Find comfortable cabin rentals in Nova Scotia that show off this maritime province

Nova Scotia is an eastern province in Canada that encompasses an island off the mainland packed full of exciting adventure, no matter what your interests are. If you're looking for a more nature-oriented experience, however, there's nothing quite like a cabin rental to help you connect more intimately with the stunning natural features in the area. With so many cabin rentals on offer, it's easy to find one that fits your needs, whether you're looking to bring the whole family along or just enjoy a romantic getaway. These cabins even feature luxury amenities you may not expect, so you don't even have to sacrifice the comforts you've come to expect from holiday accommodation options when you book your Nova Scotia cabin.

Discover cabin rentals in Cape Breton

On the northeastern side of Nova Scotia, you'll find the island of Cape Breton. It's known primarily for its tranquil walking trails and highlands, offering stunning views of the surrounding areas. Beaches and cliffs are available in equal measure, whether you're looking to venture through Cabot Trail or Dominion Beach with its sparkling waters and diverse bird population. Whatever your intention, booking a cabin around Cape Breton can put you just steps away from its highlands or beachfront, while keeping you fairly isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even so, you won't have to be too far from civilization with towns like Chéticamp throughout the area, where you'll find all the conveniences you need.

Coastal cabin

This coastal cabin is located right alongside the banks of Baddeck Bay on the southern side of Cape Breton Island. There are two bedrooms with room for four guests, so it's suitable for small families and couples. The cabin features plenty of windows equipped with screens, so you can let in the sea breeze without having to worry about letting anything else in. You'll also find full hardwood flooring and a general wooden interior design throughout that seriously accentuates the cabin atmosphere. The deck outside also features a hot tub that you're free to access whenever you like.

Explore cabin rentals in Halifax

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and is the major urban area on this island province. You won't find many quiet cabins within its urban landscape, but the outskirts of town provide an interesting opportunity. You can orient yourself to all the attractions the city can offer, while still enjoying the breathtaking surrounding landscape, separated far from the city's noise. The Blue Mountain area is particularly appealing if you're looking to venture out into the water with a boat or to spot diverse wildlife. Otter Lake is also located along the outskirts, so there's plenty of opportunity for aquatic adventure during your trip.

Lakefront log cabin

Book your stay in this lakefront log cabin, and you'll find yourself just a few steps away from Hatchet Lake. This three bedroom cabin has room enough for six people to sleep comfortably and features a fireplace and a fully equipped open kitchen. There's even a dock on the property with two kayaks that you're free to use to travel out onto the lake. Additionally, downtown Halifax is just a 20 minute drive away, so you can venture to the city without having to go too far from your quiet cabin retreat.

Book one of the cabin rentals around Peggy's Cove

Located just about 43 kilometers south of Halifax, Peggy's Cove is one of the most iconic destinations in all of Nova Scotia. While there are plenty of fishing villages around the island province, Peggy's Cove is the most famous, thanks to its breathtaking environment and iconic lighthouse. Its popularity only increased thanks to the work of artist William E. deGarthe, as he often painted and sculpted fishing themes from the perspective of a Peggy's Cove resident. Booking a cabin in this area will put you close to its ocean waves, giant rocks, and lobster boats. Given the relatively quiet nature of this town, you don't even have to opt for a cabin outside of the village's boundaries, as you can find the peace and tranquility of a cabin well within its official borders.

Old world cabin

Located right in the middle of Peggy's cove, this cabin offers a combination of old world charm and modern conveniences and amenities. You'll find three bedrooms within and room enough for five people to sleep comfortably, so there's enough room to take the family along. Being located along Peggy's Cove's center, you can see stunning sunsets and views of the ocean every day. The design of the cabin features wooden beams and flooring throughout, and you'll even find surrounding windows, each with a spectacular view to offer. This cabin is also directly next door to the former home of deGarthe, the famous Dutch artist that put Peggy's Cove on the map.