Discover the perfect British Columbia bed-and-breakfast

A B&B offers a unique accommodation to rest in the comforts of a quaintly furnished home with the conveniences of friendly service or as much privacy as you desire. British Columbia is known for immersing you in a world of natural beauty and outdoor adventures, so a B&B is an ideal choice to better relax after a fun-filled day. In BC, you can enjoy local wine tasting, hike through a scenic forest, or spend a day on the slopes.

Enjoy Sunshine Coast from a B&B

Sunshine Coast is a popular holiday spot for its unique natural beauty, from coastal views to mountain waterfalls. Nature lovers can find endless enjoyment in and around Sunshine Coast any time of the year, whether to hike the snowy peaks of Mount Tantalus or meander through the forests of Cliff Gilker Park. You’ll find dozens of nature parks each having distinct characteristics where you could spend an afternoon kayaking across a secluded lake or spend a weekend at your favourite camping spot. Sunshine Coast also has many popular beaches, some nicely suited for a sunny, summer holiday.

Holiday with family in Revelstoke

Located in southeastern BC, Revelstoke is another excellent holiday spot to enjoy the wintry slopes. The Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the top winter sports destination in the area, and it's well known by avid skiers. This remote town has many shops and eateries located in its historic downtown. A B&B in Revelstoke is all the more charming because of the historic nature of the town, and the views are unbeatable. Mining was a prominent industry, and you can see some of the remnants of the old mines and artifacts in the local museum.

Retreat to Squamish

The small British Colombia town of Squamish is surrounded by the exquisite beauty of granite cliffs and a serene lake. Many holiday travellers come to ride the sky gondola that can take you thousands of feet up the mountain for even more breathtaking views. If you visit Squamish then you need to be ready to experience the outdoors, whether to go hiking through the seemingly untamed wilderness for a scenic waterfall, or for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing excursion canoeing down the river.

Visit Sechelt for a beautiful getaway

The lovely village of Sechelt sits just north of Vancouver on the Strait of Georgia bordering the Sechelt Inlet to its north. Sechelt is a great holiday spot for a B&B where you can enjoy the unique landscape with water to the north and south, and an expanse of nature to the east and west. Many who have had the chance to experience a holiday getaway here enjoy a boat tour around the surrounding islands and coast of the strait. Salmon fishing is quite popular north of Sechelt as well.

Whistler B&B in British Columbia

Anyone hoping to experience a holiday of winter sports adventures at one of the top ski resorts in North America needs to check out Whistler. The slopes across Whistler have been traversed by ski and snowboarding enthusiasts for decades. While primarily a winter holiday destination, Whistler is a delight to enjoy in the springtime and summer for more adventures, like nature hikes and mountain biking.