From the eastern province of Prince Edward Island to the Pacific beauty of Vancouver Island, Canada has many incredible islands that would make for a perfect B&B destination. Salt Spring Island gives you a unique taste of the beauty and historic culture of the Strait of Georgia. Pelee Island offers a whole different perspective, as it is located in Lake Erie and offers the distinct enjoyment of freshwater seafood and its own heritage sites. Whether you look toward the East Coast, the Great Lakes, or the Pacific coast of Canada, you can find a bed-and-breakfast that will fulfil your holiday desires.

Retreat to a Prince Edward Island bed-and-breakfast

Prince Edward Island is the type of island where anyone would dream of enjoying a holiday. On the island, you'll discover historic lighthouses, rolling farmlands, topographical diversity, and miles of beaches. The views may be the most appealing aspect of Prince Edward Island. Whether you head to the eastern end to enjoy greeting the sun each morning as it peaks up over the Gulf of St. Lawrence, or you want to enjoy the festivities of Charlottetown, you’ll find plenty of holiday enjoyment on PEI.

Visit Bowen Island B&Bs near Vancouver

Bowen Island is actually a part of the Vancouver metro area, and its location puts you close to all the fun and amenities of a big city, with the seclusion necessary to enjoy a quiet and alluring holiday. A bed-and-breakfast is the perfect type of letting for this occasion, as you can enjoy a personalized touch of comfort unique to other accommodation. Bowen Island has smooth, pebbled beaches and towering mountain ranges, and the vastly different scenery is part of the charm here. Kayaking is a fun way to tour the island.

Visit beautiful Pelee Island B&Bs

Small Pelee Island is the southernmost inhabited location in Canada, but that claim to fame is just a small taste of the fun and beauty you can experience here. From the historic lighthouses to the sunny beaches, Pelee Island is a great holiday destination. While there are many adventures to have, such as hiking or boating, you can enjoy as much calm and quiet as you desire. One uniquely enjoyable aspect of Pelee Island is that there’s actually a great nightlife for younger crowds.

Exotic Manitoulin Island bed-and-breakfast

To enjoy a beautiful, mountainous getaway that’s covered end-to-end with green shades of botanical life, you will certainly want to check out Bowen Island for your next holiday. The elevation on Manitoulin Island provides really spectacular vantage points from which to view Lake Manitou and the picturesque landscape below. Another interesting and visually appealing aspect of Manitoulin Island is the dozens of inland lakes surrounded by wildlife and the peaceful sight of nature.

Your guide to Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, in the Strait of Georgia, is a lovely and historic island that is popular among holiday travellers. With various activities, whether appreciating the colours of spring and autumn or chilling out on the beach in summer, any time of year is perfect for visiting. The availability of fresh seafood makes the culinary options of Salt Spring Island quite delicious. A wine festival takes place each autumn, which is for many just icing on the cake.