Located in central Saskatchewan, Candle Lake is a fun-filled area in Candle Lake Provincial Park that draws many travellers for its outdoor excursions. There’s a resort village for all your needs as well. Whether you’re planning a trip with the kids or looking for a romantic spot for a couple’s retreat, Candle Lake cabin rentals put you in the heart of this tranquil lakeside area.

Who are Candle Lake cabins for?

From fun and adventure with the kids to a romantic experience of sunbathing and watching sunsets over the water, Candle Lake offers something for every type of vacation. Whether you want to spend time on the water, enjoy exciting winter sports, or anything in between, take a look at what you can do in Candle Lake.

Romantic cabins in Candle Lake

If you’re planning a romantic vacation with your loved one, Candle Lake’s sandy beaches, clear waters, and dense surrounding forest set the stage for an intimate retreat for rest and relaxation. The lake has many natural sand beaches, including the Purple Sands Beach with striped bands of sand in purple, pink, and magenta, as well as many sport fish species that reside in the water. You could also spend your time golfing, cycling, sailing, canoeing, and boating in summer, or visit during the winter for snowmobiling and wildlife watching. You can find plenty of romantic cabins that are completely peaceful and private, giving you an opportunity to reconnect on your trip.

Family-friendly cabins in Candle Lake

Candle Lake is fun for the whole family. There are opportunities to fish, play mini-golf, boat or swim on the water, or hike in the woods. Kids will love the amenities of town as well, such as the playground, interpretive programs, and camping opportunities. Best of all, you can find cabins all over Candle Lake that give you room for the whole family with large living spaces, multiple bedrooms, outdoor play areas, and more. You can even find pet-friendly cabins to bring the dog along on the trip.

Find Saskatchewan lakes with cabin rentals

Though Saskatchewan is a prairie province known for its open skies and rolling farmland, it’s home to many beautiful, clean lakes with sandy beaches and opportunities for all types of outdoor activities. Whether you want to catch a monster sport fish, camp with the kids, or ski cross-country trails on soft white snow, here are the best Saskatchewan lakes with cabin rentals.

Emma Lake cabin rentals

Whether in winter or summer, Emma Lake is a popular campground and water area that offers multiple small lakes and the fun-filled Prince Albert National Park. The park is open year-round and has plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, such as picnicking, scenic driving tours, hiking, swimming, canoeing, boating, and fishing. The park is home to many wildlife species as well, such as elk, moose, red foxes, deer, bison, river otters, black bears, coyotes, and timber wolves, many of which are best seen in winter.

Madge Lake cabins

Madge Lake is the largest body of water in Duck Mountain Provincial Park in Saskatchewan. As one of the main attractions in the area, the park draws travellers for seasonal recreation like fishing, hunting, biking, swimming, water skiing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, alpine skiing, horseback riding, mini-golf, golf, and tobogganing. The park offers abundant wildlife-watching opportunities as well, especially when you book a cabin in the wild. If you like to fish, Madge Lake is home to an abundance of popular game fish, including yellow perch, walleye, northern pike, and burbot.

Tobin Lake cabins

Tobin Lake is a popular destination for fishermen and families. The lake is nestled in a boreal forest with resorts, campgrounds, and cabins all around, which are perfect for all types of travellers looking for a chance to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, watersports, and off-roading in the woods. You can also rent a fishing boat to take advantage of the lake’s popular sport fish species, such as yellow perch, lake sturgeon, northern pike, goldeye, mooneye, lake whitefish, longnose sucker, and sauger.