The rugged beauty of Canada and the sophistication and culture on offer in its major cities provide opportunities for different holiday experiences. The thousands of lakes across Canada, the dense forests, and the vast mountain ranges are but a few of the natural treasures contributing to peaceful yet untamed outdoors that gives a holiday such appeal. The natural beauty is only a small part of pure holiday bliss as you could head to Toronto, Montréal, or Vancouver for culturally diverse and unique amusement.

Retreat to a British Columbia guest house

British Columbia has some of the most spectacular views across Canada, as you explore the subtropical rainforests and rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest. A bed-and-breakfast guest house is a good choice of accommodation in order to enjoy personalized comforts and service, while also not having to think about cooking. You might want to head out to Salt Spring Island in the Strait of Georgia for a secluded retreat in the outdoors, or enjoy the nature-friendly city of Vancouver with great seafood and endless cultural attractions.

Waterfront guest houses

Whether you plan to holiday in Nova Scotia, on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, or on the Bruce Peninsula, a waterfront guest house can provide a very peaceful setting as well as give you spectacular views. Canada has many hundreds of destinations for a holiday on the waterfront, and in almost every city and across any region you could find a waterfront guest house that is available. A guest house on the Atlantic coast is very special for being able to grab your early morning cup of coffee or tea and greet the sun as it reflects across the vast ocean.

Québec holiday guest houses

The beauty and cultural diversity of Québec makes letting a guest house here on holiday a really good choice. Bordered by mostly water, Québec has appealing coastal views, and even more appealing are the opportunities to spend one of your holiday days on a sailing excursion or heading out for a fresh catch. Montréal, the largest city in Québec, is a modern metropolis with professional sports teams, French colonial architecture, heritage sites, many nature parks, and nearby mountains to explore. For a fun and wintry holiday, you could head up north to the Hudson Strait or near Mansell Island.

Holiday fun in Ontario

Ontario is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces and stretches all the way from Lake Ontario, north to the Hudson Bay, and southwest to the border of Minnesota in the US. Many holiday travellers come to Ontario for lakeside holiday enjoyment and relaxation, as it borders 4 of the 5 Great Lakes and has countless ideal spots for a guest house stay. Ottawa and Toronto are in Ontario, and each of these major cities has unique architectural appeal, such as the historic castle-like structures in Toronto and Ottawa’s Victorian-style buildings that are spread throughout the downtown.

Family-friendly Canadian guest house

Canada has so many unique and beautiful holiday destinations, so for the family that loves an outdoor adventure, there are nearly endless great choices. Vancouver Island is a good destination for a family that would love to hike coniferous mountainsides or kayak up and down the untamed shore. Prince Edward Island is a quaint and historic destination, where you could cycle across the countryside with your family or have fun on a sandy beach. The great lake region is also ideal for a family guest house holiday.