Kelowna is a popular city in British Columbia that's packed full of adventure for kids and adults alike. When you're looking for the best family activities in Kelowna, you won't have to look far. This city is home to towering mountain slopes among its outskirts, an inviting lake and plenty to do in the town itself. All you have to do is determine which activities would work best for your family's unique interests. Whether you're looking to focus your experience on a singular kind of activity or you want to diversify with the best the city can offer, a world of adventure is awaiting you and your family in Kelowna.

Best family activities in Kelowna in the water

1. Enjoy fun in the sun at Hot Sands Beach

Nothing offers fun quite like a trip to the beach, and Hot Sands Beach has plenty to offer. You'll find a long stretch of sandy shore to enjoy, but that's just the beginning. This beach is part of a larger park area where you'll find walkways, grassy fields, vibrant trees and playgrounds for your little ones. You'll even find an aqua park here with inflatable obstacles you and your family can try to conquer located on the water just offshore. You'll also find conveniences like changing rooms and washroom facilities.

2. Explore the water at Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

When you visit Boyce-Gyro Beach Park, you'll find yourself at one of the most well-known beaches in the entire city. It's known not only for its pristine waters and soft sands but also for its array of watersport rentals. This is where you'll want to go if you're looking for family activities in Kelowna that are a bit more adventurous. Additionally, you'll find a playground and rope swing here, along with quite a few snack venues offering food that can certainly hit the spot after some fun out on the water.

3. Visit the fjord lake of Ogopogo

Okanagan Lake is a popular fjord lake, which is a lake with steep cliffs along its sides, in the Okanagan Valley region by Kelowna. While much of the lake's edge is high cliffs, you'll still find beachfront here. Just keep in mind that the drops can be quite significant, with some parts of the lake reaching depths of 100 metres deep, just 10 metres from the beach. Fortunately, safe swimming areas are clearly marked, and virtually the entire lake is suitable for boating. Fishing is also quite popular, but be careful not to hook the mythical creature that supposedly lives here, Ogopogo.

4. Mission Creek Regional Park

When you take your family to visit Mission Creek Regional Park, you'll find a fun outdoor adventure with scenic surroundings. 92 hectares in size, this park has room for hiking on its network of trails and a playground that your little ones can enjoy. You'll even find a children's fishing pond here. This park also features an environmental education center that offers valuable and fascinating information on the local environment and what your family can do to help protect it. For your convenience, you'll find a covered picnic area and washrooms here as well.

5. Enjoy a fun workout at H20 Adventure and Fitness Centre

Family activities in Kelowna can be as healthy as they are fun, especially if you visit the H20 Adventure and Fitness Centre. Here, you'll find amenities suitable for all ages, including several different pools. You can simply visit for your own personal time in a pool, or you can take part in a class for a more guided experience. Aquatic fitness classes are especially popular with travellers looking to get a bit of exercise in. You'll also find hot tubs and sauna rooms available here.

Where to see animals during your Kelowna holiday

6. Taste the sweetness at Arlo’s Honey Farm

When you and your family visit Arlo’s Honey Farm, you'll be able to see the intricacies of a working bee farm and try delicious sweet honey. In the gardens, you'll spot a population of bees collecting pollen and nectar, all safely away from visitors on tour. Once touring the gardens and farm is complete, you'll find yourself at the Honey Tasting Bar. This is where you and your family can try pure honey as well as several different varieties with unique flavours you won't want to miss out on.

7. Ride horses at Kelowna Stables

If you're looking for more adventurous kids activities in Kelowna, you may want to stop by Kelowna Stables. Here, you'll be able to traverse breathtaking trails from horseback. The horses here are very well-trained, and the guides can help the whole family go for a ride even if they don't have any previous experience. Several different ride experiences are available, with some lasting several hours and others lasting just an hour. Keep in mind that not all rides are available to beginners, and riders younger than 10 years of age are usually kept on a lead rope. The minimum age is 8 years old.

8. See exotic animals at Kangaroo Creek Farm

When you're looking for animal-related Kelowna attractions for kids, you probably aren't expecting to find any kangaroos outside of a zoo. Well, when you visit Kangaroo Creek Farm, kangaroos are exactly what you'll find. This is a hobby farm that raises kangaroos as pets and some wallabies, and you and your family are welcome to see them. These friendly creatures are happy to see your little ones, and you can visit with peace of mind knowing the entrance fees are going to employee wages and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for the roos. Even so, children who are 4 years of age or younger get in free.

9. See pumpkins and more at McMillan Farm

At McMillan Farm, you'll find an expansive farm that has grown from humble beginnings as a small pumpkin patch. While you'll still find several thousand pumpkins and gourds produced here every year, that's just the beginning of what you can expect from this incredible farm. They also grow corn here, which has been used to facilitate a thrilling corn maze that your family is sure to enjoy. Most of the time, the top experiences here happen around holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. Of course, you'll still find things to do all year long.

10. Explore exotic birds at the Parrot Island Sanctuary

The Parrot Island Sanctuary is home to plenty of parrots, as you might expect, in addition to a variety of other exotic birds. When you and your family visit this sanctuary, you'll find a wide variety of exotic birds, many of whom have been rescued after being abandoned or abused. Kids especially love seeing the vibrant colours a lot of these birds have, and you can easily traverse the entire sanctuary, as it's all wheelchair accessible.

Take your kids on activities in nature in Kelowna

11. Find outdoor adventure at Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is a popular park in Kelowna and the largest of its kind in the city limits, with a full area of 367.34 hectares. The mountain here is 300 metres above Okanagan Lake offering pristine hiking paths and stunning views. You'll also find plenty of space for biking and even cross-country skiing in some areas. Birdwatchers will find plenty of fascinating species to spot. Still, your family may be more interested in bringing your pup along for the experience, which is completely fine as long as they're kept securely on a leash.

12. Bring a bit of nature home at the Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

The Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm is home to a wide selection of naturally grown herbs with incredible items that you may want to take home with you. Every product here is handmade and offered in small batches that are good for the planet, the body and the soul. Their botanical creations are made from 20 aromatic plants. Not only will you see plenty of items on offer, but you can also tour the scenic and pristine natural area from which they harvest all their natural herbs creating a relaxing experience for your family.

13. Race through the treetops at Zipzone Adventure Park

When you're looking for epic Kelowna attractions for kids, there's nothing quite like Zipzone Adventure Park. Here, you'll find thrilling ziplines that will take you soaring through the treetops in between the surrounding mountains at high speeds. You'll find freestyle zip lines and some of the fastest and highest in all of Canada. If your kids are under 70 pounds, they are considered little zippers and can still ride alongside one of the friendly and experienced guides. Additionally, you'll find other attractions like a climbing wall and obstacle course you can partake in for varied outdoor fun.

14. Explore outdoor fun at Myra Canyon Adventure Park

At Myra Canyon Adventure Park, you and your family will find a wide variety of absolutely thrilling activities with each one capable of facilitating fun for children as well. You'll find obstacle and rope courses, some of which have you high up in the treetops safely supported by a harness. While not every single course here is appropriate for all ages, the vast majority of them are. You'll even find a netted climbing course that's set up for kids as young as 3 years of age to be able to enjoy it. Several team games are available here as well, so you and your family can test how well you work together.

15. Take advantage of Kelowna's sun at 19 Greens Putt & Play Zone

19 Greens Putt & Play Zone is a popular putting and mini-golf course that the whole family can enjoy whether they're avid golfers or have never picked up a putter. Kelowna gets about 2,000 hours of sun every year, so golfing is a popular pastime in the area. You can participate in it yourself here, with multiple courses available for your enjoyment. The putting course is quite popular, but the AstroTurf Mini Golf experience is a popular family favourite for those who don't want to spend more than an hour playing. Whichever experience you opt for, you'll find yourself faced with absolutely breathtaking views of Lake Okanagan and lush, vibrant greenery throughout your visit.

16. Take to the local hiking trails

Finding adventure in Kelowna for kids is easy when you consider the local hiking trails. You'll find a wide variety of options available, including plenty that are easy and short enough for even young kids to enjoy themselves. Kelowna is home to some incredible natural parks and mountainous areas, so there's no shortage of trails around. The majority of trails around Kelowna are classified as easy, with the shortest being a little less than a kilometre long. However, you'll find plenty of longer options if you have a more active and experienced family.

17. Hit the slopes at Big White Ski Resort

Big White Ski Resort is one of the most iconic ski destinations in all of Kelowna, and it's designed specifically with families in mind. While you'll find plenty of thrilling slopes here, you'll also find some that are better suited for beginners and children that are getting on skis for the first time. Snowboarding is also quite popular here, with plenty of snowboards and repair services available on site. As a resort, you'll also find shops and restaurants here to satisfy some other common desires visitors have during their vacation.

Family activities to do in kelowna indoors

18. Enjoy a game of bowling at Valley Lanes

When you and your family visit Valley Lanes, you'll find a bowling experience that's suitable for the whole family. All ages and skill levels are welcome here, and this bowling alley has a party room that's perfect if your family is looking to celebrate a birthday during your visit. You can also opt for a laser bowling experience, which is one in which the lights are turned down, and everything is illuminated by a colourful array of neon and blacklights. You can even select your own music with some packages. Plus, the adults in your family can order a wide variety of drinks and enjoy them anywhere you like in the facility.

19. Test your skills at Axe Monkeys

Axe Monkeys is where you'll want to go in Kelowna if you're looking to enjoy a fun evening of axe throwing. This thrilling activity will make everyone in your family feel like a warrior testing your skills throwing axes at targets down a range. If that's not quite to your tastes, you can always try out the Rage Room. Available to everyone at least 7 years of age, this is a room that's filled with random objects like bottles and old computer monitors. Once equipped with protective gear, you're granted a blunt weapon then set free to smash whatever you like. It can certainly be a fun experience, but you may find yourself feeling a bit relaxed afterwards as well.

20. Catch a movie at Landmark 8 Xtreme Cinema

Landmark 8 Xtreme Cinema is a stunning movie theater in town that offers a relaxing experience seeing the latest releases. Sometimes when looking for what to do in Kelowna with kids, it's best to go for something familiar. You can still make the experience special, however, with a private movie screening. These experiences let you watch any of the latest releases in addition to an array of movie lover classics. They even have a selection of kids and family classics your little ones are sure to enjoy.

21. Test your strength at the Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym

When you visit Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym, you and your family can experience the thrill of the climb. You don't have to have any previous experience to be able to tackle the challenges here. Instead, all skill levels are welcome to take on any of the top rope or bouldering challenges. Keep in mind, however, that lead climbing is only available to climbers who have experience. Children as young as 7 years of age can get in on the fun, especially if you're able to get them a climbing course that can show them the practice basics.

22. Enjoy the indoor playground at Jump2It

Jump2It is a thrilling indoor playground for kids that features massive play structures with the largest reaching 3 floor high. Kids and toddlers alike can find fun here with bouncers, bouncy castles and a separate area for, particularly young kids. You'll also find massive slides here in addition to obstacle courses. Specifically, this area is designed for kids who are between ages 3 and 9, so keep that in mind when you visit, apart from the toddler section, of course. Additionally, adults are allowed on the play structure with their children, so you can navigate it all with them if you like. Alternatively, you can relax in the comfortable viewing area that lets you keep an eye on your little ones while also enjoy snacks and coffee.