Planning a trip to a major Canadian city doesn't have to be stress-inducing when you see the wide range of serviced apartments available. Serviced apartments are a great choice whether you have a short-term or long-term trip in front of you. Fully furnished accommodation means you can relax in a comfortable environment while having the amenities of home, such as an equipped kitchen and comfortable bedroom.

Serviced apartments in Toronto

Ontario's capital of Toronto is a dynamic city with towering skyscrapers and the most iconic building in Canada, the CN Tower. Like in many Canadian cities, the planned green spaces and cultural achievements are top-notch. Toronto's diverse population provides a welcoming environment and means a fantastic array of restaurants. While Toronto is a popular business trip destination, it is also a great destination for holiday travellers to enjoy the rich history of the region.

Serviced apartments near downtown

Whether you need to travel to Toronto or any one of Canada's major cities, a serviced apartment is a great choice of accommodation. One of the best aspects of a serviced apartment is that you have the furnishings to make you feel comfortable and more at home, and a downtown serviced stay is the best of both worlds. You'll be close to public transport, which gives you access to the city, and you'll enjoy a safe and relaxing apartment to come back to at the end of the day.

Serviced apartments in Vancouver

Canada's western metropolis of Vancouver is a culturally diverse city known worldwide for a thriving art scene. Serviced apartments in Vancouver are a good way of experiencing all that the city has to offer. Artists, actors, and musicians have found a home in Vancouver, with many works proudly displayed in the Vancouver Art Gallery. The cultural diversity means you'll find a top-notch selection of culinary delights. Festivals bring holiday-goers to Vancouver, while the beauty of nature that surrounds the city also attracts outdoors enthusiasts.

Short-term serviced apartments

A serviced apartment is one of the best choices of accommodation for an extended trip where you want to enjoy a furnished living space. A serviced apartment is a very convenient option for a short-term trip as well. Rather than stay in a hotel room that can feel bland and has the bare essentials, a fully furnished apartment for a short-term trip has far more of a home-like atmosphere to rejuvenate in after a long day of meetings or a busy day exploring Vancouver.

Serviced apartments in London

The southwestern Ontario city of London is a historic city that prides itself on downtown beautification and cultural achievements. London's universities help drive cutting-edge medical research and information technology. Business travellers frequent London for these reasons, and serviced apartments are widely available that make short-term trips more enjoyable. Festival-goers are no strangers to London, especially those attending the massively popular London Ribfest each year.

1- and 2-bedroom serviced apartments

Whether you are planning a quick trip to London for a business meeting or want to enjoy an extended holiday, a serviced apartment provides you with the furnishings and comfort that will help you better enjoy your trip. Single- and 2-bedroom serviced apartments are the most popular sizes, and each is furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, laundry machines, workout facilities, and media entertainment. Even smaller serviced apartments have the comforts of home that you'll most appreciate.