Experience the beauty of Newfoundland from a B&B

Whether you plan to venture up to North West River or see the sights on Newfoundland Island on your holiday, there is no shortage of outdoor beauty to experience all across this rugged Canadian province. Newfoundland Island has the most popular holiday spots to visit. Some holiday travellers first head to the major city of St. John's, which is a great launching point for a day trip to Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve or one of the many nearby coastal towns. From a bed-and-breakfast in Newfoundland, you can explore Norse archaeological sites and sightsee in the picturesque outdoors.

Explore Newfoundland Island

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador offers many popular holiday destinations. From the capital of St. John's to the western city of Hawke's Bay and the lovely fishing village of Twillingate, there is a unique beauty to each land with different heritage sites and new favourite restaurants. In the middle of Newfoundland Island, you can visit wilderness reserves that preserve the peace and beauty of the area, along with wildlife reserves to see the migrating caribou and dozens of species of birds.

Enjoy St. John's from a B&B

The capital of Newfoundland and Labrador province is the historic city of St. John's. This coastal city on the eastern edge of Newfoundland Island has a charming appeal, from its brightly coloured downtown houses to the memorial to the great explorer John Cabot. St. John's is famous for being the site of the first transatlantic wireless communication and is considered to be the oldest city in North America. You don't need to be an outdoor enthusiast to appreciate a beautiful Atlantic sunrise or just to enjoy a chance to visit unique and beautiful lighthouses.

Twillingate bed-and-breakfast

On New World Island on the eastern edge of Newfoundland Island sits the remote and beautiful town of Twillingate. Glacier watching around Twillingate is one of the most breathtaking activities to enjoy in Newfoundland, as the gigantic flotilla of ice glistens from white to blue in the sun. Twillingate is primarily a fishing village, and that means you can enjoy some fresh seafood and mingle at the local pub. Ocean views that allow you to peer up the Atlantic are one of a kind, and the rocky cliffs near Twillingate give equally picturesque views.

Retreat to an oceanfront bed-and-breakfast

Most towns across Newfoundland, whether on the mainland or Newfoundland Island, are located on the coast and give holiday travellers a unique and beautiful perspective of the cliffs and glacial fjords. A bed-and-breakfast in one of Newfoundland's coastal towns is a great way to have a relaxing holiday where you can wake up to an incredible Atlantic sunrise. Another benefit of an oceanfront bed-and-breakfast in Newfoundland is that the comforts and amenities of a fully furnished rental make the peaceful coastal sights and sounds all the more special.

romantic B&B in Newfoundland

Newfoundland has maintained a wild and rugged beauty, as it is Canada's easternmost province that greets the sunrise and can be a very romantic destination. Many seeking a romantic getaway enjoy a winter holiday to see the unique appeal of ice sheets and towering glaciers, while the summer is a great time to visit Newfoundland for more outdoor activities to share with a loved one. A bed-and-breakfast is perfect accommodation for a romantic getaway to share a cozy room that is quaintly decorated and feels like home.