One of the great things about a vacation to this region is the astounding number of things to do in Whistler with kids. You can have a magical night under wooded canopies, visit a colourful set of ruins at a famed train wreck, play video games, or careen down a bobsled run. Many areas here are marked "Family Certified" or with "Whistler Kids" logos to let you know where you can find the best spots. Hit massive outdoor play areas or zip through tall trees, take a gondola ride, or try your hand at rock climbing. These are just a few of the memories you can make with Whistler kid activities.

Find summer kids' activities in Whistler

1. Have a magical storytelling experience at Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina is an amazing multimedia experience beneath a thick green canopy of trees held during summer nights just north of Whistler. Here you'll experience a magical storytelling journey as lights, music, and sound effects cast their storytelling spell across the trees, skies, and streams with Cougar Mountain as a backdrop. Each walk is focused on the natural beauty of the sites you explore and creates an immersive, emotional experience. The experience requires some walking, so be sure to wear good, comfortable shoes and get ready to mount some stairs and ford some inclines, but the experience is one you'll never forget.

2. Catch a colourful photo-op at the Whistler Train Wreck

The Whistler Train Wreck hike is an iconic attraction that's unique to Whistler. As you traverse rope bridges and nature trails, you'll discover a number of boxcars from a railway train that jumped the tracks in 1956 scattered among the wooded trees along the Cheakamus River. Once the scene of a horrible tragedy, today it's a playground, biking and hiking trail, and free public art gallery all in one place.

3. Get breathtaking valley views from Cloudraker Skybridge

Cloudraker Skybridge is a vast suspension bridge running from Whistler Peak to the West Ridge on Whistler Mountain. You'll walk 130 meters over the vast valley of Whistler Bowl below to the mountain's West Ridge, from where you can access the Raven's Eye Cliff Walk and the West Ridge Lookout viewing platform to get astounding views of the peak, the valley far below, and the wilds all around. These platforms give you 360-degree viewpoints from the top of the peak, and the experience is nothing short of exhilarating.

4. Find food, arts, and crafts at the Whistler Farmers' Market

The Whistler Farmers' Market is a cultural must-see of the area as well as a fun and whimsical experience for kids in Whistler. This market started with a single farm and a few artisans in 1994 and has grown to more than 100 vendors every year. Naturally, as you browse the stalls, you'll find fresh local produce, but you'll also find tons of prepared foods like cherry hand pies and other pastries and baked specialties. For the grown-ups, some of the vendors offer locally distilled spirits you can sample. You'll also find a range of arts, crafts, and sundries to take home as a commemorative keepsake of your trip.

5. Get wild at the Family Adventure Zone

The Family Adventure Zone is nothing short of worlds of adventure and fun kids' activities in Whistler where you can enjoy an endless range of activities. It's in many ways like an outdoor adventure theme park. You can play miniature golf based on Mario and friends, hit a balloon slide and bouncy castle, head for the go-kart course, jump on bungee trampolines, navigate a rope zone course, or race down the Westcoaster Slide. You can even get your dizzy on with the Spin Cycle Human Gyroscope or get a glitter tattoo. If there's an adventure to have, this is the place to have it.

6. Explore the Magic Castle and Tree Fort

The Magic Castle on Blackcomb and Tree Fort on Whistler are outstanding options for family activities in Whistler. They encompass 2 outdoor adventure playgrounds, and because both are free, they're a great option for families on a budget. The Magic Castle can be found in the Children's Adventure Park on Blackcomb, while the Tree Fort is on Whistler Mountain just off the Bear Cub Trail. Both are seasonal and nominally closed in the winter months due to ice. They're a great place for kids to play pirate or knight or just to run, jump, tumble, and climb while you take a break from hiking and sightseeing.

Head for winter fun in Whistler for kids

7. Head for the Blackcomb ski resort

Winter is a great time to be in Whistler for kids. After all, the area is famed for the Blackcomb ski resort, and the experiences you can have here and all across the region range from hitting the trails to going tubing, racing over the ground on a zip line, tackling a gigantic slide, or getting in out of the cold to play some console video games. Kids will find just about everything they could ever want to do here in the wintertime, and it's the spot to be for adventures they'll always remember.

8. Have fun at Bubly Tube Park

Formerly called the Coca-Cola Tube Park, the Bubly Tube Park offers 7 lanes of pulse-pounding excitement, each running over 1,000 meters in length. Families can even link tubes together and take runs all at the same time as the adrenalin pumps and delighted shouts erupt from all around. If you have little ones, there are no worries. Kids over the age of 3 can get into a kids-only short lane, which allows them to enter halfway down one of the runs, so they don't pick up nearly as much speed. Tubing is one of the more exciting family activities in Whistler and offers a different kind of thrill ride.

9. Race at over 100 kilometres an hour at Superfly Ziplines

Superfly Ziplines bills itself as "The World's Most Spectacular Ziplines," and this may well be true. This course offers 2 of the longest zip lines in Canada, with each ranging over 1 kilometre in length and rising over 200 meters high. As you race over the landscape below, you'll reach speeds of over 100 kilometres an hour. It's the very definition of a pulse-pounding and mind-blowing experience that may well be as close to flying as a human can get. A total of 4 zip lines can be found here for an experience that lasts about 2.5 hours but will stay with you far longer.

10. Try your hand at bobsledding at Whistler Sliding Centre

At Whistler Sliding Centre, not only will you get to see what it's like to be a real bobsledder, but you'll also get to tackle an actual Olympic bobsled run reaching amazing speeds up to 125 kilometres per hour guided by a trained bobsled pilot at the controls. This one isn't an experience for the faint of heart or those looking for things to do in Whistler with younger kids, but for those with teens, it can be an exciting extreme adventure experience that they won't soon forget. For a tamer budget-friendly experience, sightseeing here is completely free.

11. Play video games at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge

Sometimes, you want something a little less "action-packed," at least in a real-world sense. For those looking to enjoy somewhat tamer kids activities in Whistler, there's the Nintendo Gaming Lounge. The Whistler Blackcomb resort offers 2 of these lounges, one on the mountain and one at its base. You can play many of the newest Nintendo games, from Mario Tennis to Super Mario Odyssey and others. Recharge your batteries, compete with your family, and relax in a Family Certified zone located in Whistler Mountain's Learning Area. Access to the gaming lounges is free for guests of the resort.

12. Experience the Snow Zone at Whistler Olympic Plaza

Head for the Whistler Olympic Plaza every Monday and Wednesday evening from December through March to find kids' activities in Whistler that are fully Canadian-themed and events that celebrate the season. You can enjoy the Whistler outdoor skating rink with free skate rentals, ride a toboggan, and just live it up. Each day brings something unique and different, from face painting to sidewalk art, didgeridoo performances to stilt walkers, and more. Live bands keep you singing and dancing, and the local food vendors offer delicious delectables to enjoy. Explore the bright light shows, and just live it up all through Whistler Village.

Year-round fun in Whistler for kids

13. Head for Whistler Mountain

A great many of the fun and exciting activities in Whistler for kids can be had all year long, whether it's the heat of summer or the freeze of winter. Many involve outdoor adventures like riding on a gondola from Blackcomb to Whistler Mountain, zipping over the ground on a zip line, or rock climbing.

14. Go bear watching from the Peak 2 Peak Gondola

Whether it's summer, winter, fall, or spring, any time of year is a good time to step onto the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, which is among the longest free scenic gondola rides in the entire world. You can opt to take a ride in a glass-bottom gondola and experience what it must be like to soar above the ground in flight. Be sure to bring a pair of binoculars because the gondola ride is renowned as a great vantage point to spot bears in the wilderness below during the summer and fall months. This Guinness World Record-breaking gondola ride connects 2 mountains and provides incomparable views of volcanoes, rainforests, glaciers, and more.

15. Get educated and invigorated at Ziptrek Ecotours

Ziptrek Ecotours is an amazing zipline adventure over the wilds of Whistler and an exciting option for kids' activities in Whistler. It's an exhilarating adventure flying over the valley and among the longest experiences in North America. It ranges over 2,000 kilometres with spectacular views the entire way. While it's another that may not be appropriate for families with younger kids, anyone from teens through adults should love the experience, and it can be had any time of year, whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall. Even more, it's about education and inspiration as much as it is an adventure with experienced, knowledgeable guides.

16. Learn rock climbing at the Core Climbing Gym

Looking for kids activities in Whistler to give the kids a real excuse to climb the walls? Check out the Core Climbing Gym. This fitness facility has indoor and outdoor options, and you can take climbing lessons if you're a beginner. These lessons even include a kid-centric Climb and Dine with dinner included. This event is fully supervised and designed to let the grown-ups take a couple of hours away to have a private meal to themselves. Whether you've never climbed a wall in your life or you've tackled the toughest cliff-scaling adventures, Core Climbing Centre is sure to have something to enjoy.

17. Go swimming or work out at the Meadow Park Sports Centre

Have you ever wanted to dive into a pool in the dead of winter? You can at the Meadow Park Sports Centre. This world-class multipurpose recreational facility offers award-winning experiences and a nearly infinite number of family activities in Whistler to keep active, play, make memories, and get your exercise in. You can swim in the pool, play hockey, go ice skating, play basketball or squash, and even take a fitness class or get in a workout. Maybe you need to burn off last night's rich dinner, or perhaps you just want to blow off some steam or cool off in the pool. Whatever you need, Meadow Park Sports Centre has the activity for you.

18. Eat and play at the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

The Village offers almost every kind of sweet treat you can imagine at the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop, and also offers a vast 13,000-square-foot outdoor play area just outside its doors, with spin disks, soft floor area, slides, and tons of opportunities to blow off steam in Whistler for kids. Inside, the shop offers 1,000 square feet of sweet with bright colours, brilliant swirls and stripes, sweet smells, and everything you need for a sweet, sweet world. From chocolate to pop and crisps, jelly beans, and all other kinds of bulk candy, it's all here, with fresh-made caramel corn every day.

Take in a concert or classic movie

19. Enjoy the Outdoor Summer Concert Series

The Outdoor Summer Concert Series at Olympic Plaza offers everything from classical music to reggae, R&B, rock and roll, and every other kind of live music you can imagine. Best of all, these concerts are completely free. Just bring a picnic blanket, spread out on the grounds of the plaza, and enjoy local and national touring acts with high production, lights, and of course, the beats of fantastic music. It's a fun option for family activities in Whistler.

20. Check out the Summer Cinema Series

Every year the Whistler Film Festival sponsors a Summer Cinema Series. You can enjoy some of the most classic films in history, all outdoors and under the stars. These range from classic hits of the 70s and 80s through the most modern movies. Whether you're a fan of E.T. or you want to catch the story of Freddie Mercury, you'll be able to take in a film at an affordable price. Word of warning: these movies can start as late as midnight, so they may be best for families who have older kids.

21. Head for the Village 8 Cinemas

Of course, if you're looking for the latest Hollywood blockbusters, you can't beat the local Village 8 Cinemas. No matter what time of year it is, this theatre shows the very best in action, comedy, drama, horror, science fiction and fantasy. It's 8 auditoriums of digital cinema magic with fantastic sound, crystal clear projection and the full magic of the cinema. Even better, if you're having a birthday or event while you're in town, you can rent out the cinema for a private event. Even better, they have special prices for seniors and kids, so you can save a few bucks on this option for things to do in Whistler for kids.