Experience the beauty of Ireland from a B&B

The unique beauty of Ireland deserves a unique accommodation that allows you the proper comforts to best enjoy all that an Ireland holiday offers. With an Ireland B&B, you’ll be able to explore the Irish countryside, mingle with the locals, and visit remote castles. Also, from the comforts of a home-style, fully furnished accommodation, you’ll have the perfect launch point for a hike across a lush mountainside or to hear the regaling of tales at a local pub.

Enjoy Dublin from a B&B

The capital of Ireland is the historic, coastal city of Dublin. Here you can experience a world where old meets new, from the ancient Dublin Castle that has stood as a proud symbol of the city for centuries past, to the artsy Samuel Beckett bridge that looks like a yacht sailing to a new adventure. No trip to Dublin is complete without picking up a Guinness, perhaps before and after a full day of sightseeing. A bed-and-breakfast is a good choice of accommodation because it provides you with a comfortable atmosphere that feels like coming home.

romantic holiday bed-and-breakfast

Ireland can be a wonderfully romantic country, whether enjoying spring tulips and blossoms, or a couple’s skate across a wintry frozen pond. The most intimate type of accommodation is a B&B. You could wake up in a historic, fully-furnished home with catered meals and a private room. A B&B allows you as much social interaction or personal space as you desire, and when you are more comfortable you can feel more refreshed to get out and enjoy the wild Irish countryside.

Retreat to a beachfront bed-and-breakfast

The charming nature of a B&B in a country setting can be enhanced when you find one on the beachfront. The scenic views of the coast and close proximity to the beachfront create an even more appropriate mood for having a fun and relaxing holiday. While Ireland has nearly endless sites to explore and history to experience, sometimes the best way to enjoy a holiday is just by lounging on the beach.

Visit the Irish countryside

The countryside in Ireland is most well-known for the low-lying mountains and rolling green hills that are simple and yet so elegant. A bed-and-breakfast is the ideal choice of accommodation because you can experience that same simple elegance, from the quaint decorations to the comfortable amenities. From your B&B, you could go for a bike ride past fields of roaming sheep and across stone bridges that have stood the test of time. You can discover a breathtaking composition of every shade of green as you look out to the Irish countryside.

A B&B near a castle

Ireland is famous for its many historic castles that are spread across the green landscape. Whether you plan to enjoy a tour of the countryside and admire the majestic stone works from afar, or you can’t wait to explore the castle grounds, Ireland is the perfect holiday destination to experience ancient castles. You’ll be able to find a B&B near some of the most popular castles across Ireland.