5 easy craft ideas for kids to do at home

Whether you’re stuck at home on a rainy day or need some downtime on your family vacation, crafts can be a fun way to bring the family together. Try these 5 easy crafts with your kids using simple materials.

1. Popsicle stick photo frames

Save popsicle sticks or buy some from your local craft store to make a picture frame to treasure forever. 

Vrbo tip: Collect more than pictures on your family vacation! Find mementos to bring back home and add to your popsicle stick photo frame.

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2. DIY key wind chimes

Do you have old house keys lying around? Turn them into art! Find a stick from your yard, some yarn, paint and old house keys to make a wind chime for your family to enjoy.

Vrbo tip: Though you never get to keep the house for your vacation home key when you travel, each key can represent a special family vacation. Write the location of a trip on each key where you made those memories.

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3. Toilet paper roll crafts

If there is one thing most families always have in their homes it’s toilet paper. Recycle the leftover cardboard rolls to make craft magic with the family. From Easter bunnies to aliens, there are dozens of fun ways to create family fun with toilet paper rolls.

Vrbo tip: Ask your family to create something that reminds them of their last vacation.

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4. Paper chains

Making paper chains is a fun, educational craft that is easy to do with young children. Kids can practice making patterns, counting to larger numbers, and cutting in a straight line.

Vrbo tip: This is a great craft for a long road trip. Cut all the paper ahead of time and buy glue dots or double-stick tape to eliminate mess in the car. During the drive, the kids can add links to the chain until they run out of paper or you arrive at your destination--whichever comes first!.

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5. DIY story stones

We all have a story to tell, and sharing stories encourages imagination and creativity. Make your own story stones which can be used to teach kids how to tell stories. All you need are flat, white stones, and colored markers or paint to make your stories come to life.

Vrbo tip: Family vacations inspire stories that can be told for years. Ask your kids to create story stones based on your last vacation or the next vacation you’re dreaming about.

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Written by Angela Vega, Senior Traveler Email Marketing Manger at Vrbo