Plan your excursion with a range of vacation rentals

Whether you need a sprawling home with space for all the kids or a cozy cottage for 2, you can find an array of vacation rentals suited to every taste and experience. Vacation rentals come in many sizes and styles to suit different traveller needs, all within reach of the top attractions and destinations in the world. You can choose from options like a charming cottage on the beach near the ocean, a trendy apartment in the city or a vacation home that has the perfect combination of space and comfort, no matter where you choose to go on your getaway.

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Find Toronto apartments for arts, culture, and adventure

Apartments in Canada

One of the most important cities in Canada, Toronto offers an entire world of art, culture, entertainment, and excitement for kids and adults of every age.

Experience a fun winter trip at Big White Ski Resort

Ski resorts

Home to Big White Mountain and its abundance of skiable terrain, Big White Ski Resort offers all kinds of winter adventures for outdoor enthusiasts.

Explore cottage rentals near Ottawa

Cottages in Ontario

Ottawa is a popular destination with all manner of fun attractions, from the Rideau Canal to the National Gallery of Canada, sometimes it’s nice to escape the activity of the city and relax in a tranquil landscape.

Discover the possibilities for cabins in Canada

If you enjoy privacy and nature, a cabin may be the perfect choice for your vacation. Cabins can be found in rural destinations and surround you with the stillness and beauty of the landscape, whether you want to be near a lake or river, high in the mountains, or nestled in the woods. You can find cabins that range from sprawling and luxurious to quaint and rustic, so you have space and amenities that matter most.

Take to the open road with RVs

If you long for the open road and the freedom to explore as you wish, RVs give you everything you need for an unforgettable trip. RV rentals range from rustic to luxurious, and you can easily fit the whole family. With an RV, you can take your vacation home with you to see the wonders of Canada, the US, and beyond.

Enjoy a relaxing retreat in popular resorts

Combining hotel-like services with privacy and luxurious accommodation, resorts are an excellent choice for a vacation. Resorts can be found near tropical beaches, tranquil lakes, and charming mountain regions, and typically offer amenities like housekeeping, pools, spas, onsite restaurants and bars, and more. Best of all, vacation resorts cater to all travellers, from family-friendly options to adults-only retreats.

Relax by the water with lake rentals

Whether you’re planning to spend time lounging on the sand while the kids play in the water or you’re looking for some adventure yourself, lake rentals are available right on the sand for a memorable trip. You can enjoy all types of water sports like water skiing and fishing, or simply relax by the water. Many lakes have rentals in charming lake villages, complete with local restaurants and attractions.

Enjoy a relaxing escape with vacation houses

Ranging from quaint and cosy to sprawling and luxurious, vacation rental houses are a versatile option for your next trip. Rental houses come in virtually every size and type, giving you the space you need for the family and convenient amenities like pools, hot tubs, backyards, modern appliances, and even luxurious additions. Houses can be found just about anywhere as well, so it’s the ideal option for your next trip.

Enjoy a winter escape with chalets and ski resorts

If you’re planning a ski adventure or a relaxing getaway in the mountains, chalets and ski resorts put you in the heart of the action. You can find chalets and ski resorts in the world’s most popular winter sports destinations, such as Aspen, Blue Mountains, and Big Bear, giving you access to the slopes and many après-ski amenities.

Have an authentic experience in B&Bs

Offering a more personalised experience than other types of rentals, B&Bs are one of the top choices for first-time visitors, couples, and families with kids. A bed-and-breakfast includes a morning meal, local innkeepers, and themed stays, as well as activities and workshops to put you in touch with the local culture and attractions.

Have a fun city break with apartments and condos

From tropical beaches to vibrant cities, apartments and condos offer a private, swanky retreat in some of the top destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking to experience the top attractions and iconic landmarks in cities like London or Montreal, or you prefer to sunbathe and swim in the ocean or lakes with the kids, apartments and condos are available in some of the best destinations for your vacation.

Explore the options for cottages in Canada

Cottage country in Canada offers a tranquil escape for city dwellers looking for peace and tranquility. Often found in charming lake communities, picturesque beach areas, alpine regions, and verdant valleys, cottages offer an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban centres for a chance to relax and recharge. Cottages are available throughout Canada’s countryside, from the stunning lakes of Ontario to the rugged coasts of Prince Edward Island.

Explore villa rentals in Canada

If you’re looking for luxury on your vacation, nothing beats a villa rental. Villas can be found in some of the top destinations in the world, from the tropical islands to Italy’s picturesque countryside, giving you the ideal escape for your trip. Villas also come with an array of services and amenities that help you make the most of your vacation experience, such as childcare, spa treatments, butlers, private chefs, and more.

Discover houseboat rentals in Canada

Offering a touch of novelty and heritage, houseboats are a unique way to enjoy your trip. Found everywhere from Amsterdam’s canals to North America’s lakes, houseboats combine the peacefulness of a beach or lake retreat with the freedom to explore the top attractions and destinations in the area. Houseboats come in many varieties to suit your needs, whether you want space and adventures for the kids or a romantic setting for a memorable couple’s retreat.