Saskatoon, Toontown, Hub City, Paris of the Prairies, or whatever else you want to call it is a popular city in Saskatchewan that makes for an unforgettable family vacation. The key to getting the most out of your vacation is creating an itinerary that your family will love. You'll find a wide range of activities to enjoy here, no matter what your family is interested in or how old your kids are. Take a look at the top kids activities in Saskatoon, and discover which would work best for your family's unique interests.

1. Foster creativity at Wet Paint Pottery

Visit Wet Paint Pottery for family fun painting various pieces of pottery in any way imaginable. You'll find a wide selection of pottery to choose from here, along with a colourful array of paints. Your family can let creativity shine with your painting, including the more creatively challenged members of your family, who can receive special help from the staff. Once complete, you can pick up your finished piece 5 days later, so put this early in your visit.

2. Step back in time at the Western Development Museum

The Western Development Museum is one of the largest museums in the province, where you'll find a massive collection of more than 75,000 artifacts covering the history of the region. It stretches back to early colonial settlements up to the present day, with each section of the museum covering a particular story from history. You and your family can learn all about the fascinating inhabitants of centuries past and what life was like for them back then.

3. Conquer the obstacles at Clip 'n Climb

If your looking for family activities in Saskatoon to do with your kids, Clip 'n Climb has plenty to offer. Here, you'll find a range of obstacle courses with something for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. You don't need any kind of previous training or experience to find fun here. They also use brightly coloured walls and objects throughout their courses. Not only are the colours fun, but they make it easy to tell that the courses are clean.

4. Experience the power of play at Nutrien Wonderhub

Nutrien Wonderhub is a children's museum that focuses on a variety of different topics such as science and the arts while offering hands-on exhibits that kids are sure to love. Not only are many of the exhibits interactive, but they often require cooperation to see everything they have to offer, so the museum fosters teamwork and collaboration as much as it does curiosity.

5. Venture through the Meewasin Valley Trail

Outdoor adventurers may be interested in the Meewasin Valley Trail. This trail runs right through Saskatoon and around its outskirts, offering enjoyable hikes and picturesque surroundings. You can explore the riverbank and stop by several interpretive sites all along the way. The trail is 90 km in length, but you don't have to trek its full stretch if you don't want to. The trail is notably easy as well, so your little ones won't have any trouble walking along.

6. Explore the past at the Museum of Antiquities

At the University of Saskatchewan, you can visit the Museum of Antiquities, a fascinating museum that showcases ancient history from around the world. You'll find full-scale replicas of pieces from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, among other Near East cultures. You'll find specialty tours for families as well as designated kids activities to enjoy.

7. Experience the magic of Fairy Door Tours

Fairy Door Tours are a unique experience that your kids will love that features an easily traversable trail that features little doors on trees. Tour guides explain how creatures like fairies, pixies, gnomes, and elves live in the area letting your kid's imagination run wild. It's set up for kids who are at least 2 years of age. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

8. See fascinating animals at Saskatoon Zoo

If you have animal lovers in your family, you won't want to miss out on a trip to the Saskatoon Zoo. This incredible non-profit zoo not only has a diverse population of animals like meerkats, grizzly bears, and eagles, but you'll also find special shows and lessons designed to teach people about animals and wildlife conservation in general. You'll also find exhibits showcasing arthropods like tarantulas and the giant Caribbean cockroach for those interested in the creepy crawlies.

9. Find endless fun at Stoked Centre

Travelers looking for a variety of entertainment opportunities all in one central location will love their visit to Stoked Centre. Here, you'll find all sorts of activities, including go-karts, a zip line, an obstacle course, and even bouncy castles for the little ones. If you need a break from the more active entertainment options here, you can take it easy at the arcade section, where you'll find an array of retro and modern video game machines.

10. Get active at Apex Adventureplex

Apex Adventureplex is among the best Saskatoon attractions for families that are interested in getting active during their vacation. Here, you'll find a wide variety of things to do, including a trampoline park that features one of the only stunt airbags in the entire province. You'll find additional activities as well, including rock climbing and sports like dodgeball. You'll even find bubble soccer here, which is like normal soccer, except all the players are wearing giant inflatable bubbles that will have you bouncing all over the place.

11. Enjoy games at Prairie Jurassic

Your family can enjoy numerous kid activities in Saskatoon all at one location when you visit Prairie Jurassic. This dinosaur-themed fun center features a wide variety of activities, including an arcade with state-of-the-art 4D simulator games along with a nerf wars arena. You'll also find a space for laser tag as well as a black light illuminated court for dodge ball. The laser maze is a popular favourite, as it can be modified to suit both adults and kids, along with various difficulty levels.

12. Take a trip to the past at Fort Carlton Provincial Park

When you visit Fort Carlton Provincial Park, you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time thanks to the well-preserved remnants of the Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post. It's reconstructed to look just as it did back in the late 19th century, and it features several artifacts like various pelts and hides and guns and war clubs. You and your family can take a guided tour to learn all about the area.

13. See historic trains at the Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum is home to a wide selection of historic trains and railway equipment that your family can explore. While you're free to explore the museum at your own pace, you're always welcome to ask questions and learn everything you can about the history of rail throughout the area. Keep in mind that this museum is only open during the summer, so consider that when planning your trip.

14. Explore the outdoors at Blackstrap Provincial Park

When your family visits Blackstrap Provincial Park looking for what to do in Saskatoon with kids, you'll find a virtually endless array of outdoor adventures. The conservation area is set up next to a lake that's perfect for fishing and boating, along with a variety of other water sports. You'll also find a mountain with a ski hill, so it's an ideal destination for winter travellers looking for fun.

15. Discover history at the Western Development Museum

At the Western Development Museum, you'll find a fun adventure alongside artifacts and collections showcasing the fascinating history of Saskatoon and Western Canada in general. The exhibits here will take your family back in time to the early 20th century to the present to showcase how the region developed into what it is today, highlighting new technologies and practices. Kids tend to especially enjoy the array of old vehicles, some of which are nearly a century old.