Located in eastern Canada on the Atlantic Coast, Nova Scotia is a fantastic destination for a beach trip. Much of the province is surrounded by ocean, so there’s no shortage of beaches to choose from. You’ll find a variety of beaches in Nova Scotia for watersports, adventure, coastal hikes, family fun, beachcombing, picnics, and more. Beaches in Nova Scotia also offer the fun of provincial parks, such as hiking, wildlife sightings, and playgrounds. Whether you’re looking for fun on your own, a vacation with the family, or a romantic trip, take a look at the best beaches in Nova Scotia to plan a memorable vacation experience.

Family beaches

If you’re travelling to Nova Scotia’s beaches for family fun, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Many beaches in Nova Scotia are found in provincial parks with numerous family amenities, including playgrounds, picnic spots, and practical facilities. Take a look at the best family beaches in Nova Scotia.

Rissers Beach for safe swimming

Nestled on the Atlantic Coast in Green Bay, Rissers Beach in Rissers Beach Provincial Park offers a long, sheltered beach with soft sand and calm waters for children to play. During the summer season, the swimming is supervised. Kids will like all the other fun things to do in Rissers Beach, such as walking the boardwalk along an inland marsh, learning about local history at the interpretive centre, and having picnics in the shade. Families also enjoy all the practical amenities, such as a dishwashing station, a playground, washrooms, a changing house, showers, and fire grills.

Bayswater Beach for children's amenities

Located in Bayswater Beach Provincial Park, Bayswater Beach boasts a white-sand beach with shady picnic spots and grill areas. The water is warm and shallow near the beach, ensuring that children can wade and swim safely. Families also enjoy the amenities at the park, such as changing rooms, toilets, and washrooms. You’ll also find hiking trails near the shore and opportunities for canoeing and kayaking on open waters.

Adventure beaches

Nova Scotia’s beaches offer an array of watersports and outdoor activities for a fun day out. From surfing and paddleboarding to fishing and coastal hikes, many of the beaches offer fun on land and sea. Take a look at the best beaches for adventure experiences in Nova Scotia.

Melmerby Beach for watersports

Known as the warmest beach in Nova Scotia, Melmerby is a popular beach for adventure sports and sunbathing. With the warm waters, you’ll have opportunities for paddleboarding, swimming, boating, and kayaking. Lifeguards patrol during the summer season. You’ll also find boardwalks near the water and facilities for changing and showering. If you want to spend time with the family, you’ll find picnic areas in shady spots near the beach.

Lawrencetown Beach for surfing

Known for its surfing, Lawrencetown Beach is one of the best beaches for adventure and watersports. The breaks offshore make the beach popular with local surfers, and you’ll find outfitters and surf instructors nearby to learn the sport. During the summer, there are supervised swimming sessions, since the currents can be strong. The beach has many practical amenities, including public washrooms, changing rooms, and picnic areas, as well as hiking trails to take in the coastal views and see more of the park.

Beachcombing beaches

Beachcombing is a popular activity in Nova Scotia beaches. You could find an abundance of treasures, including shells and sea glass, if you know where to look. Check out the best sea glass beaches in Nova Scotia.

Point Pleasant Park for sea glass

Point Pleasant Park is one of the best sea glass beaches in Nova Scotia. The beach is a treasure trove of unique and beautiful sea glass, bringing many beachcombers to the area. You’ll also have opportunities to hike on pathways in the park to see points of interest like the Martello Tower and fort ruin sites. The beach has swimming areas, off-leash dog areas, and washrooms.

McCormacks Beach Provincial Park for shelling

McCormacks Beach Provincial Park is a great spot for beachcombing and searching for sea glass and shells. You’ll find a lot of other activities in the area, including a boardwalk to see views of the Eastern Passage, Lawlor, Devil’s Island, and McNabs. The beach has picnic areas in shady spots for a beach picnic. Nearby, you’ll find Fisherman’s Cove for great fishing spots.