Staycations let you enjoy quick and easy getaways on a budget

Staycations are some of the best options available if you're looking to save money on travel while exploring some of the best your local area has to offer. Plus, you can book it all at the last minute and still enjoy the experience, thanks to the ease of travel involved. More rentals than ever are open to last-minute bookings.

Plan the ultimate staycation

Staycations let you enjoy time away without having to go too far. Instead of travelling for a long time, you can explore your local area to save time and money and make the whole endeavour easier. See how you can benefit from booking a staycation.

See the benefits of a staycation

Staycations are among the best ways to relax and take a break from daily life, as they can make the entire vacation process much easier than a traditional vacation allows for. Staycations are experiences in which you'll travel to a destination close to home rather than heading to another province or another country. With a staycation, you can explore the parts of your area you've never seen before, or you can go back to a place you may not have visited in years.

When you book a staycation, the travel portion of your vacation typically is just a matter of fueling up your own car. You don't have to worry about plane tickets or paying for a rental car to get around your destination. You can simply drive there, and you'll likely arrive in the same amount of time as it would take for you to fly somewhere farther away. That means you're saving both time and money.

Embark on a weekend staycation

Because vacationing close to home is so easy, weekend staycations are a popular type of getaway. Instead of having to plan an entire week's worth of things to do and budget travel time, you can fit it all in a weekend for a simpler and easier vacation. Weekend staycations also mean you can take little to no time off from work for your trip, so your paycheck doesn't take a hit.

It's easy to get burdened with the stressors of life, but a weekend staycation makes it easy for you to get away on a whim. You still have to do some planning, but a weekend staycation can still turn out well even if you wait until the last minute to plan it. With the ease of booking and wealth of rentals that are specifically catered towards people looking for a staycation, you won't have any problems finding a place to stay in the vast majority of destinations you may be exploring around home.

Book a summer staycation

Most types of vacation are dependent on the season, though summer staycations can be particularly exciting. When you're travelling during the summer, you can enjoy peak hours for a lot of destinations, especially if you live around the coast, and you won't need extensive planning to enjoy it. Even if you live near more winter-oriented destinations like ski slopes, many of those places still offer hiking and other outdoor activities you can enjoy during the summer.

Booking a staycation during the summer is also a great way to save money on what would otherwise be a bit costly. Travelling during the high season is always going to be more expensive, but if you take advantage of summer destinations near you, you can enjoy them all without having to worry about flights or car rentals. You can put those savings towards your rental and enjoy a bit more luxury than you may normally settle for.

Discover a family staycation

Going on a staycation doesn't have to be something reserved for solo travellers or couples. You can take the whole family along, as plenty of rentals that take last-minute bookings have room enough for multiple people to sleep comfortably. In fact, a lot of family rentals specifically cater towards last-minute bookings, ensuring that everyone can find something suitable for a quick weekend getaway.

When you book a family staycation, you may find that it offers an easy way for family time without breaking the bank. It also lets your kids get more familiar with the area around their home, which could spark interests that are easier for them to indulge in. Additionally, you won't have to worry about paying for airfare for 4 or 5 people when you opt to load everyone in the car instead.

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