Experience the beauty of Québec from a B&B

Québec is Canada’s largest province and is the only province with a predominantly French-speaking population. While Québec has many major cities in which you could enjoy a holiday, such as Montréal, Québec City, and North Hatley, the rugged expanse of wilderness that dominates much of Québec means that many holiday travellers come for a genuine experience in nature. Birdwatching, hiking through a lush forest, fishing, and interacting with the raw nature and wildlife are just some of the ways to appreciate Québec’s great outdoors.

Visit Québec City from a bed-and-breakfast

The historic town of Québec City is Québec’s capital and is full of fascinating heritage sites and classic architecture. The city has a different look and feel than many modern metropolises, as Québec city has mature trees and is conscious about maintaining its historic roots. Like in most parts of Québec, the French influence is readily apparent, which is part of the distinct charm. When you choose a Québec City bed-and-breakfast, you'll be near such sites as massive stone buildings and chateaus that date back hundreds of years, such as the St Jean Gate.

Enjoy Magog from a B&B

Just over 100 kilometres east of Montréal sits the peaceful, green city of Magog. Magog is a relatively small city, which makes it an ideal destination for a holiday B&B to get away from the busyness and stress of life. Here, you'll find a main street that feels like a genuine small town and breathtaking views of the convergence of the Rivière aux Cerises and the Magog River. Near Magog are nature parks and alpine resorts. Holiday travellers enjoy Magog for such outdoor adventures, as well as the nearby lakes that are great for camping and hiking.

Treat yourself to a Montréal B&B

Montréal is the largest city in Québec and one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in Canada. This predominantly French-speaking city is full of Canada’s French heritage and also modern city life. The nightlife is one of the prime reasons to visit Montréal, including the Riverwalk and many seasonal attractions. While in Montréal, you have to visit a local bistro for an authentic meal with French wine and original delicacies. Montréal appeals to all types of travellers because of the distinct opportunities to have fun or just relax.

Make memories in a North Hatley bed-and-breakfast

Another lovely small town in Québec is North Hatley. North Hatley sits on the northern edge of Lake Massawippi and is a gorgeous setting for a holiday bed-and-breakfast. You’ll find many quaint boutiques and family restaurants that serve traditional cuisine. The lake views are something to behold, and you may want to look for a B&B that sits lakeside for that reason. Sometimes, a relaxing small town is the right choice over a bustling big city.

Retreat to a lakeside bed-and-breakfast

Québec is a beautiful province that has over 12 percent of its region covered in lakes. The wildlife and nature that surround so many of the region’s lakes are what makes a holiday in Québec so desirable. You won’t regret choosing a B&B on a lake where you can relish not only a peaceful setting but also more opportunities to interact with Québec’s wonderful outdoors. If you like fishing or watching wildlife, for instance, a lakeside B&B will offer more chances to enjoy both.