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New City Travel Tips

New City Vacation Rentals Offer the Best Location for Your Visit

New City, New York is located in Rockland County, in the Hudson Valley area. There are several landmarks and places of interest to visit on your stay in New City, as well as area attractions, museums, parks, and wineries. You can enjoy your visit further by staying in a New City vacation rental.

Hudson Valley Cabins Keep You in the Vicinity of Several Attractions and Activities

The Hudson Valley area town of New City has several landmarks and places of interests you'll want to see during your visit. Coe's Tavern was the encampment of Continental Army Troops on two occasions including Major Tallmadge and his dragoons. Cropsey Farm is one of five remaining vegetable and fruit farms in Rockland County. Dutch Garden is a memorial to the county's early settlers, designed in 1933–34, and was a winner of Better Homes and Gardens magazine's "Garden of the Year."

The Jacob Blauvelt Farmhouse is a Dutch colonial style farmhouse that was built in 1882. Among other activities here, you can view cooking demonstrations on an open fireplace, visit the site's museum, check out the herb garden, and take a walk along the nature trail. The New Hampstead Church was the first English-speaking church established in the county. Other historical markers you may wish to visit are Collyer Farm Pond and New City Park, H.R. Stevens House, and the Jacob Blauvelt House.

New City Vacation Homes Feature the Best Location, Space, and Amenities

By staying in a New City vacation rental, you'll be close to all of the activities the area has to offer, while having a place to come back to that is spacious, comfortable, and full of the comforts of home.

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