Located in central Ontario, Barrie is a quaint yet exciting city along the shore of Kempenfelt Bay. Its historic downtown and waterfront areas are popular with travellers thanks to their scenic views, fun shops, delicious restaurants, and lively pubs. To put yourself right in the middle of the action, you may want to book an apartment rental. Apartments for rent in Barrie are plentiful throughout the city, and you'll find a wide variety of apartment layouts available. Small apartments suited for a couple's vacation and larger family-oriented apartment rentals are available in equal measure, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one that suits your needs.

Neighbourhoods with great Barrie apartments

To get the most out of your trip to Barrie, you'll need to decide which neighbourhood you'll book your stay in. Every area of the city has something special to offer, but each of those offerings is notably unique and special in its own way. The best way to ensure that your Barrie vacation is memorable is to find the neighbourhood that speaks to your needs the most. Fortunately, many Barrie apartments are available among each of the city's neighbourhoods, so you shouldn't have to choose based solely on availability.

Explore downtown condos for rent in Barrie

Barrie's downtown area is one of the most popular places to visit in the entire city. Wrapped around Kempenfelt Bay, this destination offers historic landmarks, scenic views of the water, and plenty of restaurants and shops. You'll even find a theatre and brewery tours available, the latter of which showcase facilities that produce some of the best beer in Ontario. Condos for rent in Barrie near the downtown area tend to be a bit more luxurious, especially if you find something by the waterfront. Still, there are a few budget-friendly options available in the area as well.

Find condos in Barrie near Ardagh Bluffs

While Barrie has plenty of urban adventure to enjoy, you can get a taste of the great outdoors when you book condos near Ardagh Bluffs. This neighbourhood features preserved natural spaces with plenty of walking and biking trails to enjoy. Public parks are prevalent, but you'll also find some delicious restaurants as well. Apartments in this neighbourhood tend to be more affordable because of the sheer extent of available countryside rentals.

Find the best amenities in Barrie apartments

There are plenty of Barrie apartments to choose from, but they don't all have the same offerings. In fact, you'll need to conduct your search carefully to ensure that the rental you book has all the amenities you need. A full kitchen and spacious rooms are generally standard, though you might not find a full kitchen in a studio apartment downtown. Alternatively, you could find a relatively affordable apartment rental that offers great amenities like WiFi and proximity to local attractions. It's all a matter of finding the best middle ground between the luxury features you want and your budget limitations.

Book cheap apartments in Barrie with a waterfront balcony

When you're looking for cheap apartments in Barrie, there are probably already a few luxury amenities you're prepared to go without. Fortunately, you don't have to let scenic views be one of them. Near the waterfront in Barrie, you'll find quite a few apartment rentals that offer a balcony that overlooks the water, especially when you book on one of the higher floors in an apartment building. Plus, rentals with stellar views tend to come with several other luxury features as well, and most apartments on the waterfront have been recently renovated.