For a more economic and environmentally friendly way to create long-lasting holiday memories, check out all the marvelous natural attractions that make Canada the extraordinary destination it's known for. From listening to the roar of towering cascades free falling hundreds of metres per second into crystal clear waters to conquering the vast stretches of gorgeous mountain terrain, here are the top 10 natural wonders you need to explore when travelling in Canada.

Niagara Falls , Ontario

Essentially the holy grail of natural wonders, if you have yet to experience what it's like to be mere metres away from the thunderous echoes of the three neighbouring cascades, it's time to change that. If witnessing more than 168,000 cubic metres of water falling per minute catches your fancy, Niagara Falls is is truly a sight to behold. Best of all, there are multiple ways you can observe this natural spectacle. Take a boat tour on the iconic Maid of the Mist, which has provided visitors with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the legendary waterfalls since 1846. You can also take the Journey Behind the Falls, where you'll trek through tunnels behind the cascades, leading to an observation deck perfect for feeling the roaring sensation occurring just metres away.

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Northern Lights , Alberta

You've probably seen images of the Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, but seeing this dazzling illuminating show in the sky in person is a completely different experience. There are a few well-known locations spread out through the primary Canadian territories that are renowned for their Northern Light activity, but taking a trip to Fort McMurray in Alberta is practically a guarantee to view the evening sky like you've never seen it before. The winter season usually tends to be the best time of the year for spotting this magnetic force of solar winds that combines with particles and atoms to produce alluring clashes of colours ranging from green, red to purple. Another prime location to view the Aurora Borealis is the city of Whitehorse in Yukon, where various tours will guide you to ideal locations for taking in this mesmerizing natural wonder.

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Dinosaur Provincial Park , Alberta

While accessing the world of "Jurassic Park" may be restricted to the dimensions of your TV screen, taking a trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park in Brooks, Alberta, is pretty much the closest you'll ever get to visiting a home for these prehistoric beasts. It's estimated that roughly 75 million years ago, this region of Canada was bursting with dinosaurs, and this official UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great place to find authentic preserved fossils from more than 40 species of dinosaurs recovered from this location. You can also embark on guided hiking tours that will enlighten you to the history of wildlife, fossils and landscape changes that have occurred over time. This is a great getaway for anyone staying in Calgary, as Dinosaur Provincial Park is just a two-hour southeast drive away.

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Nahanni National Park , Northwest Territories

If exploring more than 500 kilometres of utterly breathtaking terrain doesn't strike you as exhilarating, than you must be less of a nature buff than you thought. This is one of the premier places in all of Canada to hike nearly a dozen different trails that all encompass their own stunning natural wonders. Taking the Glacier Lake trail will provide you with views over two of the park's primary bodies of water, Britnell Creek and the South Nahanni River. Climbing up Sunblood Mountain can give hikers a chance to take a panoramic photograph of the park's layout, and for anyone in pursuit of a truly challenging trek, head up to the Ram Creek trail, a 15-kilometre trail that's bursting with scenery with every twist and turn of the path.

Singing Sand , Prince Edward Island

While most people have heard of listening to the soothing sounds of seashells, it's rare that you hear about being serenaded by sand. Well, on the beaches of Basin Head in Prince Edward Island, the shores tend to be a tad more melodic than many travellers are accustomed to. Taking a stroll through the sands of Basin Head creates a unique sound when your feet touch the surface, an almost whistling-like tune that many say sounds like faint singing. Scientists still aren't exactly sure what causes this natural phenomenon, but the signing sand on Prince Edward Island is certainly worth your time for noteworthy day on the beach.

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Hopewell Rocks , New Brunswick

One word to describe the overall layout of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick would be unusual. During any given time of the day, onlookers can either stroll amid the shores to explore the unique layout of the area, or be forced to stay clear of the premises due to waters reaching depths of 16 metres. This is due to the extreme low and high tide that occurs daily, but once the waters have retreated, getting a glimpse of the Hopewell Rocks is what makes this destination distinctive. These rocks, during low tide, stand 12 to 20 metres tall with no water surrounding them, and feature borderline bizarre formations with trees attached to their tops, giving them their nickname of "flowerpot rocks."

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Algonquin Provincial Park , Ontario

You'll be hard pressed to find another sunset in Canada that's as marvelous as one seen in Algonquin Provincial Park. Besides being the oldest Provincial Park in the entire country, this National Historic Site of Canada offers guests with plenty of chances to paddle across several different rivers, or even go dog sledding in the winter time through 40 kilometres of awe-inspiring snow-covered forests along the Sunday Lake Dog Sled Trail. Visiting Algonquin Provincial Park will also provide you with a chance to see the inspiration given to the Group of Seven, a collective of Canadian artists from the 1920s whose work was often sparked by the impressive park scenery.

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MacMillan Provincial Park , British Columbia

It's not a disputable statement to admit that most forests tend to look the same. However, one trip through the 157 hectares of Cathedral Grove located in MacMillan Provincial Park will forever heighten your standards when it comes to judging evergreen terrain. Most of the trees found in this forests are nearly 1,000 years old, and standing under the giant Douglas fir trees is definitely a grand, yet humbling experience. It's no secret how beautiful Cathedral Grove is, as the forest was deemed one of the Seven Wonders of Canada by CBC Television.

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