Canada is home to many pristine beaches and beachfront parks on the ocean and lakes for a relaxing beach trip. If you want to bring your dog, you could find beaches all over the country that allow your pet to swim and play on the sand with you and your family. Plenty of beaches offer excellent amenities for dog owners, such as off-leash areas, dog-focused beaches, and hiking trails in the surrounding park for fun adventures. From the wild beaches of Tofino to the fun-filled parks of the Great Lakes, take a look at the best dog-friendly beaches in Canada and see what they have to offer for you and your family.

Chesterman Beach for family amenities

Located on the west side of Tofino on Vancouver Island, Chesterman Beach is a lovely dog-friendly beach that’s divided into 2 sections: Chesterman Beach North and Chesterman Beach South. In the middle, you’ll find Franks’ Island, a tombolo attached to the mainland that’s revealed at low tide. The beach has soft, white sand and an array of amenities, including wheelchair access, washrooms, and showers. In addition to playing with the dog on the beach, you can also explore rock caves and tidal pools, have a picnic, or fly kites with the kids.

Mackenzie Beach for sheltered waters

Mackenzie Beach is a long, sandy beach with a sheltered gateway to nearby Crystal Cove. Because of the surrounding tidal rocks, Mackenzie Beach has gentle, calm waters that are perfect for you to play with the kids or dog in the water. Popular beach activities include paddle boarding, skimboarding, beachcombing, and building sandcastles.

Hadden Beach for off-leash areas

Located near Downtown Vancouver, Hadden Beach is a small beach that’s popular for local dog owners. The beach features an off-leash dog area where you can let your dog run and play on their own on the sand and water. You’ll also find tide pools where kids and dogs can explore. If you want to spend more time in the park, you can take walking and cycling trails to explore the nearby Kits and Vanier Park.

Bowen Bay Beach for hiking trails

Bowen Bay Beach is a pristine beach on Bowen Bay that’s popular for families and dog owners. The beach has wide, sandy shores and calm, shallow waters where kids and dogs can swim and play safely. You’ll come across a lot of wildlife at Bowen Bay Beach, including seals and seagulls. The beach is surrounded by dense wilderness with hiking trails if you want to explore after sunbathing and swimming.

Long Point Provincial Park for family amenities

Long Point Provincial Park is a lovely park that’s a designated World Biosphere Reserve. The park features a long, sandy beach on Lake Erie with abundant birdlife and dog-friendly areas where your pup can play. You’ll find many amenities at the park, including playgrounds, fish cleaning stations, water taps, boat launches, and a washroom with showers. The park is a favourite of locals for outdoor activities like birding, biking, canoeing, boating, and swimming.

Cherry Beach for family fun

Cherry Beach is a popular local beach with a nearby off-leash dog park. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the area and certified Blue Flag, making it ideal for families with children. Many visitors come to relax in the sun, walk the coast, have a beach picnic, and swim in the water.

Kinlock Beach for calm waters

Located in Prince Edward Island, Kinlock Beach is a popular dog-friendly beach for locals to bring their dogs and let them play on soft, red sand. Families also come to the beach with the kids to let them play in the water or fly a kite. At low tide, you can let the kids or the dog explore the tidal pools near the beach.

West Lake Dog Beach for dog-focused fun

West Lake Dog Beach is a dog-focused beach in West Lake Provincial Park. The beach is located between the log house and the boat launch and allows on-leash pets to run and play. After spending time by the water, you can take the dogs on a hike in the wilderness to see the scenery and wildlife. If you have the kids, they may enjoy the designated swimming area, and there's a boat launch for water sports.