Explore cottage and house rentals with a pool

When you're planning your next vacation, the type of accommodation you book can make or break the experience. When you're travelling with the family, there's nothing quite like finding a rental with a pool. Whether you opt for a house or a cottage, these rentals offer convenient fun that you can access whenever you like, letting you and your kids enjoy the trip without even having to leave your rental. Plus, house rentals with a pool tend to have quite a few other luxury amenities as well.

Top destinations for cottages with pools

No matter where you find yourself travelling in Canada, you won't have to look very far to find quality cottages with pools. You'll find plenty of these rentals when you visit popular areas of Canada, but more remote areas in the Canadian countryside can offer similar luxury as well with pools of their own. Always include pools in your search, and you're bound to find something in most cases. It's important to remember, however, that there are some destinations that are better than others.

Discover a cottage with a pool in Ontario

In the province of Ontario, you'll find a wide variety of cottages available that have their own pool. This is true throughout the state whether you're looking to travel to Ottawa, Toronto, or somewhere a bit more remote. Georgian Bay is one of the most popular travel destinations for outdoor adventurers, and the cottages with pools here tend to put you close to its 30,000 majestic islands. You can also enjoy the nearby Algonquin Provincial Park and its various rivers and streams. Being close to the water, however, doesn't mean you can't also enjoy a private pool.

Explore cottages for rent with a swimming pool in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to virtually endless adventure, and finding accommodation with a swimming pool is one of the best ways to explore it all. A house with a pool may be tough to find in Vancouver, but there are options available, especially around the outskirts. If your family is more interested in outdoor adventure away from the crowds, you can find a cottage for rent with a swimming pool near Wells Gray Provincial Park and all of its trails and trees. Indoor pools with climate control are especially handy if your family is planning to spend time in the mountains in winter.

Explore the various types of house rentals with a pool

House rentals with a pool aren't all created equal. There are different types of pools you may want to consider before deciding on particular accommodation. While all pools have something to offer, you'll want to consider the context of your unique vacation to find something that would work best for your family's desired experience. Fortunately, you won't have to look very far to find variety, as various kinds of pools are available throughout cottages and houses across Canada whether you want something indoors, outdoors, public, or private.

Enjoy the benefits of houses with indoor pools

When you book one of the available houses with indoor pools, you and your family can enjoy a swim virtually whenever you like. Some house rentals offer access to neighbourhood pools, but having an indoor pool of your own means privacy and easy access without having to worry about anyone else. Additionally, an indoor pool is sheltered from the elements, so it's ideal when you're vacationing in the summer or are visiting somewhere that gets a lot of rain like Vancouver. Indoor pools are also easy to monitor, so your kids can have fun swimming and you won't have to do much to keep an eye on them.