Victoria in British Columbia is the type of city that you'll enjoy coming back to again and again. It has beautiful parklands and open spaces, many of which feature colourful blooms that are perfect for pausing to relax or just appreciating the beauty of nature as you tour the city. Bike hires are available if you like the thought of a bit of exercise while appreciating an up-close look at the many heritage sites in the city, and water taxis are a good way of getting to interesting waterfront destinations.

Retreat to a B&B in downtown Victoria

Victoria is a great town for a holiday, with a prominent waterfront and open parkland that's eco-friendly and covered in botanical life. The city itself is beautiful, and the downtown is no exception. The Inner Harbour is a lively place to spend time. Here you can enjoy the culinary traditions of fresh seafood or head out to one of the historic sites. The downtown area has many opportunities for shopping as well, from local boutiques to the brands you love.

Blissful, romantic B&Bs

Perhaps the most romantic accommodation for a holiday with that special someone is a bed-and-breakfast. With personal touches of comfort and a relaxed setting where you can come and go as you please, a B&B allows you as much privacy or interaction as you would like. You and your significant other can experience a room that is better furnished than most stays and features the type of decor you might see in a magazine.

Enjoy a waterfront B&B in Victoria

Victoria is surrounded on 3 sides by water, and many of the views are simply breathtaking. Whether you are gazing over Washington's San Juan Island or Olympic National Park, a waterfront bed-and-breakfast allows you to appreciate the sights and sounds that are unique to the coast. Because Victoria has such a prominent coastline, there is a prevalence of bed-and-breakfasts that allow you to gaze across the waterfront. You can also enjoy being a short walk or commute from the marina or your favourite seafood restaurant.

Family-friendly stay in Victoria

Victoria is known as a thriving holiday destination with an abundance of outdoor activities. That makes Victoria perfect for a fun family holiday, so you'll also want fun and relaxing accommodation to enhance your enjoyment. A bed-and-breakfast is a class above a bland hotel and is a place where you and your family can enjoy the personal touches that make a B&B feel like home. Mornings can be a hectic time to get everyone up and out the door to enjoy the amusement for the day, so a nutritious breakfast laid out for your family might be the perfect solution.

Finding the right pet-friendly B&B

A B&B can conjure images of being quaint and comfortable with vintage decor and the pleasant aroma of potpourri. Many holiday travellers might not think about a bed-and-breakfast that welcomes pets, but it's a great way to enjoy a fully furnished and comforting room where you also get to cherish the company of your furry friend. Victoria is a great holiday destination to have your pet along, whether you're heading to the waterfront or going for a nature walk. You can have a much more refreshing trip when you know your companion is in the best care with you.