Top 10 destinations for a road trip in Ontario

The province of Ontario is the most populous in the entire country. It's packed full of exciting attractions that the whole family can enjoy, no matter what their interests are. That's why it's such an exciting destination for a road trip. You can visit major cities as well as the serene countryside all after just a short time on the road.

1. Explore the vast metropolis of Toronto

Toronto is one of the most popular cities in the world and is the most populous city in Canada. You'll find plenty of restaurants with varied cuisine from all over the world in addition to art galleries and world-class museums. There are also high-end shopping areas and malls like the famous Toronto Eaton Centre with its over 200 stores.

2. Stare in awe at the incredible Niagara Falls

When it comes to the top natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls is typically placed near the top of the list. This massive collection of 3 gargantuan waterfalls is an incredible sight to behold, but that's just the beginning. When your road trip to Ontario takes you to the falls, you can explore up-close and personal with a boat ride near the falls' misty bottom.

3. Enjoy a summer trip to Huntsville

When you visit Huntsville, you'll find yourself in one of the most popular summer destinations in the entire province. The town itself is quaint and comfortable, as the primary attractions are the hilly surroundings and its massive lakes. Fairy Lake, Mary Lake, and several others are all located here and are perfect for fishing, boating, and other aquatic fun.

4. Take it easy in Simcoe County

If you're looking to relax at the end of your road trip in Ontario, you may want to head toward Simcoe County. There, you'll find extensive outdoor recreation opportunities like boating, hiking, fishing, and cycling. The trails in the region tend to be remarkably serene, and you can truly bring the whole family along as most of the region is dog-friendly.

5. Get away from it all and visit Prince Edward

Prince Edward County is a small island on Lake Ontario that is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to leave the stress of normal life behind. On this island, you'll find charming towns, an inviting shoreline, and vibrant rolling hills. There are even several wineries located in this tranquil region offering tours and tastings.

6. Take in the beauty of the lakeside in Tobermory

The town of Tobermory is located near the Niagara Escarpment and features crystal-clear waters perfect for aquatic activities. The towering cliffs create scenic vistas, and many of them can be explored via the Bruce Trail, one of the top-rated hiking trails in the region. The town itself is charming and peaceful, too.

7. Find family fun in Parry Sound

Fun for the whole family is easy to find in Parry Sound. This small town along the shores of the Georgian Bay offers both outdoor adventure and in-town attractions. You'll find hiking trails, beaches, and boating opportunities alongside fascinating museums and entertaining performing arts centres. Don't forget to look out over the water in the evening to see the sunset.

8. Explore the trails of Peterborough County

In Peterborough County, you'll find a paradise for hikers. There are several trails in the area that will take you through some of the most vibrant parts of nature in the province. Of course, the city of Peterborough itself offers convenient amenities that make any trip relaxing, even if you spend the whole day walking. You'll also find urban trails available.

9. Traverse the forest in Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee National Park is a popular destination for road trips in Ontario thanks to its extensive outdoor offerings. The Carolinian forest is packed full of adventure whether you're interested in hiking or cycling. More than 390 bird species call this area home, so bird-watchers are sure to be impressed. You can even venture out into the water in a canoe.

10. Immerse yourself in the arts of Haliburton County

Communities in Haliburton County are known primarily for their arts scene, as the breathtaking natural features of the area serve as quite the inspiration for many artists. You can explore numerous museums and galleries and even participate in workshops yourself. Just don't forget to explore the Haliburton Sculpture Forest for an outdoor collection of impressive works.