Alberta is a paradise to nature lovers with rugged outdoor beauty and scenic mountains. Alberta is not as heavily populated as some other Canadian provinces, but Calgary is a major metropolitan area that offers many exciting holiday activities. Most holiday travellers come to Alberta to have an experience in nature, whether taking a stroll through a forest, hiking across the mountain range, skiing pristine slopes, or merely appreciating the peace of being surrounded by outdoor splendour. The beauty of the outdoors and Alberta is endless, whether appreciating a crystal clear mountain lake or watching a waterfall cascade over jagged cliffs.

Retreat to a Calgary bed-and-breakfast

The capital of Alberta is Calgary. Although Calgary is far inland from either coast, it is still one of the most desirable holiday destinations and a cultural icon of Canada. From the 2 converging rivers to the built-in green spaces, Calgary is a breathtaking city. There are many attractions, such as the Calgary Zoo, Calgary Tower, Chinatown, and the Calgary Flames. Outdoor enthusiasts can find some of the best fishing spots near Calgary.

Experience a downtown B&B

Alberta has a host of fantastic destinations to enjoy a bed-and-breakfast immersed in nature, but in your next holiday you may want to enjoy the excitement of Calgary. A downtown bed-and-breakfast in Calgary will give you just that. You could head out to enjoy the nightlife of Calgary, catch a Flames game, or watch one of the performing arts shows that’s prominent here. You can also get around the downtown quite easily with convenient public buses and light rail.

Enjoy Drumheller from a B&B

The town of Drumheller in Alberta is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations the country. Known as the 'dinosaur capital of the world', Drumheller has huge reserves of fossils and museums to appreciate its mining history. A bed-and-breakfast stay in Drumheller is exceptionally delightful because the town is so unique and also has a rugged, desert beauty that can be appreciated by city folk and outdoor enthusiasts alike. When you visit, make sure you have your camera ready, as around every rocky corner there is another scenic moment to capture.

Lake Louise holiday visit

The Alberta hamlet of Lake Louise has the type of mountainous beauty that you would see in a postcard or might only dream of visiting. The snowy mountains that surround Lake Louise provide a spectacular contrast to the tall green pines that nestle up to the lakeshore and the crystal, turquoise waters reflecting the warm sun. As you can imagine, a bed-and-breakfast here is especially charming because of the unbelievable views and opportunities to experience nature up close.

Your guide to a lakeside B&B

Alberta is not as well known for a province with famous lakes, like the Great Lakes, but like most of Canada, there are hundreds of beautiful regions that are dotted with crisp, picturesque lakes that would be an ideal location for a bed-and-breakfast. Some lakes are more remote with a pleasantly secluded feel, while others have many towns and activities nearby to mix up your holiday fun and adventure. In either case, you can discover the beauty of lakeside views from a quaint B&B.