest use. We also included a $5 phone card and a One week internet prepaid card to get you started! Small Furniture: I hand built 4 moveable privacy screens to act as artistic walls throughout the open floor plan. I built two more small end tables and multiple new shelves throughout the casa. I also replaced the floor fans for a total of 5 moveable air flow machines. Fresh Paint! We painted not only the outside of the house with a fresh coat of yellow, we touched up the inside white paint and painted the lower deck too! In Line Water Heater was replaced in early August of 2013. Hot showers are hard to find in Bocas! But we think they are a must! Safe: Guests now have access to a small personal safe during their stay here! Perfect for passports, credit cards, extra cash, and small electronics. New Art! I added some fun local and personal art to the casa walls. Our favorite is still Bubba's hand made chain saw carving of a perfect wave in the living room! Thank you all for staying and helping us make our vacation home even better! Looking forward to renting with past and future guests! Juliana and Rone

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  • Vacation dream

    Vacation dream

    • Guest Red (Arizona)
    • Date of stay 08/01/13
    • Review Submitted 08/14/13
    Beauty, peace, and ocean! I loved my stay; can't wait until my next trip! Friendly people and new experiences. Thanks for booking my Island paradise.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, girls getaway, sightseeing.

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  • The Island is amazing...the house is not worth the money

    The Island is amazing...the house is not worth the money

    • Guest David H.
    • Date of stay 07/28/13
    • Review Submitted 08/03/13
    My girlfriend and I rented this house for four nights recently. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay on the island, but it was mostly in spite of the house. It’s on the water, so the views are outstanding, and with the big deck and the windows, it looks really impressive from the outside. There’s no furniture at all on the deck, so looking impressive is about all it’s got going for it. The comfort level doesn't really get much better on the inside. While the hammocks are cool, there is almost no comfortable furniture, leaving you feeling like you’re sitting around waiting for something rather than relaxing. The house has lots of space and plenty of beds, but is definitely not a three bedroom. The open floor plan (no doors), the number of beds and lack of decoration, makes if feel a little like an orphanage or an old school hospital ward. It’d be a weird place to stay with anyone but family. As far as the bathroom, the stone work and showers are really cool. One last weird and frustrating aspect: when we rented the place, the VRBO post said it had internet (wifi) and phone. It had neither. Unfortunately, I needed to do work when there, so access to wifi was a big component of choosing the place. When I raised the issue with the owner using the wifi at Bushman’s café (a great restaurant, btw), the owner told me it was my “misunderstanding” and gave me a list of businesses that had wifi on the island and, if I had an emergency and needed a phone, I could ask the caretaker to use his cell phone. Definitely not what the post on VRBO girlfriend even looked again before I sent the message to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Then, after our initial exchange of frustrating messages, they sent me another message telling me “they looked at what the site states” and told me it was made clear that the house itself didn't have phone or internet, but that it was available on the island. I looked again and sure enough, they had subsequently changed their post to meet with reality. Come on, really? Who does that? It was just so pointlessly lame, I was left shaking my head. Ultimately, the owner agreed to refund our last night’s rent so we could move to someplace with internet. If we had it to do over again, we’d save $130 a night and stay 50 yards down the beach at The Firefly. You'll get the exact same view, better amenities and the owners are really cool. If you really need a house, look around, and you're sure to find something better.

    Owner response: Renting a whole house to yourself verses a hotel room is not for everyone. But that is exactly what this site, VRBO, is geared for. We have built our families dream home here in our favorite location; and we did all from scratch! Including most of the furniture too! We are over the moon excited to share it with travelers looking for an adventurous vacation spot all to themselves. We have listened to the feed back from renters and are currently updating the house with more art on the walls, all new linens, internet access, an international phone, a personal safe, and most importantly a surf board rack! As far as "Changing the site" to fit our discussion. That is just a lie. Why would we do that? This renter sent me a text at midnight requesting internet and a phone. (Two options our house didn't have at the time.) By 10:30 that morning my neighbor granted them access to their internet and my caretaker had offered them his cell phone for the duration of their stay. I also gave this renter an option to purchase these items and I would reimburse them if they left them for future renters. We really do want everyone to have a great vacation! And go out of our way to meet the requests we receive. This renter declined our help and requested instead an early departure with a night refund, which we happily granted.

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  • Great Potential to be AMAZING!

    Great Potential to be AMAZING!

    • Guest Coast2Coast (Honolulu)
    • Date of stay 07/03/13
    • Review Submitted 07/17/13
    The house has a bold start with modern architectural elements that excite the eye, however we immediately felt a sense of unfinished, bare bones, less-than-bold execution with the interior of the house, ultimately leaving us a bit uncomfortable most the time. For what it costs per night, Internet and AC and/or Ceiling Fans ought to have been installed or included. The place would do well to include both of these in the future to make the stay more comfortable for guests. With that said, the open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling window-wall that opens to let in ocean breezes was a nice relief, although we were warned numerous times by locals that it would be unsafe to leave them open for an extended amount of time because of the rampant culture of theft that pervades the islands. While out and about my travel partner got robbed twice in one day, once at the beach and another on the street that actually turned violent. We never felt safe the entire stay. The water faucet in the kitchen was unscrewed as well. No hot water for showers. Lots of blank space on the walls screaming “Artwork please!” No fresh or new linens –- and smelly towels that had seen better days, years ago. Won’t be coming back anytime soon.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car.

    Owner response: Awe. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I am sure it is hard to have an enjoyable vacation after a theft. Thank you for the note on the water heater. This is the first we've heard of it and we replaced it same day. Hot showers are a must in our book too! As a side note to future renters, please inform either our caretaker, Bombi, or feel free to call us personally if anything is under par or wrong, so we can fix it. If we don't know, we can't respond. Our maid, Anna, cleans the house and washes all linens and towels in between each guest. If they need rewashing during your stay, JUST ASK! No worries. Life is simple on the islands. Ask, receive, and have a good time! :) From Panama dial: 00-1-540-336-4587 From US dial 540-336-4587. - Julianna

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  • Beautiful house in stunning setting

    Beautiful house in stunning setting

    • Guest caligirl (Lo Angeles, Ca)
    • Date of stay 04/02/13
    • Review Submitted 06/03/13
    My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of renting this house in April. Every morning waking up to the view was by far the best part! We would literally sit on the deck for hours watching the palm trees sway and the waves crash. The house is unique in that is is pretty much an open floor plan. We also loved the design features such as the circular double doors, the glass front and the amazing stone shower! The house is furnished very well and everything is new. We also loved Bastimentos. The locals couldn't be friendlier and we loved playing with the kids on the path. Bastimentos has a true island feel and we loved the culture and being in the middle of it all. A plus for the property is that it is located on the ocean side, making it significantly cooler than in Old Bank, just around the corner. The breeze was a god send on those hot island days. There are also a ton of activities on Basti. We especially thought the Bat Caves was a different experience that was super fun! There are good restaurants near the property which we also enjoyed so we didn't trek into Bocas Town as much as we originally thought we would. Roots has local seafood, Bushman's Kitchen does a great pizza and the B&B next door, The Firefly had the best food on the island, probably even in Bocas! We frequented their bar stools for drinks several nights. All in all a great vacation and we would love to rent the house again with a few friends! Thanks so much for creating a gorgeous place!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, girls getaway, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Perfect getaway

    Perfect getaway

    • Guest SuperYups (California)
    • Date of stay 03/19/13
    • Review Submitted 05/29/13
    My lady and I stayed in March of 2013 for 3 nights. It was wonderful and exactly what we were looking for. Close to everything you could want but far enough away to feel like it was our own tropical paradise. Myself, being a surfer, was amazed at the close proximity to all of the good surf breaks! Step out the front door and you're out there! The place was open and airy, blurring the lines of indoor/outdoor space. We would sit at the kitchen table for breakfast, look out over the ocean as well as the other nearby islands and take in all the beauty. Stunning! The bed was comfortable and the shower was simply amazing! The caretaker, Bombi, was awesome! Extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the area. We're looking forward to coming back to Bastimentos soon!!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, romantic getaway.

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  • Surfers Dream House

    Surfers Dream House

    • Guest David (NYC, NY )
    • Date of stay 02/02/13
    • Review Submitted 08/22/13
    This is a fantastic place to stay. The house is spacious, beautiful and set on the most untouched islands in Bocas. Its kind of out-of-the-way but thats what makes it such a great place stay. It is just down the path from a fantastic restaurant. The house provides an incredible launching pad to all that the islands have to offer. 2 minutes from Caranero, 5 mins from Bocas by boat. The hammocks throughout the house are super relaxing, especially because the house funnels the Caribbean breezes to keep the place cool. The bathroom is fixed with modern amenities and the beds are all comfortable. This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. If there was one complaint it would be the lack of privacy. The rooms don't have a door to close except the bathroom. But the communally oriented will love this house; perfect for a group of friends. If you're lucky enough to stay there go for a paddleboard during the day but don't forget to stare at the stars from the deck at night!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Paradise!


    • Guest Steb (United States)
    • Date of stay 01/27/13
    • Review Submitted 05/30/13
    Talk about a tropical island getaway! This place is your paradise vacation destination! Beautiful environment! Beautiful people! The water is warm and crystal clear. All footsteps from your front door! We stayed there very comfortably with 5 of us. What a blast!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • An Enchanting Trip to Paradise

    An Enchanting Trip to Paradise

    • Guest Surfhoucks (Virginia Beach)
    • Date of stay 01/25/13
    • Review Submitted 05/29/13
    Living carefree. If you want a vacation like that, then you need to be here! This is the most beautiful home on the island of Bastimentos. Gorgeous views with constant ocean breezes. This home was built with love and you can tell by all the special touches from the most amazing stone shower to the doors that ope fully to a view of the Caribbean. You will not want for food, with plenty of quaint restaurants that you can walk to or take a short boat taxi ride to. The famous Firefly is right next door. If you don't feel like eating out, don't worry, you have a fully stocked kitchen and its a short walk to the store. You will not be a stranger long on Bastimentos. The locals are very welcoming. There is so much to do, we couldn't get it all done in the 10 days we were there. Endless surf breaks, lush jungle hikes, snorkeling, fishing, unbelievable wildlife, amazing food! You don't want to miss out. We will return again, again, and again! This is where we will stay!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Island get away

    Island get away

    • Guest WarmSeaBreeze (Scottsdale, AZ)
    • Date of stay 01/19/13
    • Review Submitted 05/30/13
    Sitting on the large deck with shore just 15' away is a joy. Snorkeling is just off the deck of this rental. Not just another wooden shack in the jungle, new appliances, concrete construction, nice beds and a breeze from the ocean. Surf beach nearby the house. Scuba dive shop a five minute water taxi ride from town. Zip lines at the other end of the Island. Friendly local people. Local church nearby. No roads on this end of the island just sidewalks. Local shops for food are a 10 minute walk from the property.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, tourists without a car, romantic getaway.

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  • Tropical Paradise

    Tropical Paradise

    • Guest Hannah (Long Island, NY)
    • Date of stay 12/27/12
    • Review Submitted 06/01/13
    Our stay over Christmas/New Year's was incredible. The house was amazing! Regardless of how hot it seemed in town, cool ocean breezes constantly blew through this exquisitely designed home. Being right on the point of the island gave it not only gorgeous views for an evening on the patio, but also let us enjoy our cocktails in a breezy, bug-free space. The arched doorways an open rafters create beautiful space and the bathroom's enormous double shower is to die for! One evening we opened all of the front doors (the entire front side of the house is made of glass panes that can swing open) and hosted a dinner party. The chef was thrilled with the ample kitchen space, quality gas stove, and great ventilation system, while guests were able to enjoy food and cocktails around the kitchen peninsula as well as on the upper and lower decks. After dinner we waded in the water not more than 10 feet from the front door and star-gazed. Staying here was an amazing experience and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a week in paradise!!

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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  • Never wanted to leave!!

    Never wanted to leave!!

    • Guest Jon & Dianna (United States)
    • Date of stay 12/27/12
    • Review Submitted 05/29/13
    Bastimentos, and Bocas Town alike are rich in culture and hospitality. Both those who call this home and those who come for retreat are courteous, friendly, inviting in a way that is somewhat lost on the mainlands. The owners of this property fit with that description and have created a retreat that fits within its community and environment perfectly. We awoke to crashing waves, took showers with rain water (warm showers onsite!!), opened the house to the sea air, and sat on the deck drinking our coffee and eating fresh coconuts left for us, each morning, by one of the locals. Our days were filled with Scuba Diving, Hiking, Surfing, excellent food, and some much needed R&R. Don't leave without making the trek to the Thai Place on top of the mountain.

    Recommended for: Adventure seekers, families with teenagers, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway, sightseeing.

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