Discover island B&Bs in the Strait of Georgia

From Salt Spring Island up to Quadra Island, the Strait of Georgia is one of the most interesting and beautiful regions to visit in British Columbia. Each island has a distinct natural appeal and atmosphere, so you can find your favourite spot to spend a summer holiday year after year. With the region's ferries and airports, you can easily move from one island to another as you explore and appreciate each.

Retreat to a Salt Spring Island bed-and-breakfast

Your visit to Salt Spring Island can be one of pure holiday enjoyment as you explore the outdoors and delight in the natural beauty of the island. One of the most interesting activities on Salt Spring Island is visiting the various heritage sites related to the immigrant pioneers who settled here in the 1800s. Because Salt Spring Island has mountainous terrain, you can hike up to enjoy beautiful views of the strait and surrounding landscape.

Visit Hornby Island

As you plan your holiday to a Strait of Georgia island, you'll definitely want to consider Hornby Island. Hornby Island offers you the chance to dig your feet into the golden sand of the beaches, which is a welcome feeling of a beautiful summer day in the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, but any part of the island that is not covered by sand or a lush rainforest canopy has a distinct appeal with both beautifully smooth and jagged rocks. One of the most beautiful aspects of Hornby Island comes at low tide when you can witness tide pools teeming with life and hidden rock formations.

Holiday on Galiano Island in the Strait of Georgia

The slender Galiano Island is a great holiday destination for its peaceful harbour and nature parks. Whether you want to relax and watch the tide come and go while bantering with the locals, or you prefer to strap on your hiking boots and explore the hills and forests of Galiano Island, you'll find plenty of reasons to visit. Galiano Island is an ideal holiday destination for outdoor enthusiasts as well as art lovers who appreciate the Kunamokst Mural.

Pender Island bed-and-breakfast

North and South Pender Island both hold countless treasures that give you every reason to plan a holiday trip here. Each island is a short ferry ride from Vancouver, and the sub-Mediterranean climate means that it's pleasant during the off-season. You can enjoy a sandy beach during the summer or hike across the rugged outdoors after a spring thaw. You can also experience many types of amusement, including golfing, enjoying delicious cuisine, or scuba diving.

Your guide to Gabriola Island

The sparsely populated island of Gabriola Island provides the perfect scenic holiday setting with seclusion from busy city life where you can be immersed in nature. A short ferry ride will take you from Vancouver Island to Gabriola Island, and from there the island is yours to explore. Visiting here is like choosing your own adventure, whether you want to engage in recreation, enjoy the local culture, or visit one of the seasonal festivals.