7 tips for vacation rental getaways

New to Vrbo? First time vacationing in a rental home? Or just feels like forever since your last trip? Our guide to getting away the Vrbo way is here to help you make the most of your vacation rental, so you can breeze on through to an effortless stay.

1. Choose your rooms

It’s never too early to lay claim to your favorite bedroom. If you’ve got your eye on the biggest one, the balcony one, or the one boasting panoramic beach views, it’s time to unleash your competitive streak and make a play for the one you want. Feeling indecisive? Check your property’s listing for photos and write-ups, and get in on the finer details to help you make up your mind. You might even find a virtual tour of your property, for a 360-degree view — and potentially an even better chance of snagging that most sought-after spot!

2. What to bring to your vacation rental home

One of the many joys of vacation homes is that they often come jam-packed with handy, and luxurious, little extras — from  beach towels and cool kitchen kit, to fun stuff like Apple TV, bikes, garden games, and boogie boards! Check the amenities section of your property’s listing page for a detailed view of what’s inside. Can’t find what you’re looking for on the list? Contact the property owner to chat through any specific requests. You might just find they can lend you that baby crib or high chair and save you trying to find space in the car for your more cumbersome kit.

3. Get to know the neighborhood

Planning on checking in late? Heading off the beaten track to a secluded lakeside spot? Or traveling with kids? It’s wise to suss out nearby restaurants and grocery stores before you set off, as well as getting a heads up on their closing times so you’re not caught short with grumbling bellies night one. Alternatively, you could always arrange a grocery or meal service delivery direct to your property, so you can feast fuss-free without even having to leave the comfort of your vacation home.

4. Personalize your vacation rental experience

Looking for fun and super-convenient group getaway ideas, or just like your trip to be tailored to your tastes? In a vacation rental you can bring the entertainment to you. So, how about making the most of the impressive kitchen with a cupcake masterclass, unfolding poolside with a personal yoga session, or dialing up your downtime with an in-home spa treatment? Whatever your vibes, have a search for exciting opportunities in your property’s locale or, easier still, ask the owner for tried and trusted recommendations.

5. Contact your vacation rental’s owner

Our property owners are bursting with local knowledge and useful tips, from arranging babysitting to advising on the best excursions to try nearby.  Fire over any questions or requests in good time before you go, so that everything’s set ready for your stay.

6. Read those reviews

When it comes to getting the scoop on your property and the surrounding area, your fellow guests are a great source to tap up. Take a look at your vacation rental’s reviews for insider information, top tips, and a whole host of different perspectives and ideas for getting the most out of your stay.

7. Share trip info

Somehow landed the role of designated trip-planner? Avoid sending a zillion messages to everybody and get the Vrbo app instead. Then simply invite your buddies and share trip info — like check-in details, WiFi password, and your property’s address — instantly and in one go. Easy!