5 ways to support the local community while on vacation

Immerse the whole family in the next place you visit with these activities that are designed to support the local community.

1. Take a little trip locally

Start small and head off on a local vacation with the whole family. Explore closer to home and take a hassle-free vacation that is perfect for a weekend away. Go to that beach you’ve always wanted to visit or maybe that restaurant you never found time to try.

2. Shop locally

Help keep small stores or farmers’ markets in business by finding places to shop near your vacation home. Whether it’s fresh produce from a food market or handmade trinkets from a gift store, you’ll be able to help out the community and also get great goodies whilst you’re at it.

3. Buy gift cards

Searching for the perfect present for one of your trip buddies? Many local restaurants, spas, and fun family experiences like independent movie theatres and crazy golf venues are offering gift cards for purchase. You’ll be able to help support local businesses while gifting family or friends with something exciting to look forward to on vacation.

4. Support local restaurants

If you fancy yourself a bit of a foodie and you really want to help out local businesses as much as possible on your next trip away switch restaurant chains for independent finds. It’s a great way to support the community while indulging in some delicious, regional food.

5. Plan for future travel

Can’t make your planned trip right now? Instead of canceling, consider postponing for another time so you’re still supporting the local community and have something fun to look forward to. If you don’t have a trip planned and are eager to get away, get started by building a Trip Board of your dream stays, share with the family, and find the perfect place to stay.