Fitness fun to get the whole family moving at home

Get fit as a family with health, fitness and wellbeing activities you can do easily from home.

1. Join Joe Wicks for a live family gym class

The Body Coach®, Joe Wicks, is bringing families from all over the world together with a free daily online workout. Join live, or later, with the whole family for his 30-minute, no-equipment-needed, family workout video.

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2. Wake up and zen out with Cosmic Kids® yoga

Enjoy screen time that promises focus, relaxation, but most of all fun, with yoga and mindfulness made with children in mind. With tons of exciting episodes to choose from, it’s as great for getting the family moving as it is for chilling everyone out before bed.

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3. Dance together at a digital disco

Before you cancel your child’s birthday party celebrations, check out the Houseparty app. It’s perfect for digital discos, letting off steam indoors and having a whole lot of virtual fun with friends.

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4. Choose games that get you going

Find - or create - board, floor, and computer games that get your heart rate racing. Try the tape shape game, balloon volleyball, compete with the family in 50 different sports as you get active with the Go Vacation on the Nintendo Switch™ or dig out Twister for some old-fashioned family fun that works those laughter muscles as well as your core!

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5. Stage an at-home obstacle course

Combine cushions, chairs, soft toys, blankets, cardboard boxes, hula hoops, skittles and a little imagination to create an indoor or garden obstacle course. Climb and crawl, dodge the burning lava and evade the crocodiles to make it to finishing-line victory.

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