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Staying in your own backyard for your vacation doesn't mean toning down the adventure valve. Not a chance. Just look at what's on offer when it comes to US rentals. Treehouses in Asheville poke above the Blue Ridge Parkway. You've got mossy cabins in Appalachia. You've got ranches in Texas. There are ski houses by Coloradan peaks. Scintillating beaches wait with shoreline mansions in the Carolinas. And California… well, California has just a little bit of everything.

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Traveling to the West – a vacation rental guide

Setting the compass westwards has been an American pastime ever since the first pioneers headed for the promised lands of the Pacific way back in the 1800s. These days, the trip is made easier thanks to short-haul flights and big interstates, but little of the veneer is gone. You can still watch wild waves smash the Big Sur. You can still gaze at whales splashing off the Sonoma Coast. You can still channel that inner cowboy by the dusty buttes of Arizona. All those stylish Southern California vacation rentals are just the beginning in this amazing region.

Beach vacations all over the country

Everyone loves a beach vacation. And when it comes to beach vacations in the US of A, there's something for all sorts to look forward to. Scoot down South Carolina way and the barrier islands are dressed in manicured golf courses and peppered with moss-caked oak groves. Head from there to North Carolina to catch grand hunting lodges on the wind-buffeted shored of the beautiful Outer Banks. Skip to another coastline and you find sleek Malibu rentals or surf shacks in San Diego. And that's not even mentioning the Gulf of Mexico, where families and spring breakers have been escaping under the sun for decades.

Book awesome Southern vacation rentals

Let the fabled charm and hospitality of the South shine on your next getaway. Handsome cities that ooze colonial charm are great places to do that – check out the likes of beautiful Savannah and its Antebellum homes draped in Spanish moss. There's the buzz of Atlanta too, for unraveling tales of Coca-Cola and seeing the legacy of the Olympics. Then comes the rodeos of Dallas and the Tex-Mex of Austin, before some uber-romantic Southern vacation rentals around wineries in the Hill Country and Blue Ridge peaks in North Carolina.

Lakefront rentals you'll never forget

Whether you want to join the fashionistas in the Main Street boutiques of Big Bear Lake, go off-grid with a boathouse on the banks of Lake Shasta, or choose a traditional Texan ranch on the reservoirs of the Lone Star State, you can rest assured that lakefront rentals are nothing if not eclectic. There are certainly lots of destinations that have them across the country. Options exist in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, the Finger Lakes of New York, and around the alpine waters of California alike.

Florida vacation rentals – a trip drenched in sun

There are stacks of reasons why Florida remains one of the most popular destinations in the country. For starters, it's not called the Sunshine State for nothing. Some resorts along the Gulf Coast are bathed in more than 300 days of rays per annum, and they've got the bleach-white beaches and turquoise seas you need to handle the heat. Next comes the self-proclaimed Theme Park Capital of the World in Orlando, which even has Florida vacation rentals that put Cinderella's Castle and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter right on the doorstep. Then throw in rambunctious cities like spring breaker Fort Lauderdale, petrol-headed Daytona Beach, and multicultural Miami, along with sub-tropical keys and wild Everglades – the whole place is just so hard to resist.