Explore nature with one of the top cabin camping rentals

When you venture out to enjoy some time away from your normal life, there are several kinds of experiences available. You could travel to another city or hit a beachfront resort. One of the most memorable experiences, however, is going camping with a quality cabin rental. These accommodation options feature cosy lodgings that the whole family can enjoy, though here are more romantic options as well. Check out what the top cabin camping rentals can offer.

Book a luxury cabin camping rental

Just because you're looking for a quality holiday that puts you close to nature doesn't mean you have to give up on some of the luxuries you've come to expect from quality accommodation options. There are plenty of cabins available that offer amenities you'd normally expect from a fancy villa without sacrificing your convenient location among nature and the breathtaking Canadian countryside. Within these rentals, you'll find amenities like numerous bedrooms, a full kitchen with high-end appliances, and even special features like a hot tub, which can especially come in handy during winter vacations.

Luxury Whistler Elegance

If you're looking for a luxury cabin to rent, Whistler Elegance can put you close to a spectacular getaway that works perfectly in both the summer and the winter. It features four bedrooms with enough bedding for up to 10 people to sleep comfortably inside. You'll also find a gourmet kitchen, a 4K television, and a hot tub for a truly luxurious experience. It's located just a few meters from a ski lift if you're looking to hit the slopes around Whistler by Alta Lake. Of course summer visitors will find themselves just steps away from Blueberry Trail, a magnificent hike around the lake.

Discover a cabin camping rental with a hot tub

Winter is always a spectacular time in Canada to enjoy the natural countryside, but you'll need some way to deal with the cold. Cabins are designed to be warm and cosy by default, but you won't find warmth like the kind a hot tub offers. Booking a cabin camping rental with a hot tub can add a bit of elegance and refinement to a cabin retreat, and you don't even have to opt for an overly luxurious rental to get one. Hot tubs in cabins are more common than you might think, and they're often located in an area of your cabin with a great view of the nature surrounding it. That means you can let your muscles relax all while taking in the incredible scenic views.

Hot tub cabin by sprawling mountains

When you book your stay at this creek-front cabin, you can enjoy incredible mountain views directly from a relaxing hot tub. Trees surround the cabin adding an isolated and romantic feel to the experience that's complemented by its cosy single bedroom and room for two. There's a nature conservancy just steps away from the cabin, and cross country skiing and snowshoeing are popular in the area thanks to the extensive open terrain. You'll find yourself just a few minutes from Radium Hot Springs as well if you're looking for additional soothing warmth.

Cabin camping rental by the beach

For travellers looking for those beachfront retreats, a cabin may be one of your best options. These cabins tend to be isolated compared to more popular resort-style retreats which makes your experience with the beach a bit more intimate. You can enjoy the calm waters of the Canadian shore from a cabin that will put you just steps away from the waves. You'll find yourself so close, in fact, that you can let the sounds of the waves lull you to sleep each night. Plus, the best cabins can offer incredible views across the water which, depending on where you are, can lead to incredible sights like towering mountains in the distance or ships rolling by on the horizon.

Explore Pilgrim's seaside cabin

At Pilgrim's Seaside Cabin, you can enjoy a quaint yet spacious cabin with room enough for four to sleep comfortably. It's notably relaxing as it's fairly isolated on the Courtenay coast with its own private deck and beach. All essential amenities are included like a fully-equipped kitchen with a dining area, WiFi, and all the winterization you need for those visiting during the colder months. You can even bring your pup along for the trip as this cabin is pet friendly. The cabin is also located just to the south of Seal Bay Nature Park, so you could explore its wonders just a few minutes from the cabin.