5 family vacation traditions to start on your next trip

From the silly to the sentimental, bring the whole family together and create lasting memories with five family traditions to start on your next vacation.

1. Screen backyard movie nights

Snuggle together under the stars for an outdoor family movie night. Invest in a shared projector you can bring along year after year, then just add blankets, s’mores, popcorn, and the whole gang. Cozy up for your family’s favorites, or choose a new big screen sensation every year.

2. Keep a quote-of-the-day compendium

You can always rely on your family and friends to say something funny, crazy, or kind. Capture the top quote from each vacation day, stash them in a scrapbook, and the winner of best quote of the trip gets to take it home until next year. Add photos, captions, and stories for guaranteed laughs, feels, and happy tears every time you flick through.

3. Prepare a potluck family feast

There’s something quite special about hanging out together around the dinner table to indulge in good food, great company, and stories old and new. Add an element of surprise and have everyone — kids and kitchen shirkers included — prepare a dish for the dinner party. It’s great for bringing the group together, trying out new recipes from the local area, and having a giggle at the most weird and wonderful culinary creations.

4. Initiate an itinerary takeover

Keep everyone happy on your group vacations — Granny, in-laws, and little ones alike — with an itinerary takeover. Each person gets to plan a day of the trip, choosing what you all eat, see, and do together, from breakfast to bedtime. It’s guaranteed to push you all out of your comfort zones a little, is a great way to get everyone involved in planning the trip, and spices things up from day to day.

5. Make your trip an annual event

Finding time to be together with the family without work, life, and clashing schedules getting in the way can be tricky. Make your family vacation an annual event and lock in time to reconnect on the regular. That way you’ll always have an amazing vacation to look forward to, and remember, for years to come. Don’t forget to take a final-day photo to take away and treasure — until you get to do it all again next year.