Find the top travel destinations for fun Canada vacations

Filled with a warm culture, sophisticated cities and an abundance of spectacular natural wonders, Canada vacations offer endless options for every type of traveller. Whether you want to spend time in the untamed wild, kick back and relax in nature, enjoy high-end shopping and dining in the city or experience the cultural and historic landmarks that shaped the country, you can have a little bit of everything with a Canada vacation. Best of all, you can find an array of vacation home and apartment rentals that put you within reach of the top attractions in some of Canada's hottest travel destinations.

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Top articles to find your ideal vacation rentals in Canada

Discover the best wineries in Kelowna

British Columbia

Kelowna is home to some of the best wineries and vineyards in all of British Columbia.

Enjoy cottage country with the best lakes in Ontario

Parks and lakes

When the weather warms up and the sun comes out, Ontario’s cottage country is one of the best places to enjoy a vacation.

Plan an exciting vacation with Vancouver tourism

British Columbia

Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is an exciting seaport city with an array of arts and culture, history, dining, and nightlife.

4 must-see destinations to explore in your home country


Sometimes the best vacations aren’t as far away as you think. Rediscover hidden gems nearby and put a new perspective on what’s close to home, with these four top stops.

Have a relaxing seaside trip with the best Canadian beaches for families, couples, and adventurers

From the wild beaches of Vancouver to the quiet shorelines of Canada’s many lakes, you could have just about any type of beach trip you want with the country’s diverse beaches. There’s something for everyone, from water sports and fishing to sunbathing and swimming to adventures in the surrounding wilderness. You’ll find beaches with a family atmosphere, secluded beaches, romantic spots, and ocean beaches with whales and seals, all along the magnificent Canadian shoreline. Discover the best Canadian beaches and plan the trip of a lifetime.

Ready to start your adventure with Alberta vacations?

Alberta’s rich landscape is made up of mountains, prairies, desert badlands, forests and over 600 lakes, which makes it one of Canada’s most-visited provinces. This beautiful province also serves as a gateway to the Canadian Rockies. From the lively city of Calgary to the emerald lakes of Banff National Park and several world class ski hills, the province has something for every type of traveller. Ready to start your Alberta adventure?

Find ideas and inspiration for Quebec vacations

Extremely rich in natural beauty and French culture, Quebec is is chockfull of charming cottage country towns that welcome millions of visitors every year.

Have an unforgettable Nova Scotia vacation

Nova Scotia is brimming with history and maritime culture. Many of the attractions centre around the ethnic heritage, mining history and maritime lure, but you’ll also find expansive national parks to explore. Kejimkujik and Cape Breton Highlands offer plenty of outdoor adventures like hiking, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. For a more unique experience, you can visit starlight tourist destinations that provide views of stars protected from light pollution, such as Deep Sky Eye Observatory or Fisherman's Cove. Though Nova Scotia is known for its abundance of natural beauty, it also has a myriad of fine arts galleries, top-notch restaurants and exciting festivals.

Rejuvenate and recharge with a British Columbia vacation

British Columbia has something for everyone, from its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges to vast national parks and wilderness areas like Glacier National Park. British Columbia has some of the most fascinating destinations in the world, such as the hip coastal city of Vancouver, the charming lakeside city of Kelowna or the lush rainforest island of Tofino, so you can experience a little bit of everything. With a British Columbia vacation, you can spend your time skiing, snowboarding and hiking or sightseeing, shopping and dining, all within reach of your vacation rental.

Recharge with lake vacations and national park vacations

If you’re looking for outdoor excursions, Canada's lakes and parks are great options for adventure and thrills. Prince Edward Island offers red-sand beaches, fertile farmland and excellent seafood, while the vast PEI National Park has beaches and trails. For a little city sightseeing, you could also visit Charlottetown, the capital, which boasts Victorian government buildings, gothic churches and the modern Confederation Centre of the Arts, a fine theatre and art gallery. Whether you choose lake vacations or national park vacations, you'll have the natural playground of the Canadian wilderness at your disposal.

Experience natural wonders with Ontario vacations

Ontario is one of Canada’s most vibrant provinces. In the capital city of Ottawa, you can see attractions like the National Gallery and stunning Victorian architecture, while Toronto offers wonders like the CN Tower and High Park, a rare oak habitat. Another must-see wonder in Ontario is Niagara Falls, the stunning group of waterfalls that straddle the United States and Canadian border, which offers opportunities for water cruises and other adventures. Ontario also boasts several natural areas for outdoor adventurers, so you can spend your time in Canada’s vast wilderness with Ontario vacations.