If you’re planning a vacation with your dog or cat, it’s important to find pet-friendly apartments in your destination to ensure your pet has just as much comfort and fun as you. Whether you’re staying in the busy city or the quiet towns, Canada offers a range of pet-friendly apartment options in the hottest travel destinations.

Best destinations for pet-friendly apartments

From off-leash dog areas to specialized dog events, you can find a range of pet-friendly destinations in Canada that give you opportunities for a fun-filled vacation with your dog. Take a look at the top destinations for pet-friendly apartments in Canada to see what you can expect.

Pet-friendly Toronto apartments

Toronto is a dense and busy city, but it’s filled with green spaces that are perfect for dog owners. You can take your dog to places like Cherry Beach on the lake, which gives you a chance to enjoy the fresh air and let your dog run and play. The city also has over 50 off-leash pet areas for daily exercise and play. Depending on when you take your trip, you can attend Woofstock, a dog-focused event with delightful events for dog owners and their furry companions.

Pet-friendly Ottawa apartments

Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is a vibrant city with many government landmarks and other attractions, but it’s also one of the best places for a pet-friendly vacation. The city has an off-leash dog park where you can bring your dog to socialize, run, and play with other dogs, as well as other parks and trails for a little exercise. You can also find dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, and shops throughout the city, so you don’t have to leave your pet behind while you sightsee. For a fun experience, take your dog for a long walk along the Rideau Canal to take in the views.

Pet-friendly Calgary apartments

Regarded as one of the most dog-friendly cities in all of Canada, Calgary boasts over 140 off-leash dog areas to allow your pet to roam, run, sniff, roll, and explore without any boundaries or worries. You’ll also find dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, boutiques, shops, and parks, so you can make memories with your dog while you experience the vibrant culture of the city. If you want to get out of the bustling city for a few hours, you can venture into the wilderness on the outskirts for hiking trails, hidden waterfalls, and glistening waterways to explore with your dog.

Features and amenities of pet-friendly rentals

From exercise space to food and water bowls, one of the greatest advantages of having a pet-friendly apartment rental is the service for your dog or cat. Pet-friendly apartment rentals ensure that all your needs are met, whether you want outdoor play areas or practical features like crates and beds.

Outdoor play areas

If you’re bringing your dog along on your trip, it’s great to have an apartment rental with access to an outdoor play area or exercise run. You’ll have endless opportunities to wander the city streets or wilderness trails with your dog, but having a close area for your dog to relieve themselves or release some energy provides a lot of ease and convenience. On top of that, an outdoor play area is perfect for those early-morning or late-night breaks when walking may not be an option.

Pet essentials

Many pet-friendly apartments have typical dog and cat needs in mind, so you’ll have all the essentials along with your rental. Apartments often include helpful supplies like food and water bowls, crates, cages, pens, toys, and other supplies for your pet, so you don’t have to worry if you left something behind on your trip.