From the bright lights of New York to the nature-friendly city of Seattle and down to the artsy city of Austin, a bed-and-breakfast in the United States should be your choice of holiday accommodation. A B&B is a great way to spend your downtime surrounded by crafty decor and personalized comforts that are a setting as unique as the US destination where you plan to holiday. The US has Alpine skiing, white-sand beaches, desert beauty, mountain ranges, and a friendly Midwest. Each destination offers the chance to discover what could be your new favourite place.

Retreat to a Key West bed-and-breakfast

Key West is different from many other US cities as its secluded locations lets you find the peace and the pleasure that you deserve. Key West in Florida is the southernmost location in the continental United States. Jumping from key to key as you drive across Highway 1 lets you absorb ocean views like no other as you get to look down and see the clear blue waters teeming with life. Whether you plan to charter a boat to catch a deep-sea marlin or just relax on the beach, Key West lets you do whatever you want.

Visit Vermont in the US

The inland state of Vermont is the perfect holiday destination for a quaint, New England-style bed-and-breakfast. Whether you plan to holiday near Green Mountain National Forest or stay in the capital city of Montpelier, you can enjoy farmhouses and appropriately country life that also has a historic atmosphere. Many holiday travellers come to Vermont for the Revolutionary War heritage sites, while others enjoy going up to the city of Burlington for scenic lake views. Whatever you choose, Vermont is a great location to relax at a B&B.

Burlington on Lake Champlain

Nestled on famous Lake Champlain, the city of Burlington near the Canadian border is a great holiday destination for quaint shops, boutiques, a pedestrian marketplace, and Revolutionary War memorabilia. Of course, the legend of the Lake Champlain monster continues on, so when you rent a bed-and-breakfast in Burlington, you won't want to miss out on the chance to grab one of the folklore souvenirs. The lake views make Burlington a beautiful spot, and the city is comfortably folksy.

Holiday in Seattle

On your trip to Seattle, you can find out why it is a beloved holiday destination for unique tours of how the coffee craze started and for being a green-friendly city. The views of the Pacific Northwest are spectacular, and Seattle is a neighbouring city to Vancouver in many ways. Seattle has a happening downtown that's great for enjoying the nightlife and great eateries. You don't have to go far to step out into the majestic surrounding nature.

Exotic Maui bed-and-breakfast

Surf's up in Maui! As part of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is one of the most well-known and popular holiday destinations in the world. The volcanic rock formations and soft, sandy beaches are what holiday travellers live for. You can explore the rainforest to immerse yourself in the safe but untamed outdoors, or head over to explore the waterfalls of 'Ohe'o Gulch. The sun is always shining, and Haleakala National Park might be calling your name to take an adventure across its peaks and ranges.