Filled with vast parklands, clear freshwater lakes, and abundant wildlife, Saskatchewan is one of the best places to go for a relaxing cabin retreat in the great outdoors. You can enjoy many outdoor activities or just kick back and unwind in nature far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you're planning a family vacation, couple's retreat, or solo adventure, find out what you can expect from cabin rentals in Saskatchewan.

Who are cabins in Saskatchewan for?

With cabins ranging from simple and rustic to sprawling and luxurious, a cabin rental is the perfect option for all types of vacationers. You can find everything from family-friendly cabins that cater to children and large groups to smaller cabins that surround you with the beauty of nature.


Few things are as romantic as relaxing in the stillness of nature, especially in Saskatchewan. Whether you're an adventurous couple that enjoys the outdoors or you're looking for a quieter retreat, cabins in Saskatchewan give you a private and rustic escape spot. You can spend your time exploring the wilderness, swimming or boating on the lakes, or venturing into the cities for nights out, all within reach of a cabin rental.


With its abundance of parks, lakes, and wilderness areas surrounded by towns and urban centres with museums and heritage sites, families have all they need for a memorable trip to Saskatchewan. The kids will love all the things to see and do, from wilderness adventures to watersports on the lake to exploring artifacts at Saskatchewan museums. You can find cabins all over Saskatchewan that boast many kid-friendly amenities such as bedrooms with bunk beds, outdoor play areas, and indoor entertainment like games and toys.

Nature lovers

If your plan for a cabin retreat is to explore a vibrant landscape under endless skies, Saskatchewan is the ideal spot. The province draws adventurers and nature lovers looking to spend time in the outdoors, making it one of the best places for a cabin rental. With a cabin in Saskatchewan, you'll be in the heart of the landscape to enjoy all manner of outdoor fun and adventure, such as fishing, biking, hiking, golf, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, and more.

Best places for cabins in Saskatchewan

Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure, romance, or a memorable family experience, Saskatchewan is filled with gorgeous wilderness and lake areas dotted with cabins to choose from. Take a look at the best places in Saskatchewan for a cabin rental.

Christopher Lake cabins

As part of Canada's Lakeland area, Christopher Lake is a charming lakeside community in a forest that offers outdoor fun and plenty of amenities for families. The area is home to Prince Albert National Park for all kinds of outdoor adventure, but you can also find restaurants, stores, and other attractions in town. The lake has several beaches that are great for families as well, and you can boat, hike, fish, swim, golf, and more.

Emma Lake cabins

Close to the village of Christopher Lake, Emma Lake is another charming community that's a popular spot for summer and winter travellers. The area has 3 lakes and the entrance to Prince Albert National Park, so there's no shortage of fun outdoor activities to enjoy. It's also a hub of creativity and boasts many local artists with galleries and workshops, great for a family or romantic trip.

Big River cabins

Big River is located on the southern end of Cowan Lake, a crystal-clear lake near Prince Albert National Park and the Waskesiu Wilderness Region. The town is surrounded by meadows and forests, transforming it into a natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Nearby Delaronde Lake also offers more fun in the water. With a cabin in Big River, you can enjoy all types of outdoor activities, including ATV riding, sledding, swimming, fishing, and more.