Get away to a B&B in Jasper

Jasper is a great holiday destination if you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, discovering wildlife, rafting, hiking, climbing, and so much more. You could take a guided tour through the wilderness to seek out caribou and the wild fauna that make their home in the lush coniferous environment surrounding Jasper. Because the surrounding mountain ranges, rivers, and crystalline lakes are worthy to be admired, you can take a ride on the Jasper sky trim or go to the skywalk to see all the beauty for kilometres in every direction.

family-friendly bed-and-breakfast

Jasper has many fun and outdoorsy activities to enjoy as a family on your holiday. A bed-and-breakfast can be a great family accommodation because you don't have to worry about meal preparation or taking care of your room. For the family who loves the outdoors, Jasper has opportunities for hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, boating, and swimming, just to name a few. Families can also enjoy the skywalk together, which offers a peaceful and scenic vista of the landscape that lets you look out and imagine where the next adventure might be.

Waterfront bed-and-breakfast in Jasper

Jasper has plenty of options for finding a bed-and-breakfast on the waterfront or one of the area lakes or rivers. The waterfront in Jasper provides a meditative atmosphere that lets you enjoy picturesque surroundings of wildlife, contrasting charcoal grey cliffs with the greens of botanical life, and the sun’s reflection off the water's mirrored surface. Whitewater rafting and fishing are popular activities to enjoy in Jasper. There is so much happening at the waterfront, and a bed-and-breakfast is a perfect holiday letting because you will be greeted each morning by the rejuvenating sights, smells, and sounds of the rapids of the Athabasca River.

Winter holiday in Jasper

Jasper is one of the better places for a skiing or snowboarding holiday, as it's beautiful, has great rides, and maintains a very pleasant amount of seclusion. While skiing and snowboarding are the most popular winter activities, many holiday travellers enjoy a snowmobiling trek across the winter wonderland, strap on snowshoes for a scenic walk, or try their luck at ice fishing on one of the nearby ponds. The snow-covered mountain peaks and lightly dusted town create the perfect holiday feel to get away from a busy life and just pause to enjoy nature.

Summer holiday in Jasper

While Jasper is a popular holiday destination for the incredible winter activities and snow-inspired beauty, it has an equal amount of fun and adventurous things to do during the summer. Many holiday visitors first want to take in the incredible sights of a gorgeous mountainscape highlighted by vibrant green pines and a winding river. The best way to see the surrounding landscape is to take a trip up the SkyTram or make your way out to the skywalk for an elevated view. Jasper is also home to many cascading waterfalls and nature trails.

Romantic getaway in Jasper

There may be nothing more romantic than sipping a glass of local wine with your significant other as you look out to the serene views that would normally be reserved for a magazine cover. The word 'paradise' comes to mind, and that’s why you should look into a romantic bed-and-breakfast in Jasper. Whether you want a quaint accommodation downtown or one that has a rustic, secluded feel, you are sure to enjoy the relaxation and ambience.