The province of Ontario is Canada’s 2nd-largest province and is a geologically diverse region that stretches from New York to the southwestern side of the Hudson Bay. Ontario has a rich history and vast areas of rugged and beautiful wilderness. While Ontario has major cities like Ottawa and Toronto, and quaint destinations like Muskoka and Grand Bend, many holiday travellers come to experience the untamed outdoors and natural attractions. If you enjoy nature hiking, watching the graceful movements of wildlife, fishing, or snowmobiling across vast white sheets of snow, then Ontario is an ideal place for your next holiday.

Visit Ottawa

Ontario’s capital of Ottawa is its easternmost city and a great destination for those who like politics, education, and culture. Ontario has a great history of winter amusements for fun holiday enjoyment, and also many museums to better appreciate the cultural and artistic achievements of prominent Canadians. Because Ottawa is inland and away from one of the Great Lakes, the Ottawa River is a major plus to the scenic views and its historic economic viability. You could grab a lovely waterfront view at a local restaurant, which is an extra special holiday experience.

Enjoy Muskoka from a B&B

The picturesque region of Muskoka looks as if it comes right out of a storybook about an ideal Canadian lakefront town, with rustic cottages and coniferous forests. One of the best ways to get a feel for Muskoka is by visiting the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre. Some parts of Muskoka sit on the northeasternmost edge of Lake Huron, while others are inland enjoying the more secluded Lake Muskoka which means there’s a lovely atmosphere of small towns and country life. You don’t want to miss the boating and fishing opportunities here.

An Elora bed-and-breakfast

The village of Elora sits on the Grand River and is known as one of the most breathtaking villages in Ontario. There are multiple nature parks in and around Elora, and the limestone architecture points to both the beauty and geographical significance of the region. A naturally occurring gorge also gives Elora a distinct identity and makes it a more enjoyable holiday destination to enjoy the outdoors and return to relax in your B&B.

Adventure to Grand Bend from a B&B

Grand Bend is a wonderfully unique holiday destination for the chance to enjoy a golden sandy beach on the banks of Lake Huron from a quaint B&B. Many Canadian towns are more known for ski resorts and wilderness adventures, so you can imagine how Grand Bend is quite popular for its beach. The sunsets here are exquisite as well, you can find many scenic lookouts giving you an overview of the expanse of Lake Huron. When you visit, you can also check out the various lighthouses across the lake shores.

Retreat to a Cobourg bed-and-breakfast

Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario is the sunny and beach-friendly town of Cobourg. Cobourg is a town that attracts many holiday goers for its sandy shores and busy marina. Many come here for the chance to rent a sailboat and tour the blue waters of Lake Huron. Summer festivals and activities are also an important part of the area, and that makes the summer the perfect time to holiday in a Cobourg B&B.