Top 10 destinations for an east coast Canada trip

The eastern coast of Canada is packed to the brim with adventures that the whole family can enjoy. While there's a fair share of cities to explore, the heart of the east coast's appeal lies in its tranquil countryside and waterfront offerings. Learn all about the top 10 destinations for an east coast Canada road trip.

1. Explore historical Saint Andrews

Known as Saint Andrews by the Sea in many circles, this historic coastal town has much to offer all sorts of travellers embarking on an east coast road trip. At the beaches, you can go for a swim or venture out in a boat or kayak. You'll find whale watching tours available, and you can even dive deep underwater with a scuba tour.

2. Discover the metropolitan offerings of Saint John

The city of Saint John is one of the most exciting destinations on the Canadian east coast. You'll find a wide variety of opportunities here, especially if you're hoping for a family-friendly road trip. The museums and galleries are top-notch, while the waterfront tours are relaxing and memorable. You'll also find the Skywalk observation platform that demonstrates the scale of the Saint John River.

3. Check out geological splendour at Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks is one of the most impressive destinations in all of New Brunswick for travellers looking for breathtaking natural features. This coastal, self-directed park features massive rock formations along the shore jutting out of the sand like the fingers of a buried giant. Take your picture near them to capture the impressive sense of scale you'll experience here.

4. Immerse yourself in the culture of Moncton

The city of Moncton is one of the largest in New Brunswick and offers a unique French culture that visitors are sure to enjoy. You'll find French cuisine and even French art in its local galleries, while the natural features are a must-see as well. Moncton is one of the few places in North America where you can see a tidal bore.

5. Step into the past with a trip to Lunenburg

Lunenburg is unique not only on the Canadian east coast but in all of North America in that its historic district is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around 70% of the old colonial buildings dating back to the 18th century are still standing today, and they're well-maintained and open for visitors to see. Of course, the waterfront area is exciting as well with delicious seafood restaurants and breweries.

6. See the best of Nova Scotia in Halifax

When your east coast road trip takes you to Halifax, you can see some of the best attractions that Nova Scotia has to offer. The Halifax Boardwalk is especially popular, as it offers a maritime atmosphere along with special craft stores and seafood restaurants. Plus, it's easy to find a boat and venture out in the water to explore.

7. Embark upon a trip along the Cabot Trail

If you're travelling from particularly far away for your east coast Canada trip, the Cabot Trail may be the perfect destination. After so many hours being cooped up in a car, this massive walking trail lets you stretch your legs through some of the most scenic countryside in all of Canada. It's located within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, so valley and coastal views are everywhere.

8. Relax in the city of Charlottetown

Despite being the biggest city in Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown is notably relaxing to visit at the end of any east coast road trip. You'll find several Victorian-era buildings still standing along with numerous parks and walking trails that are perfect for a tranquil stroll. You can also check out the theatres in town for incredible performances of plays and music.

9. Take it easy in the tranquil Cavendish area

If you're looking for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are few destinations quite like Cavendish. Here, you'll find a peaceful and calm beachfront that lets you relax by the shore or venture out into the water. It's part of Prince Edward Island National Park, so there are well-preserved hiking and biking trails in the area as well.

10. Find endless fun in Summerside

As one of the largest communities on Prince Edward Island, Summerside is a premier destination for any east coast road trip adventurer. One of the most iconic attractions is the Harbourfront Theatre where you'll find all sorts of entertainers and events. The island is known for its Celtic roots, and many of the theatre's performances make that abundantly clear.