If you need to travel to one of Canada's major cities for a work trip, sightseeing trip, or just to visit your favourite local pub, then short-term apartment rentals could be your most comfortable and convenient choice of accommodation. You could step into a fully furnished apartment in the exact location you hope to enjoy and never have to sign a long-term lease. Short-term rentals will take the stress out of planning your next Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver trip.

Short-term apartment rentals in Toronto

From the iconic skyline of skyscrapers and the CN Tower to eco-friendly green spaces, Toronto is a modern city that also has an abundance of artistic and cultural influences. Ontario's capital is a great business destination because of the many downtown parks that can provide a midday stress release. Holiday travellers love Toronto for its historic sites and convenient public transport.

Furnished apartments for short-term rental

Furnished apartments in Toronto for short-term rentals are an excellent choice for almost any occasion. Business travellers enjoy taking advantage of conveniently located accommodation that is ready with every amenity needed, such as laundry facilities and a fully equipped kitchen. Holiday travellers can relax in the comfort of home without many of the annoyances of a hotel.

Short-term apartment rentals in Montreal

As Québec's largest city, Montreal is a historic and exhilarating city that inspires you to stay an extra day so you don't miss a thing. The French history of Montreal is apparent from its architecture to its museums. Many holiday travellers enjoy a sightseeing excursion to check out such famous spots as the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec and the historic district. The culinary traditions here have a delicious French influence as well.

Luxury short-term apartments to rent

A luxury short-term apartment in Montreal or any one of Canada's top cities is the type of place you want to stay for ultimate convenience and relaxation. If you want to stay downtown, luxury condos may best suit your lifestyle. Imagine a fully furnished hotel suite without a lease where you are free to come and go as you please. A luxury short-term apartment gives you the latest styles with an open layout where you are free to indulge in comfort.

Short-term apartment rentals in Vancouver

Vancouver is a thriving city on the western coast of Canada that is known for its beauty and cultural influence. Vancouver's gastronomic traditions are second to none, and its proximity to the northern Pacific means you have access to some of the freshest king crab you could ever imagine. Many holiday travellers come to experience raw beauty like never before seen.

Pet-friendly short-term apartment rentals

Before you book your next trip, an important factor to consider is whether you can find the right rental that welcomes pets. Your furry friend is a part of your family, and you may dread the thought of spending a lot of money to put your companion in a stress-inducing kennel. Thankfully, you can find a host of amazing short-term apartment rentals that are pet-friendly. Location is not an issue either, because you can find pet-friendly apartments and condos all across the city.