Clear Lake, also known as Wasagaming, is a quaint town in Manitoba located right next to Riding Mountain National Park. Settled near the park's south gate, this town is most popular with outdoor adventurers looking for outdoor activities among the mountain and the titular lake. When you book one of the Clear Lake cabin rentals in the area, you can enjoy being up close and personal with the surrounding nature and enjoying easy access to the numerous trails, coastlines, and mountains around the town.

What to look for in Clear Lake cabins

Finding the right cabin in Clear Lake means considering what you value most in your accommodation. All quality cabins can put you close to the surrounding nature, but that's just the beginning. You'll also find that cabins can come in many different shapes and sizes with some suitable as a couple's retreat and others with space enough for the whole family to come along. Don't forget to consider what kind of amenities you may be interested in whether you're looking for the bare essentials or something a bit more luxurious.

Discover luxurious Clear Lake, Manitoba, cabin rentals

If you're looking for a more refined experience for your Clear Lake adventure, consider booking one of the more luxurious cabins in the area. These options come with an array of exciting amenities you'd normally find in a high-end house or condo. Luxury cabins are quite spacious with room enough to bring the kids along for your trip, and you'll often find them in the best locations just steps away from the lake or mountain trail. You'll also find extra features like hot tubs, which are especially satisfying in the winter. Most of the time, these hot tubs are located on an outside deck area, so you can enjoy the warmth while taking in the breathtaking snow-covered peaks and trees that surround you.

Explore romantic Clear Lake cabins

For those of you looking for a more romantic vacation, there are plenty of Clear Lake cabins designed for couples. With these rentals, you'll find yourself in a cozy accommodation often complemented with a wood burning fireplace or a skylight in the master bedroom allowing you to stargaze from within the warmth of the cabin. These cabins are frequently pet-friendly as well, so you can bring your pup along for the trip whether you're looking to spend time at the lake or trek the mountain trails.

Find the best destination for Clear Lake cabin rentals

Clear Lake, like much of the rest of Manitoba, features a wide variety of natural features to explore. While you can hit all of them throughout the length of your vacation, it's important to determine where you want to book your cabin rental first. While it can be appealing to get something right on the lake, you may be more interested in venturing through the mountain trails instead. There are even other lakes in the area to explore. Be sure to book one of the Clear Lake cabin rentals that put you just steps away from your favourite activity.

Explore Clear Lake cabins by Riding Mountain National Park

If you can't decide between the lake or the mountain trails, booking a cabin by Riding Mountain National Park can offer both in equal measure. From waterfront property to forested accommodation at the start of thrilling hiking trails, cabins by the park will put you in the best position to explore some of the best natural features Canada has to offer. There are even some options a bit further out from the park's entrance that can keep you relatively secluded despite the popularity of the area.