The best cabin rentals with a hot tub in Canada that are perfect for a relaxing trip

There's something special about booking a cabin rental to explore the Canadian countryside. With all sorts of natural features from mountains to valleys and lakes, the outdoor adventure available in Canada is virtually endless. A cabin can connect you with the surrounding nature like few other accommodation options can, but that's just the beginning. The best quality cabins go above and beyond to create that nature-oriented experience without sacrificing the amenities you've come to know and love when travelling. You can even find cabins that come equipped with a hot tub. After trekking through walking trails or venturing out into the water with a boat, it's nice to be able to relax and recharge with a hot tub conveniently located right within your cabin rental.

Explore cabin rentals with a hot tub in Radium Hot Springs

When you're looking for a cabin with a hot tub, it's only fitting to consider an area known for its warm waters. At Radium Hot Springs, you'll find a quaint mountain village known for its natural springs found within the nearby Kootenay National Park. The name of the region comes from the traces of radon that was found in the water. You don't have to worry about any dangers from this radioactive element, however, as it would take over 38 hours of you bathing in the hot springs to absorb the same amount of radiation that you'd get from a single chest x-ray.

Quiet private cabin

This quiet cabin is located just five minutes away from Radium Hot Springs and features a single bedroom with room for two. Given its size, it's best used as a couples retreat, as it offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Inside, you'll find vaulted ceilings and a kitchenette while the outside deck area features a fire pit, BBQ, and a picnic table. Of course, there's also a private hot tub located on the outdoor deck as well that you can enjoy at any time. Additionally, the Nature Conservancy in the area is just steps away.

Discover cabin rentals with a hot tub by Powell River

Powell River is a city located on the Georgia Strait separating British Columbia's mainland with Vancouver Island. Despite being relatively close to the sprawling metropolis that is Vancouver, Powell River remains mostly quiet and isolated. Book a cabin stay in this area, and you'll find yourself surrounded by water and mountains that you're free to explore, especially if you decide to hike the Sunshine Coast Trail. Cabins with a hot tub are especially prevalent in this region as there are many travellers seeking to explore its natural beauty from a place of comfort and relaxation.

Powell River cabin

At this waterfront cabin, you'll find yourself just steps away from the ocean among vibrant trees and stunning greenery. The cabin itself features a loft style bedroom setup and massive windows that make it easy for you to lie in bed and watch the eagles nesting in nearby trees. Of course, the cabin also comes equipped with a hot tub and large soaker tub located in the outside area that's available for you to enjoy all year long. There's only one bedroom, but the living room sofa bed offers enough room for four people total to sleep inside. Additionally, you can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen while being just 15 minutes away from Powell River's downtown area.

Find cabin rentals with a hot tub around Kaslo

The small village of Kaslo is a quaint community in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. It's situated along Kootenay Lake and primarily known for its incredible natural features surrounding the village proper including forests and mountains. Finding a cabin among that natural splendor is easy, but finding one with a hot tub is a sure way to book a vacation that you'll be hard-pressed to forget. One of the best aspects of Kaslo is that it offers numerous convenient paths to reach particularly isolated cabins for a truly nature-centric experience.

Wilderness cabin

If you're looking for an adventure that puts you far separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, this wilderness cabin may be the perfect destination. It's located 30 minutes from Kaslo along Duncan Lake in between Goat Range Provincial Park and Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park, so you'll have access to lakes and mountain peaks in equal measure. When you're not exploring the surrounding wilderness, you can enjoy this quiet cabin and its two bedrooms with enough room for seven total guests. It's even pet-friendly, so you can bring your pup along for the trip. The hot tub is just one of the numerous high-end features here as this cabin also features a wood fired sauna.