The rugged paradise of Vancouver Island is the perfect holiday destination if you enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Located just off Canada's Pacific coast, Vancouver Island has mild weather and a natural landscape of conifers, wildlife, and rocky cliffs that create a pleasant and also wild ambience. Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria maintain a prominent role in Canada's Pacific fishing industry. Vancouver Island has a wilderness feel to it, and yet you can be close to small towns and fun social engagement.

Retreat to a Chesterman Beach bed-and-breakfast

Your visit to Chesterman Beach will let you enjoy miles of Pacific golden sand with views unlike those at any other beach you've experienced. With options for lounging in the sun, taking a leisurely stroll, biking across the dunes, or taking a quick dip in the icy Pacific if you're feeling adventurous, Chesterman Beach is a fun holiday spot for all. Chesterman Beach is a great spot to bring your pets along, and you can visit any time of year to enjoy a changing landscape of greens, oranges, browns, and whites based on the season.

Visit Sooke on Vancouver Island

When planning your holiday to Vancouver Island, you may want to consider spending some time in Sooke. Sooke sits just west of Victoria, and here you can enjoy a more secluded experience away from the city with the chance to be more immersed in nature, as well as a more expansive view of the Pacific. Nearby Sooke Potholes Provincial Park and East Sooke Regional Park can be aptly described as coniferous rainforests, with rippling rocky streams and beautifully jagged coastline.

Retreat to Comox, Vancouver Island

Comox lies on the eastern edge of Vancouver Island on the Strait of Georgia. With exquisite views of Texada Island to the east and the town of Royston to the west, Comox is great for a visit if you enjoy nature, and the town is equally quaint and hospitable. Holiday travellers can take a tour of Air Force relics or hop on a plane for a one-of-a-kind tour of the surrounding region. Spring is a wonderful time to visit if you would like to take pictures of an amazing tapestry of green botanical life.

Port Alberni bed-and-breakfast

Set among the foothills of a gorgeous mountain range, Port Alberni is a lovely destination for a holiday bed-and-breakfast. The unique contrast between the sea and mountains is one of the reasons Port Alberni is such a great place to spend the weekend, as you can enjoy local seafood or go for a nature hike. As you can imagine, Port Alberni is a top fishing spot as well.

Enjoy the town of Campbell River

Not far from Discovery Passage, the town of Campbell River is another seaside community on Vancouver Island that is special for its outdoor beauty and beach fun. A bed-and-breakfast is great accommodation in Campbell River because you can enjoy a comfortable, fully furnished stay with personal touches that remind you of home. Whether you want to explore the waterfalls in Elk Falls Provincial Park or you are headed to the nearby Alpine resort, you can have a fulfilling holiday.