5 new skills to master with the family

Always craved a little extra time to pursue your passions, or looking for ways to keep the family entertained? Learn a new language as a family for your next big trip, get the best family snaps with smartphone photography hacks, and take up an instrument from home with five skills to start mastering today.

1. Learn a language with the family

Feel like you’re on vacation, even when you’re not, by learning a new language. It’s a great way to spend a coffee break, or for coming together as a family. Keep it fun by cooking up treats from the country in question and practice chatting together as you feast. Bon appetit!

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2. Get the best family snaps with smartphone photography hacks

Forget cumbersome and costly cameras. Amazing family photos are yours with a few handy hacks. Turn your headphones into a remote, forgo the flash when capturing family foodie feats, and snap those action shots of pool dives and waterfalls — or, indeed, the kids jumping on the bed — with burst mode. Just a handful of clever hacks can take your family photos from average to awesome. Have a play today.

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3. Learn to play an instrument online

Regret giving up guitar in eighth grade? Pick up where you left off, or learn something new, with an affordable online course you can join from home. With lessons in everything from music theory and production to harmonica, piano, and flute on sites like Udemy™, get the whole family involved and you’ve a ready-made band right there!

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4. Create your own website

Dream of creating a website but not sure where to start? With the likes of Squarespace offering free interactive webinars, video tutorials, and bite-size guides, it’s never been easier to set up a family business site, curate an online collection of favorite family travel photos, or start a blog to share your adventures with family and friends.

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5. Master the art of interior design

For many of us, home is our whole world right now, so it’s the perfect time to turn our space into a sanctuary. Tune into The Great Indoors podcast and learn how to refresh your home without a shopping trip, get the most out of multifunctional spaces (bedroom office, we’re looking at you), and breathe a little easier with air-purifying plants.

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