Find the best cabin rentals in Prince Edward Island to explore the pastoral landscape

On Prince Edward Island, you'll find a breathtaking landscape complete with rolling hills, wooded areas, and even sandy beaches. All of this comes with a tint of red, as the region is famous for its red soil and the natural beauty that brings. While there are plenty of options available if you're looking to explore this landscape, nothing offers an experience quite like a cabin rental. By booking one of the premier cabins in Prince Edward Island, you can enjoy a trip that puts you up close and personal with the surrounding countryside where you'll be greeted by scenic views every morning.

Book a cabin rental in Charlottetown

You may not be thinking of Charlottetown when you think of countryside cabins, but PEI's capital and largest city has more to offer than you might think. The city isn't all that dense, and there's plenty of green space to enjoy. Cabins are especially prominent on the other side of the harbour from Charlottetown's downtown area. Not only is it easy to find an isolated area for a cabin here by the water, but all the conveniences of the city are just a short trip away. For example, you could find a cabin in the Stratford area that's just a short crossing of the Hillsborough River from Charlottetown proper.

Harbour-view cabin

This harbour-view cabin sits comfortably on the other side of the water from Charlottetown on a fairly isolated piece of land just steps away from the water. There are 2 bedrooms, but you'll find enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably. In addition to the full kitchen and fireplace, you'll also find a strikingly alluring wooden-style interior with hardwood floors and wood designs on the wall to accentuate the cabin feel. You can even bring your pet along for the trip if you like, as this cabin is entirely pet-friendly.

Explore cabin rentals in Prince Edward Island National Park

Located on the northern edge of Prince Edward Island, the national park that shares the province's name is packed full of outdoor adventure. As it's located on the shore, the sandy beaches where you'll find coastal herons and a handful of stunning lighthouses are among its most popular attractions. There are even cabin rentals along the water that could put the beach just steps away from your accommodation. At times, these cabin rentals will even include the land all the way to the ocean, meaning you'll have your own private beach. Of course, there are always other options farther inland as well.

Cosy secluded cabin

If you're looking for some serious privacy with your cabin rental, look no further than this cozy secluded cabin. Located just a short distance to the east of Prince Edward Island National Park, this cabin is surrounded by towering trees settled in a vibrant grassy field measuring an acre in area. The cabin itself has 2 bedrooms with enough bedding for 3 people to sleep comfortably. Inside, you'll find a fully equipped kitchen, while the outside area offers a deck, barbecue grill, and plenty of chairs. You can reach North Shore Beach in just a short 10-minute walk, so the water is never too far away.

Discover a cabin rental in Basin Head Provincial Park

If you're looking for beachfront adventure on the eastern side of the island, Basin Head Provincial Park has got you covered. While you'll find all the sandy shores you could ever want, there's something special about the sands here. They make an odd yet satisfying noise as you step through them, almost like a squeak. This strange phenomenon has earned the beach the nickname Singing Sands. Upon closer investigation, scientists were able to discover that this is caused by silica and quartz in the sand. By booking a cabin in this area, the Singing Sands can potentially be just a short step away. While the park itself is fairly popular, it's not difficult to find a cabin that's isolated from the crowds while still providing easy access.

Basin Head cabin

At this Basin Head cabin, you'll find a surprising amount of space with 3 bedrooms and room enough for 5 people to sleep comfortably. It was recently renovated with high-end furnishings, flooring, and beds, so you don't have to sacrifice any luxury amenities with your cabin stay. It also features a private staircase that leads you directly to Singing Sands beach. With that kind of proximity, you can also enjoy stunning beachfront views without even having to leave the cabin. Basin Head Provincial Park itself is just a short distance to the northeast, so you won't have to go far to enjoy the island's natural wonders.