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Vrbo identifies emerging trends in travel and vacation rental homes, like top destinations for family summer trips, or the most important accommodation amenities to millennials.

Vrbo’s Top 10 Winter Sun Escapes


  • Vrbo’s Top 10 Winter Sun Escapes

    Travel trends

    Vrbo’s Top 10 Winter Sun Escapes

    To help inspire sun-seekers find a place to stay, Vrbo selected a show-stopping private vacation home in each locale. Selection criteria included premium amenities, ample space and outstanding reviews, making this collection ideal for family or friends to stay together.

  • Vacation Homes of the Year

    Travel trends

    Vacation Homes of the Year

    While there have always been countless wonderful vacation homes available to book on Vrbo, this year for the first time ever, we have selected 10 of the most incredible vacation homes in Canada to be recognized as a 2022 Vacation Home of the Year. These properties are all stunning, private vacation homes that also have stellar star ratings and rave guest reviews and have some of the most sought-after amenities that make those moments together with your loved ones special.  

    Though these vacation homes had to meet high standards to make our list, we know every family is different, so our picks include a variety of property types in popular vacation destinations across the country. The stunning private vacation homes range from Vancouver Island to the shores of the east coast and are ideal places for families and friends to stay together. 

  • Summer Cocktails To Enjoy At The Cottage

    Travel trends

    Summer Cocktails To Enjoy At The Cottage

    What would a relaxing weekend at the cottage be without a few good summer cocktails? If you’re a fan of a refreshing beverages and hoping to try something new – look no further.

  • 10 Easy Cottage Breakfast Ideas

    Travel trends

    10 Easy Cottage Breakfast Ideas

    Prepare a cottage breakfast everyone will love. Here are 10 easy and delicious cottage breakfast ideas you can try on your next cottage trip.

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